Premiership Wraps

Old Geelong Football Club Historian and Photographer Pete Lemon has been documenting the progress and major events at the Club through written pieces and photos for many years.

One of Pete's great publications is the Grand Final Wrap, which recaps all the excitement from each premiership the OGs have won.

Click the buttons below to read anecdotes, stories, quotes and see photos from the Old Geelong Football Club's premiership wins.


2016: Premiership Wrap - Part 1

2016: Premiership Wrap - Part 2

2016: Premiership Wrap - Part 3


2013: Reserves Premiership Wrap - Part 1

2013: Reserves Premiership Wrap - Part 2



2012: U19 Premiership Wrap - Part 1

2012: U19 Premiership Wrap - Part 2

2012: Club XVIII Premiership Wrap


2005: Double Premiership Wrap


1997: Reserves Premiership Wrap


1990: Pre-GF Newsletter

1990: Double Premiership Wrap - Part 1

1990: Double Premiership Wrap - Part 2


1988: Reserves Premiership Wrap


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