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We're a family club at Old Geelong

We're a family club at Old Geelong

The Old Geelong Football Club has (or in the case of a couple, hopes to have) a number of players with strong connections to the past representing us in 2016. This includes four blokes who had grandfathers play for the Club, including two with fathers who did so as well. And another five who had fathers but not grandfathers play for the Club. Whilst a few who had uncles also come into the equation as well.

Work that all out if you can! (Should anyone feel they have been overlooked please let me know.)

We managed to round many of them up (herding cats and all that) and to get the above photo some weeks ago at training (before Eddie Manton unfortunately took a tumble off his bike). From left to right above are George Manton (father and grandfather), Charlie Youngman (father), Ed Manton (father and grandfather), Sam Youngman (father), Will Deville - though unsighted since this photo was taken (father), Tim Breadmore (grandfather and uncle) and Ed Gubbins (grandfather).

Below are James O’Shea on the left (father) and Jack Edgar on the right (father)

And last but not least are (from left to right) Rupert Kemp (uncle), Joe Kemp (uncle), and Harry Morrison (father)


As part of series looking back at the great family names at OGFC, we'll start looking deeper at each family over a period of weeks. Keep an eye out for the first installment, on the Breadmores, next week.

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