MENS SENIORS (thanks to Jake Ward)

The OGs Men’s Seniors and Reserves returned to Como Park last weekend for the much anticipated top-of-the-table clash with Monash Blues.  With both teams undefeated heading into the round, the players were excited at the prospect of knowing where they were at and how they match up against the top sides.

After numerous injuries the previous week at UHS-VU, there were several changes to the line-up.  Tim “Twiggy” Breadmore came into the side for his first Senior game since April 2018 to go head-to-head with Monash’s form ruckman MacGregor Cameron.  Also making a welcome and long awaited return to the Senior side was Rupert Kemp, now the Club’s longest serving player, having first appeared in the Hoops in 2010.  Finally, Alex Moloney, Joe Griffiths and Lochie Radcliffe all came straight back into the team after being away the previous weekend. 

Monash came out of the blocks flying, applying immediate pressure both around the contest and on the scoreboard with several early goals.  Whilst the players steadied as the quarter went on and slowly edged their way into the game, 3 goals to nil meant that Monash took a deserved 19 point lead into the first change.  The second quarter took on a similar feel to the second half of the first quarter, as the OGs pressure lifted around the ground, with the players efforts starting to be rewarded on the scoreboard.  Goals from Seb Hutley, Joe Griffiths, John Simson and George Chisholm, coupled with some strong defending, meant that the deficit was narrowed to just 7 points at the main break.

Unfortunately, the early stages of the third quarter were a carbon-copy of the first quarter, with Monash capitalising on a couple of ill-directed hand passes to score several quick goals.  The theme continued for the remainder of the quarter, with Monash dominating around the contest, scoring 6 goals to 1 to take a 40 point lead into the final change.  Alas, there would be no OGs comeback in the final quarter, with the sides exchanging 9 goals as the sting came out of the game.  Monash would run out 49 point winners.

John Simson carried the flag for the OGs in the midfield, winning his fair share of clearances as well as kicking two goals.  Elsewhere, both Jacob Jess and Josh Hutley had impressive performances with their relentless tackling and pressure around the ground.  However, the big positive was the performance of James Edmunds down back, who showed that he will hopefully be a long-term fixture of the OGs backline.  Combining his ability to defend aerially one on one, with composure in rebounding off half-back, Jimmy’s performance was a shining light on an otherwise disappointing afternoon for the OGs.

Next up is a trip south to face another highly-rated side in Ormond.  With both sides bringing a 4-1 record into the game, it will be a big test for the players to see whether they can bounce back from the first defeat of the season.  The matches between OGs and Ormond have been hotly contested in the past, so expect a fast start on the tight confines of EE Gunn Reserve.


WOMENS SENIOR (thanks to Clare Horsfall)

The Senior Oggettes spent their Saturdays in anticipation of a 4.45pm twilight game against Yarra Old Grammarians out at Doncaster Reserve. Top of the ladder v bottom and sadly the weather did not hold out, with a dark and gloomy sky opening up as the girls ran out for the first bounce.  Emma Calvert made her debut in the senior squad, alongside Maddi Britton who was subbed out halfway through the ressies game to help roll through the ruck and put on a show alongside her old volleyball teammate, Alison Youlten. Turns out- knowing how to hit, set and spike a volleyball makes for superstar rucks- who would have thought.  

Showcasing their long, hot pink socks in support of those affected by breast cancer, the Oggettes came out looking for their 4th win.  The first half saw skipper Kath Dunn tackle almost half of the Yarra team, with G Rule in the back line making sure her voice was heard as usual. Even after getting knocked left, right and centre, Sally Norman managed to uphold her reliable reputation on the wing but frustrations began to run high for both teams with no points scored in the second quarter and only three points on the board as Oggettes finished the first half down, two points to one.

The girls came out for the second half determined with Emma Morrison leading the charge and Mimi Bones first to the ball at every opportunity. After making her debut in the back line last week, Charlotte Kay continued to turn heads with her second efforts and running laps around her opponent, displaying a best-on ground performance. Unfortunately, neither teams were able to get one through the two big posts in the third quarter and Oggettes were set to go into the fourth quarter down, four to three.

Coming into the final quarter, Brooke McKay had had enough and put her foot down. Deciding she wasn’t going home till a goal was scored and in doing so, snatched the ball and snagged the first goal of the game- placing Ogs in front. Sadly this lead was short lived and Yarra came back, scoring a goal in the final 10 minutes. One too many bruises for the girls and an upsetting loss 12-11 but looking forward to redeeming their winning reputation against Monash at Lady Como on Saturday and celebrations at their supporters lunch post game.


MENS RESERVES (thanks to Matt Bird)

Old Geelong FC Reserves vs Monash Blues FC Reserves

After a couple of big wins on the trot, the OGs reserves were in for a tough game against a Monash Blues reserves side sitting in 2nd and hungry after a previous week loss.  The first quarter was an arm wrestle as the OGs dominated field position but could not quite gain the ascendancy on the scoreboard. The second quarter started to open up as the reserves started to move the ball a bit more freely. Poor kicking let Monash down as they kicked 5 behinds for the quarter. Luckily, the OGs managed to kick straighter to lead by 22 at the main break.

The third quarter saw more inaccuracy from Monash as the OGs piled on 3 more goals before the last break. Monash’s inaccuracy throughout the game was caused by heated pressure from both the backline and the midfield.  Sam Hanlon’s goal saving tackle in the third quarter inspired the OGs into the fourth quarter as the boys kicked away to a 41-point win.

Coach Colby made the masterstroke decision to play Sam Clements off half back at the start of the game.  Clem dominated in the air and provided plenty of rebound setting up a lot of our scores from the back half.  Cam Sherwin competed strongly in the ruck basically playing with one shoulder as he got onto the end of a snag in the last quarter.  Harry Gubbins, Nick Morwood and Hamish Seller continued their fine form as Joe Kemp (2 goals) and Harry Stephens responded well and were instrumental in the victory.

Another tough opponent in Ormond awaits.


WOMENS RESERVES (thanks to Elle Davey)

Round 5 saw the Oggettes Reserves go head-to-head with Yarra Old Grammarians at Doncaster Reserve. A strong first quarter put the OGS in front with Maddi Britton in the ruck, delivering strong hands and Em Hatty providing a strong force of support, assisting with bring the ball through the midfield without fear. 

Yarra struggled with Katie-Rose Campbells speed and dedication to the play complimented by Goldie O’Gorman, Abby Allsopp and Milla Bornas, providing exception tactical skills in shepparding and handballing. By halftime, the Oggettes were in front slightly after Yarra made a small come back in the 2nd quarter.

The second half of the game saw the girls rearing to go with strong voices and plays in mind. Caz Edwards took an absolute belter of a hit, sending her off for 5 minutes but back like lightening, stronger than ever and moving the ball through the play like it was nobody’s business. After a few spurting moments of Yarra closing in, the Oggettes held position and stepped up the play to come out on top for a 16-point win against Yarra Old Grammarians.

A special mention goes to Tessa Langley, taking out the Rammas Relish award for the most selfless act, Goldie for keeping her wings out and Kate Moriarty, scoring the lucky dice.

Amazing efforts and enthusiasm from all the Ressie this week! Congrats girls!


UNDER 23s (thanks to Wilbur Stephenson)

Slippery conditions resulted in a surprisingly competitive first quarter.  We took a while to adjust to the wet and struggled to play our usual game of football.  Scotch imposed themselves through tackling and pressure, but we stayed strong which allowed Alex Crowe and Toby Lever to create a headache up forward.  We finished the quarter 7 points up.

Whilst the ball was still slippery in the second quarter, we managed to improve our skills and became damaging and precise.  Spencer Wells started to clean up with intercept marks and good ball use.  We stretched our lead to 16 points, coming into half time.

The third quarter is where Bailey Austin decided to turn into a Sherrin.  He dominated whenever he was near it, with clean possessions and provided silver service for the forwards.  Through Lachlan Cashman’s running and endless one percenters from Matthew Oates, we increased our lead to 30 points over Old Scotch coming into the last.

The ground was completely dry in the final quarter, allowing us to play our best brand of football.  We managed multiple coast to coast goals, scoring 47 points and stretched the final margin to a 69 point victory.  The day was summed up by our captain, Tom Kebbell, who in the final moments gathered enough energy to chase down Old Scotch’s captain in a one on one battle.  This capped off a strong team performance.

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