MENS SENIORS (Thanks to Jake Ward) 

OGs make it two from two at Chelsworth Park…just

After the success of Round 1, the OGs Men’s Seniors and Reserves trekked out to Ivanhoe’s Chelsworth Park last Saturday to face another highly fancied side in Old Ivanhoe Grammarians.  Ivanhoe had come off a hefty defeat in its opening fixture against Hampton, and have always proved to be a difficult match up, particularly at home.  Fortunately this year we were able to travel there in April, whilst the sun is out and the deck is firm, as opposed to during winter when the place begins to resemble a swamp.

With John Simson enjoying a two week vacation care of the Tribunal, Sam Hooper came in for his OGs debut, having followed Nathan Brown across from OMs in 2019.  He made the perfect start too, kicking our only goal in a quarter that Ivanhoe arguably dominated.  However, the Ivanhoe players had clearly spent more time in the last 18 months working out in the gym rather than kicking for goal, and poor kicking from set shots meant that despite their dominance, they only took a 9 point lead into the first break.

This lead quickly evaporated in the second quarter as the OGs came out flying, with the little and large forward line of Joe Griffiths, Seb Hutley and Sam Anderson all kicking early goals.  However, Ivanhoe regrouped and managed to get their noses back in front and take an 11 point lead into the main break. 

Similar to last week, we came out firing at the start of the third quarter, with Jack Sheridan winning the taps and Will Sloss and Brandon Efthimiou getting the clearances.  With Christian Hatzis moving forward and Joe Griffiths in fine form, the OGs forward line started to look very dangerous.  Both Christian and Joe started to dominate as a result of quality delivery into the forward 50, kicking four goals between them for the quarter.  However, nothing could separate the sides at the final break, with both sides locked on 58 points apiece and the prospect of a tense final quarter ahead.

In front of a vocal band of support located at the southern end, the OGs kicked the first couple of goals in the final quarter, courtesy of two set shots from Christian Hatzis to edge in front and take his personal tally for the day to 4.  Thereafter, it became an arm wrestle with Ivanhoe chipping away at the lead with missed set shot after set shot.  When Ivanhoe’s livewire forward Michael Del Monte snapped a goal with 5 minutes to go, the lead was cut to less than a goal.  However the OGs defence was standing tall, and a superb chase and tackle from Josh Hutley meant that with less almost no time left, the OGs counter attacked at pace into the forward 50.  At that point, following an intercept mark, there was one last moment of controversy, when the Ivanhoe defender seemingly decided to play on.  However, the umpire decided that he hadn’t called play on and paid a 50m penalty.  Ivanhoe rebounded through the corridor and found their veteran Michael Mitris on the lead just before the final siren sounded.  With OGs players crowding the mark, the kick drifted left and through for a behind only, meaning the OGs had held on for a two point win, with the final score of 9-15-69 to 11-5-71.

Scott Dixon was once again outstanding, putting his body on the line time and time again whilst showing composure in possession.  Will Horsfall also put in a fine performance locking down a key Ivanhoe forward whilst always providing an option on the rebound.  However, it was Joe Griffiths who stole the show with a best on ground performance.  Unplayable at times with his long reach, Joe was able to exert his influence not just in the forward 50 kicking 3 goals, but also pushing up the ground, taking key contested marks all day.  This, coupled with 4 goals from Christian Hatzis, means we have great variety up forward and will be very difficult to stop if the midfielders can continue to provide quality delivery. 

Next up is the prospect of Preston Bullants back on Lady Como.  Promoted from Division One in 2019, and coming off 80 point defeats in their first two games, Preston will no doubt be hungry to get their season up and running, so we can’t be complacent after a couple of solid wins to start the season.


WOMEN'S SENIORS (thanks to Vicky Tan)

It was perfect conditions as the Oggettes had their first home game of the season against Melbourne University. Following a narrow loss last week, the girls were eager to outshine their opponents and assert their dominance at Lady Como. The first quarter was a tight contest highlighted by a beautiful long-range goal by Celia Cody. Melbourne Uni were more efficient from their inside 50s and finished on top with two goals for the quarter.

Oggettes produced a strong second quarter off the back of some strong midfield work from Laura Hallam, Brooke McKay and Isy Currenti, who was playing her first game after injury and kicked one of her two goals of the day. The girls were able to take back some of the momentum and finish on top leading into the main break.

The girls came out firing in the third quarter but not getting fully rewarded for their efforts. Melbourne University had strong forwards but Caz Edwards and Georgie Rule were always calm and composed in defence to keep Melbourne Uni goalless for the quarter. To back up her brilliant ruck work around the ground all day, Liv Gleeson took a strong contested mark whilst resting in the forward line and kicked a beautiful goal from 30 metres out.

Kicking home and towards the Clubhouse, the Oggettes found an extra gear and blazed away in the last quarter. Fast ball movement and hard running was rewarded as the girls piled on three goals to zip thanks to Tilly Arthur, Annabel Rafferty and Isi Currenti. A convincing 23-point win over a team who had come down from the Premier Division should give the Oggettes lots of confidence to take into the next games.

A special mention must also be made to Nicole Chodelka who suffered a blow to her knee in the first quarter and Georgia Murphy who underwent surgery to her foot this week from a nasty injury she sustained in round 1. Wishing both these girls a speedy recovery!


MENS RESERVES (thanks to Charlie Hawkins)

The match started with a bang, a clean tap from Tim Breadmore which would set the tone for his big afternoon, straight down the throat of the debutant Pat Pekin who broke free and bombed deep inside OGs defensive 50.  Thankfully this error didn’t hurt as fellow debutant Hugo Steinfort was able to redirect away from the danger zone.

This would set the tone for the remainder of the First Quarter as the Hoers were able to wrangle control and pile on back to back goals.  Another slow start from the Ressies.  In true OGs spirit, the boys knuckled down and through some silky moves from Matt Bird and Ed Ratcliffe were able to hit the scoreboard.

Second started like the first finished, the magoos able to put some scoreboard pressure on the home side who appeared to be crumbling.  The highlight coming via a magical Goal of the Year contender from Charlie Crozier, who declared in his post-match interview “he couldn’t see daylight between the posts.”  OGs up at the main break.

Both sides had fired shots in the first half, neither had landed a blow.  The premiership quarter would deliver goal-for-goal action, with some clean ball movement and a late inspirational goal from the skipper Tim Hosking would see the scores tied at the last change.

The OGs dominated the last but were unable to apply the pressure on the score board and the Hoers weren’t giving up.  The stage was set, both teams battered and bruised and not much separated either side on the scoreboard.  Enter, Harry Gubbins with a Mark of the Year contender in the goal square.  Strong mark, strong goal, strong team.  Two’s victorious again with a gutsy win away from home.


WOMEN'S RESERVES (thanks to Elle Davey)

For the second game to the season, the Oggetts Reverses took on Melbourne University at home ground, Como, a massive oval and an even greater effort from the girls. From the win the week before, our spirits were high, and the team were busting to get out there.

A strong first quarter saw Abbey Allsop applying enormous pressure to the opposition, breaking through packs and tackles, with Tessa Langham backing her up with force and no fear. First time player and Ruck, Maddi britton kicked the first goal of the match, an absolute stellar effort from our resident volleyball player.

The Oggetts gained momentum in the second half as Jazz Negrello rolled up her sleeves and impacted the contest by moving the back line forward to offer back up and support, impacting the play and creating options.

Unfortunely, the ball got away from Old Geelong and Melbourne University creeped forward in the third and last quarter, scoring three goals. Jessie Gleeson and Sam Davis, the tackle queens, didn’t want a bar of it, smothering the ball left right and centre creating frustration for the opposition.

A stellar effort from what was a dominant display of women’s football by old Geelong Reserves and Melbourne University taking the win. Whilst the victory was stolen from us, Ramas awards perked us back up with Heidi Atkinson scoring the wings out award, Goldie O’Gorman grabbing the lucky dice and Abbey Allsop taking the legendary Ramas Relish!

A fantastic effort from the team regardless.


MENS THIRDS (thanks to Ned Hellier)

The scene was set for a magnificent clash at Ivanhoe as the thirds looked for their first win against a determined Ivanhoe. The first quarter was back and forth with OGGs struggling on defence and Ivanhoe taking a slight lead into quarter time. 

The second quarter a seemingly different team came out of the huddle with goals galore including majors from Zac Swan, Conor McDonnell, Henry Alexander and yours truly (me). The entire team started lowering their eyes and hitting targets leaving us three goals up heading into the half time break. 

The third quarter was one to forget which is fitting because I don’t remember it. Despite this Lachie Kerr, Ben Slorach, Henry Muir and Guy Gillespie played some tough footy to help stem the flow of Ivanhoe goals.

The final term was riveting with the whole team stepping up to play hard footy. It was a fairly even contest until the last 5 minutes when Jack Robinson channelled his doppelganger Laitham Vandermeer to kick a magnificent goal levelling the game. The ball was sent in high to our forward line in the last 2 minutes. Tom Fowler took a great grab and kicked an important point leading to a one point OGGs win 80 to 79.


MEN'S UNDER 23's (thanks to Jock Mitchell)

In a highly anticipated matchup, the ‘unders’ were not ignorant to the fact that this game would be season defining. The relationship between the two teams could be described as less than amicable as historically Xavier has had the number over us and has not been shy in reminding us. The first quarter ebbed and flowed evenly, with Xavier winning the footy at the source but struggling to penetrate the unders’ ever sturdy ‘back 6’ leaving the quarter time margin at 5 points in favour of the OGs.  The second quarter was where the young OGs gained the upper hand with Alex Crowe clunking them around the ground and kicking two vital goals to give the away team a 23-point lead at the main break. Realizing the chance to take a notable scalp, the ‘unders’ came out at half-time ready to attack the contest head-on. Lead by strong performances in the centre from B. Austin, N. Lucena and the dominant ruckman, T. Auckland the lead was stretched to 27 points at the conclusion of the ‘premiership quarter’. Despite a disappointing final term, the OGG’s under 23’s held on for a 16 point win to take down a powerhouse of the VAFA and in doing so declare themselves as a genuine threat to the other teams in the comp.


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