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Player Profile: Andy Power

Player Profile: Andy Power

Congratulations AP, after nine years at the Club, you’ve made it to the magic 100 game mark!

You’ve been around the Club for a long time, exactly when did you first come down to the OGs?

I first came down to the Oggery as a 6 year old in about 1994 to watch my older brothers play. I used to run water for the boys, wearing a massively oversized “waterboy” top. I was always rewarded, courtesy of Dale Fraser, ex prez, with a can of coke and a Mars Bar. At that time, the players really looked after me (and sometimes let me have a sip of their post game frothies).
I also used to play kick to kick behind the goals with Robbie Hunter, and we both used to love watching Mark Vickers Willis take hangers in the goalsquare.
We lived in Camberwell at the time. If mum and dad didn’t come to the footy, I used to ride my bike along Gardiner Creek track from Camberwell around the river to the Oggery. Good memories.

What are your best memories of the Club as a young player?

My best memories as a young player include the Miss Ogs competitions (in particular, the first one I saw, where Mollard performed, as well as Jack “Ring of Fire” Merrin’s performance). Other memorable events include the “Double Denim” party and the “Back to School” function. My memory is very hazy from the night of my own Miss Ogs performance, although everyone else tells me it was a brilliant night.

You’re the fourth Power to come through the Club, would you classify yourself as the best?

  • Although PP (dad) didn’t play at Ogs (played in the VFA), he tells us boys from time to time that he was easily the best.
  • NP (‘Slick’) – (brother 1) has the longest legs, biggest heart and was a competitive beast in the ruck.
  • JP (brother 2) was a smaller in-and-under type player and played on ball in a very good C grade side, under Mark Neeld ex AFL player for the Cats, who was the captain coach.
  • I probably know my way to a sausage roll (both types) better than the others.

Your Dad, Peter Power is a renowned Sport Science aficionado, and famously dedicated much of his warm-up sessions on the glutes and hamstrings. Does this explain the significant power that you’ve developed in that area of your body?

Probably. I used to do a lot of Plyometrics with PP. That and also my love of BBQ chicken pizza has resulted in my Quads of the Gods.

You played Senior footy at Old Melbournians back in the day, what made you come across to the OGs?

Primarily, three things:

  1. Como Park, Arcadia and where I lived at the time were all conveniently within 1km of each other;
  2. OMs didn’t really have or use social rooms / their social functions could not rival those of the Ogs; and
  3. Obviously the family connection.

Tell us about the difference between Andy Power as a player back in 2007, and now?

Back then I was single, fit, skinny and had good eyesight. I also ‘studied’, and like all good law students, had minimum tertiary commitments. All five things were conducive to a good time at the Oggery. Although all five things have since changed, I still love coming down to Como Park.

Back in the years of 2008-2012 you were a permanent fixture in the Senior side. Do you hold ambitions to get back to that level?

Never say never, however I would need to drop at least 20 kgs and get my eyesight fixed to play 1sts again I reckon!!
My current ambition is to enjoy my footy, the social aspects of the club, and if possible help the 2s win a flag. The Magoos are choc-full of ripping blokes and there is a lot of ambition within the group to go all the way this year.

In regards to your goal-kicking, you’ve recently been overheard saying “I just don’t miss set shots”. With the likes of Travis Cloke and Jesse Hogan struggling to kick, what tips would you give?

I miss plenty! Travis Cloke is beyond help, however if Jesse got on the blower asking me for goal kicking advice, then I would tell him to incorporate a routine (sans stutter), pick a target 20 metres behind the goals and walk straight it.

There have been plenty of great wins for the OGs over your time, which one stands out as the best and why?

My debut game for the 1sts in 2007. We came from behind to win that game and I kicked 3 goals in the last quarter. The last goal I had taken a mark about 60 metres out from goal and the opposition player slightly grazed me. I went down like a sack of potatoes and was given a 25 metre free kick. It was of a bit weak effort milking a free like that but I kicked the goal and we won.

Over your career you've seen four Senior coaches come through the Club, each were different in their own right. Do you have any specific memories of each?

All four Senior coached have been different, but great coaches:

  1. Adrian Farrer. “Fir” was an ex-player at Ogs and had played with my older brothers back in the day. As a result, I got a bit of favouritism from him. He was extremely competitive and inspiring. He took us to within a kick of B-grade.
  2. Nick Mitchell. “Mitch” was ex Fitzroy and was a massive bombers fan. He was a playing coach, and although at the back of his career, was a gun player for us. I enjoyed his coaching style (which was lead by example on field) and I played my best footy under Mitch.
  3. Frank Dunnell. “Frankie” was ex Bombers and was trained by my Dad. Frankie had the ability to be encouraging, stern and demanding at the same time. Frankie was a ripper and if we were more committed for him, he could have taken us to C Grade.
  4. Jon Knight. I haven’t had too much to do with “Knighta” so far, however I have found him the most positive of all the coaches at Ogs. He has an extremely talented 1sts team and should be able to take the club to C-Grade.

You've also played with plenty of characters over your nine years, do any stand out in your mind for any particular reason?

The list is endless but to name a few:

  1. Chris Mollard. He never sat down after a game we played one night called “sit down if you have not ever…”). I could never look at Molly the same after that.
  2. Johnny ‘Sleeves’ Malpas. He played amazing 1sts footy for someone that looked 50 (sorry Sleeves).
  3. Jack Merrin. Who can forget the “Ring of Fire” Miss Ogs performance, and ensuing award that followed.
  4. Henry and Jimmy Legoe. I still don’t know which one I like better.
  5. Stevie Lansdell. Just an inspiring person to be around.

Who's the best player you've seen play at the Club in your time?

I can’t name one. However as a kid, Mark Neeld and Mark Vickers Willis stand out as champions, and Nick Casboult followed closely by Sam Long and Tom Lyons in my senior days.

What do you see as the most crucial factor that needs to improve/change if the OGs are to move up the grades?

The club desperately needs to fix the flood lights. Also, we need to recruit more tradies who can train from 5pm as some great players have been lost over the years to their inability to train due to their white collar professional careers.

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