News » OGS Cattle Club is up and MOOING

OGS Cattle Club is up and MOOING

OGS Cattle Club is up and MOOING

 Whilst the OGS have long been known for our rural connections, it is only now that we can lay claim to being a true part of the farming fraternity!

Thanks to the Gubbins (“Coolana”, Chatsworth, Max Gubbins is pictured above), Youngman (“Adgartan”, Branxholme) and Legoe (“Ballogie”, Lucindale) families, the Oggery can now lay claim to owning our own herd of cows (albeit a very small one).

The generosity of these farming families allows our Sporting Club to lay claim to our very own heifers who will breed and continue to live a fertile life as a cow. The Club will then sell the annual herd of calves with profits to go towards the large costs involved in running our great Club.

We are on the hunt for more of our farming connections to join our elite Cattle Club, the only known club of its sort in the VAFA. So if you or anyone you know would be interested in allowing the Club to purchase one of your herd at market price, please respond to this email accordingly.

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