News » OGS BLUE bring home a premiership

OGS BLUE bring home a premiership

OGS BLUE bring home a premiership

 Our OGS BLUE team played in the Division 2 Grandfinal match at Prahran Netball Association against the Dimes. The team consisting of Ally Kirkwood, Annabel Rafferty, Lucy Codyre, Emily Fyffe, Emma Szepe, Nicola Mclennan and Madde McCartney were ready to bring their A game and hopefully take home a win. Unfortunately, two players that have been key success to this team throughout the season, Jess Sleigh and Phoebe Chirnside, were unable to complete the girls team on Wednesday night. Thus, leaving seven girls to play a full game of netball.

The first quarter of netball was intense, it was almost goal for goal and players were creating turnovers more often proving it difficult for either team to gain a lead. It showed both teams abilities were as strong as each others. As the girls headed into the second quarter, no changes were made due to successful combination of their first quarter. Our number one gaoler, Nicola, was shooting goals left, right and centre. Her advantageous height made her an easy target for our team mates to pass to as her long arms and legs helped her jump higher than her defender to reach the ball. Though the other team caught on to our tactics and decided to double team her the rest of the game, trying to make it difficult for us to pass to her. Throughout the second quarter both teams encountered a few turnovers, with Emily in Goal defence, she intercepted passes and deflected balls in defence setting us up for a small lead at half time.

Heading into the third quarter, we knew we had to up the intensity. Madde in Goal Keeper, played tall and stuck to her annoying goal shooter who was running circles in the goal circle. Annabel in Goal Attack continued to move around the court gaining space while her defender stayed back and it made bringing down the ball from defence a lot easier. The third quarter, the girls had really gained momentum and there were times where OGS scored a few goals in a row. Emma was leading out strong at centre passes and was strong back up on the circle for our shooters when they got into trouble. The last quarter was going to be tough, as we needed to get every last bit of energy to ensure we would pull through a win. It was unfortunate that in the last few minutes we seemed to lose one too many opportunities to shoot and the Dimes seemed to score a lot of goals in a row. It lead us to panicking and we gave away some easy throws. The siren sounded and none of us knew who had won, it was a nerve wracking moment.

The scorers had agreed it was a draw and therefore the umpires called for extra time to be played, 2x 3 minute halves. The seven of us found what was left in every part of our body and gave it our all. Ally who played Centre the whole game was still easily running everywhere on court to catch passes, be back up and defend. At the end of the first three minutes the score was even. But they had the first centre pass at the start of the second ( a very advantageous thing in a game of netball). Luckily, Lucy in Wing Defence had played strong on her player all game and managed to gain a turnover as their Wing Attack dropped the ball and went out. In the end, our girls won by 2 making the score 42-40 with extra time. Congratulations to Ally Kirkwood who won MVP (most valued player). But it was an incredible team effort out on the court, every person played their absolute best and are very deserving of the win.

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