SATURDAY 14TH MAY – ALBERT PARK LAKE (Report from Simon Hinckfuss)


It was a big day at Albert Park with the OGGS participating in the Orchard Handicap, a race named after a fallen Old Wesley airman in WWII. It promised 10klms, being two laps around the lake plus an extra loop of 600m. The weather was looking good for running with a cool chill in the air.

On arrival we all received our handicap times. The race started and Jules was the first OGG to take off. At the 11minute mark, the starters released Smithy and myself. Smithy was pretty pumped up and bolted ahead. Too fast I remarked. Not daunted he pushed on and was looking strong with a desire to go sub-50 minutes. We knew Ed Buckingham, Troy Hay and Hugh Buckingham would be chasing us down, but the handicapper had given them quite a knobbing and didn’t release them until 4-5 minutes after we had started.

With all runners now out on the track it was a matter of survival. The aim was to try to reel in those ahead of you (or at least hang on to them!) and not let anyone behind you pass. The back half of the lap up the South-West side of Albert Park proved tough going for all with a solid headwind in play.

Smithy dropped off a bit after his lightening start but managed to hang on for dear life and achieved an excellent time of 48minutes. I was only a little ahead of him. Bux and Troy put in solid performances, being the two fastest OGGS and a big shout out to Hugh Buckingham, fresh out of Timbertop for an excellent time in his first race for the OGGS. Looking forward to seeing him at future races.

Jules brought up the rear but coming off a low base of training we all know that it is just a matter of time before he regains the supremacy he was known for at school.

Next week we will gather at The Tan for the Dyson Relay. The format is teams of 6 so if we are able to get all our runners there plus a couple of new recruits, we might be able to field two teams. Many members of Scotch, Xavier and other schools have mentioned how good it is to have OGGS back at APSOC and I can only see it getting better and better. Whilst we are just a bunch of amateur runners, the race format definitely creates an atmosphere conducive to pushing yourself a little harder.

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