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OGFC Family Ties: the Kemps

OGFC Family Ties: the Kemps

A couple of months ago an email sent to the Club’s database contained an attachment allowing anyone interested to access the 1969 Year Historical Notes which had then just been completed.
Included in those notes was a photograph taken at the then-annual Eltham Barbeque of that year, along with a caption naming some of those in the photo. Both are reproduced as follows

Rear: Westmore Stephens (or Stevens?) Frontish: Nicole Richards, Andrew (?) Kemp, Rod Fraser, Tony Coleman, Rod Brown, Jan Grover, Pam Bradshaw, Bruce Bywater.” 

A couple of days later we had an email from one of our readers (note: highly optimistic use of the plural) advising that it was indeed Andrew Kemp, and – something we had never even considered – he is the uncle of current players Joe and Rupert Kemp. Andrew’s career with the OGs was not enormous – he played 12 games for the Club in that year, before moving to the country the next - but we do thank Simon Kemp (his brother) for his advice.

Andrew also features in the cover photo at the top of the page on the far left, taken in 1969.


Joe Kemp                                                                           Rupert Kemp

Rupert has played since 2010, when he played as GGS student in the Under 19s, who went on to lose the Preliminary final after the siren that year. He's since featured heavily in an Under 19s and Reserves premiership, and now holds down a permanent position in the Senior backline.

Joe has joined the OGs this year, from Uni Blues (he took his time!). He's taken well to the ruck and forward line in the Clubbies, and we will expect to see his name feature around the Club for many yearrs to come.

Rupert and Joe's mother Cathie Kemp is also heavily involved at the Club, serving on the Committee in charge of Community and Parents.

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