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OGFC Family Ties: the Breadmores

OGFC Family Ties: the Breadmores

Club Historian and Photographer Peter Lemon has begun a series on the various family ties within our great Club, and each few weeks will look deeper into an OGs family. We start this week with the Breadmores, currently represented by Tim Breadmore playing in the Under 19s who has both a grandfather and uncle who have played for the Club.

Tim (below middle in white singlet) is playing Under 19s this year.

Tim's grandfather Joe Breadmore played 100 games for the Club from 1956 to 1964 and was a member of the 1956 and 1957 Premiership Teams.

Unfortunately photos from that era (we only have two) are less (but only just) than my (later) career goals; the first photo below from 1956 features Joe, in the middle of the back row.

Joe has been a great supporter and long-term Pivot Member of the Club ever since.

Joe is also featured in the photo at the top of this page, second from left in 1990 at Sandringham oval watching the Reserves’ Grand Final. Others in photo include Bas Seymour, Deryk Stephens (who was at the game two Saturday's ago and renewed his Pivot Membership) and Robert Mirams.

To round out the Breamore family, we have Tim’s uncle, also named Tim Breadmore, who played for the Club from 1987 to 1990 and was a member of the Reserves Premiership team of 1990.

Tim is seen below kneeling in the front row, furthest left inspecting the grass (which is quite possibly better than that at Como at the moment).

By way of extraordinary co-incidence, the following appeared in The Amateur Footballer Magazine from April 16, in the Looking Back section headed 50 Years Ago - 1956 (which as the more numerically literate of you will soon realise should have read 60 Years Ago – 1956):

“In D Section De La Salle and Old Geelong had been promoted from E Section, and after two games were continuing their good form from 1955 and were undefeated in first and second positions. In the Geelong winning team, Joe Breadmore gave a fine display of high marking and accurate kicking, Noel Rundle’s creative centre play provided lots of drive and Ian Peake in the back pocket was “a delight to watch”.

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