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Netball Scores Round 8

Netball Scores Round 8

  OGS Netball Scores Round 8

Richmond Netball Club

OGS White

This weeks game for the OGS white while not resulting in a win, showed some big improvements on our previous weeks games. Understandably, it has proved difficult for all of us to play in a team that had never played together until recently and doesn't train. However, it seems that we are all slowly getting used to our different styles of netball. Hopefully if we maintain our composure and continue improving we will come out with a win next week!

Final Score: Loss

OGS Green


Prahran Netball Club

OGS Blue

Opposing team forfeited

Final Score: Win

OGS Black

Wednesday nights game we were defeated by the Survivors unfortunately. We were missing 3 of our team members but we made good use of our fill ins! We are improving our skills each week which has helped us through the season so far. Hopefully next match we’ll come out on top with our team members back! Ella played awesome again.

Final Score: Loss


OGS Red had a tough game Wednesday night facing a team to fight for third position. Unfortunately the opposition was a very speedy, quick team and the girls went down with a loss. Overall, the girls played some great netball and are ready to get back on court next week.

Final Score: Loss 18-39

City Side Sports

OGS Pink

Walsh filled in. Epic leap by fraz. Cal the stinky weird man. World of Warcraft team for sure. Nagle really demonstrated his acquired knowledge of the game with a mere one stepping penalty. Whilst Trini continued her abominable perfect shooting form. Freya week in week out puts body on the line, with it paying off for the squad in its entirety.

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