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Mysterious Mathematical Marvels

Mysterious Mathematical Marvels

By Will Reed (or is it Professor Frink?)

Hoiven Maven, gad zooks, heavens to murgatroyd! We all know footy is a numbers game and 2016 has so far provided much fodder for crystal ball gazers attempting to apply the dark arts to the outcomes of Old Geelong football matches. In the time honoured tradition of useless page-filling Herald Sun football articles, here are a few superstitious statistical oddities we've seen this year to pique your interest.

HG blessed and Longy Cursed?

After 12 games of the VAFA season, our seniors currently sit on 8 wins and 4 losses. The two runners who have shared the duties this season are Nick 'HG' Hardie-Grant (HG) who sits on 8-0, and Aidan 'Longy' Long, on 0-4. While our boys were beaten fair and square each time Longy was at the helm, the man himself has been left wondering what he has to do to get a win. Whatever the case may be, we're sure Longy will be getting in the huddle for a water spray when the boys hopefully get the job done when he's runner against Prahran Assumption in Round 13. Gad Zooks!

Numbers Aligning Wonderfully

Not since the club's formation in 1954 had an OGGS team run out with each player assigned the numbers 1-11 in the same game. Yet in Round 6 against Brunswick NOBS, that's exactly what happened as everyone from Dogger to De Crep (that's #1 to #11 for those at the back) got a guernsey. The symmetry obviously had a positive effect, as we ran out victors by 51 points (edit: It was the reason we won, obviously...). The alignment had surprising effects with our supporters as one of our Rugby Union loving timekeepers observed that he thought #10 Carl Joyce "would make a good fly half". We reckon #2 Jock Grimshaw would make a decent tight head prop too but we'll keep him at Full Forward thanks!

71: an Evil Number

Season 2015 was close but no cigar for the seniors and the unders as they were defeated within inches of obtaining finals glory. An eerily similarity shared by both sides was the final score in their losing finals as both sides kicked 71 points - the unders with a more accurate 10.11 (71) in their Grand Final as opposed to the seniors 9.17 (71) in their Preliminary Final. Luckily the recruitment of Andrew 'Millsy' Mills has put the focus squarely on accurate goal kicking from our forward line this year.

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