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Match Reports: Semi Final 2017

Match Reports: Semi Final 2017

By Justin Logan

Welcome to finals football everybody, starring your beloved Oggery 2.0. Spring had truly sprung down at Sportscover Arena on Sunday as Old Geelong took on their slightly annoying rival  Old Camberwell in a do or die battle. For the winner, an appointment with Marcellin awaited as they went down to highly fancied and slightly more annoying Old Caulfield only twenty four hours earlier. Nevertheless, one could not help but marvel at the weather Mother Nature had provided for all involved.

It was going to take more than a tiny logistical error for the OGs to be put off their game. The warmup was conducted thanks to the Hampton Rovers Under 19s side supplying us with some timely, yet weathered red Sherrins and the illustrious hydration management team looked dashing in striking red bibs. Once again The General struck a member of the 22 man squad in the lead up to the match and this time it was Jim Koomans who had to bear the bad news to Coach Wright. Thus, a dashing Tom Hays was licking his lips and received the call-up.

From the first bounce, the heat was on and Old Geelong were delivering some solid body on body blows, proving that it was hungry for a big finals win.The fast paced nature of the game was just right for the likes of Tony Tripodi who zigged and zagged and zagged some more, whilst returning senior player Nick Mason was on his bike as usual and shutting down everything that came his way. Old Geelong booted five majors to head into the first break 34-13.

It was a slightly different story in the second with some pesky little Camberwell forward bobbing up with a flurry of goals within five minutes. Whilst the onslaught was weathered, Old Camberwell were able to bridge the gap and trailed the OGs by only 8 points heading into the main break.

Meanwhile back in the rooms at half time there more snakes getting around than a Planet Earth 2 scene, thanks to Norm Graham. And it must have worked, because in the third Old Camberwell became the Iguana running for its life from the slithering hoard that was Old Geelong. Tony Tripodi added to his afternoon haul of snags and Andy “Ooorrrraaazzzioooo Faaanlaaazzzer” Leahy was putting the heat on the Old Camberwell defence, not only with some bustling physical pressure but scoreboard pressure as well. Old Geelong bumped its lead to 30 points heading into the final break.

After some inspirational words from Coach Wright, the OGs hit the ground running in the last. Oh, and have you “Herd”? We’ve found a new ruckman. Any prospective ruckmen returning from Bali may have to overcome more than just a volcanic ash cloud to score a spot in next week’s lineup. An unassuming Alex Herd went into the ruck and gave ball magnets Andy “Dufresne” De Fegely and James “Shaggy” Tivendale first use out of the middle. Dave “never trust a bloke with two first names” Andrew and Tom “Breaky” Nagle got on top of the Well’s deflated midfield, whilst Captain

Courageous Ben “Funky” Millar gave away one of the finest professional free kicks ever to stop the opposition from adding to a less than impressive scoreline. As the final siren sounded, it was retribution that won out on the day as Old Geelong dished out a return of serve victory to Old Camberwell, running out 52 point winners. It truly was a team effort across all lines, the type of football that if continued, will hold the boys in good stead.

The OGs sang the song loud and proud in the back caverns of the half-built Sportscover Arena and they would like to thank all who came to cheer them on. The support was immense and if they’re to take another scalp against Marcellin, they will need all your support once more. Let’s get around this group of fine young men and cheer loud and proud for another OGs win and crack at the big dance!

Hoop Up!

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