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Match Reports: Round 9 2018

Match Reports: Round 9 2018

Written by Ed Long

The stage was set for the final game of the quadruple header at Como Park and it was one well worth the wait. The team took to a freshly painted Como Park and jumped out of the blocks early with a dominant start by the OGs midfield. Sam Anderson capitalised on these opportunities early snapping goals on both feet in the first quarter whilst John Simson sent one into the South Yarra Tennis Club.

It looked as though the OGs would continue their run into the second quarter; however, the Hoers had a different idea and stole the momentum with a five goal to one second quarter. Going into the main break five points down the team knew they had a challenge on their hands.

Up for that challenge was Assistant Coach Joe Couch and his well-drilled army of ‘Back 6 Bad Boys’ who repelled countless second half attacks from the opposition. Matt Planner, Matthew Kirkwood and Don Nicholson nullified their opponents whilst also providing run and precision out of the backline to set up third quarter specialist Jock Grimshaw with two vital goals to keep the team within reach.

The boys went into the final break five points down but looked the fresher of the two as their heavy set opponents were out on their feet late in the third. A thrilling and nerve-racking last quarter saw the opposition take an early lead but the fight and determination shone through for the OGs as they dug deep and fought their way back into the game. Captain Cal Wood stepped up as he so often does in the last quarter running his opponent into the ground.

Trailing by more than two goals midway through the final term the team was desperate for a match winning goal. At the 25th minute mark of the final term Matthew Bird sent a right foot dribbler through the big sticks to put the team up by one point. If the goal wasn’t enough, the Old Geelong faithful were treated to one of the most enthusiastic and longest celebrations of the year so far. An extended fist pump, a finger wave, three jumping high 10s and a 50m sprint capped off the Birdman’s impressive but exhausting theatrics.

Will Sloss in his 50th game flexed his hairy shoulders and was instrumental in one-on-one contests to ensure Ivanhoe did not register another goal, holding on to win by the finest of margins. The men’s Seniors enter the midway point of the year with a 7-2 record and will benefit from a well-earnt break. Sitting two games clear in thid spot on the ladder their attention turns to an in-form Old Camberwell in two weeks’ time. 


Written by Toby Boyle

Officially past the half way point of the 2018 season and the women's Seniors enjoyed the better of the conditions at Como Park against a Brunswick Renegades team looking for redemption. Having outlasted the Renegades in Round 3, the Oggettes knew a quick start was key to ensuring the contest wasn't an arm wrestle this time in. A physical Lizzie Slattery took it up to the Renegades mids early in the piece whilst Mollie Borschmann was giving her on ball brigade first use.

Georgia Small finally rewarded the mids for their hard work, latching onto a loose ball, gliding past a would-be Renegades tackler and kicking a brilliant running goal. The second quarter was a dour struggle as both teams tried to gain the ascendancy. Brunswick struck first with a free kick goal but the hard working Brooke McKay quickly replied with a smart crumbing goal to send the Oggettes into half time with a slight buffer.

The second half played out as expected with Brunswick trying to close the game down. Any foray into their forward line was shut off by best on ground Amelia Cronin and ably supported by Libby Graham and Ally Kirkwood. With run and spread the key message throughout the game, the girls were far too slick for the Renegades in ball movement and despite the low score line, were never threatened. Solid performances from Kath Dunn and Isy Currenti through the middle helped the Oggettes notch up win number six for the year heading into a well earned break!


Written by Joe Kemp

After two super wins by the Ogettes’ Seniors and Reserves, it was time for the men’s Reserves to hold down the fort and come away with four points of their own. The sun was shining and the canteen was packed with supporters who had come to see the great Johnno “Utility” Thompson put on the hoops for his 50th game. Due to being promoted to the Seniors, Harry “highest bidder” Sleigh was unable to captain the Reserves and so the mighty Chris “man of few words” Gubbins stepped up to the plate and led the boys out onto the field.

Old Ivanhoe were the opposition who, despite not showing it on the ladder, had been proving to other Clubs that they should not be forgotten in the fight for finals. We knew that they would be bringing the heat when they came to Como and should not be underestimated.

The Reserves had been plagued with inaccurate first quarters for the last few weeks and so for the Forwards, Mids and Ed “best defence is a good offence” Manton, accuracy was the aim of the game. Led by Charlie “about time you put another bloke on me” Hawkins, who himself kicked a moderate bag of five goals for the day, the boys kicked truly and at the end of the first quarter had a respectable four goals and two behinds.

From then on, the game was straightforward. The Reserves really impressed, playing the high class footy that the Club has come to expect. Great games were had by both Shaggy “I’ll do it myself” Tivendale and Tony “60m specialist” Tripodi who showed off their lightning pace as well as their footy magic tricks to all the lucky spectators present.

Charlie “5th tall” Crozier took out the best on ground beers after putting on a spectacle for all to see. Whether it was flying high over packs or winning the hard balls, he did it all. We strongly encourage the Ogettes to watch more Reserves games as he seems to play out of his skin when they’re around.

The final score was a healthy 16.11 107 – 2.10 22, the Reserves proving yet again that Como is our fortress. The team goes into a well-deserved bye weekend to celebrate the Queen’s birthday but will be sure to keep their momentum going forward into Round 10 against Old Camberwell, who are sitting fifth on the ladder and will be hungry to enter the top four early in the second half of the season.


Written by Sass Le Lievre

Lady Como played host to the Oggettes for the second week in a row as we faced off against Brunswick Renegades at the earlier start time of 9am to kick off the Club's first ever quadruple header.

With what felt like a long six weeks between matches, the Oggettes were hoping to have a repeat performance of the previous 179-0 win over the Renegades that kicked off Sophie “yeh I have my boots” Hughes' campaign for the VAFA’s leading goal scorer.

Maybe it was their desire to get featured on film but the opposition that took to the field were a completely different side to last time, containing us to just 13 points in the first quarter and a never before seen one behind in the second. Going into the break with a score of 14-0, coach Robbie “full bunga“ Stephens likened the style of play to rugby rather than AFL as we were consistently faced with a wall of bad colour pairing purple and green that left us unable to move the ball around.

Sharni “I wasn’t even drunk” Godfrey and Eliza “my jersey is custom made“ Scott, who were both returning from injuries, didn’t skip a beat as they took out best on field honors running rings around the much larger midfield and having a big impact in the center of the field.

Alice “kicks it” Long and Alex “silent but deadly” Cooper were rock solid in defence, continuously breaking tackles and taking marks to make sure the Renegades never had a shot on goal. In one of our more defensive games, the skill and composure of our back line reminded everyone why we have been able to keep our opposition completely scoreless in four of our eight matches so far this season.

As the Oggettes lowest scoring game of the season with a final score of 35-0, it was a hard fought and much deserved win for the girls given the slippery and cold conditions and the opposition's style of play.

Despite sitting undefeated on top of the ladder, with the Renegades able to reduce our previous win by 144 points it is a reminder that our season is still far from over. Enjoying a well earned rest over the long weekend, the Oggettes will return after the break to hit the road and take on the third placed St Mary’s.


Written by Justin Logan

For the purpose of the Thirds match report I'd like you to read on with Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings playing in the background. Just like the famous scene from Platoon in which this piece of music features, the OGs endured a dramatic defeat at the hands of nemesis St. Bernard's in the depths of their beloved snake pit.  

From the first bounce, the footy gods were against us. St. Bernard's were gifted a highly unusual sun drenched 11.40am start in May by Mother Nature and we were dealt a change room with one toilet. Exaggerated war chants could be heard from the St Bernard's mob as they entered the playing field. What hurts the most is that appeared to work for them. I'm going to play the role of the self indulgent match reporter and press fast forward to half time, because basically you don’t want to know what happened up until then. The OGs went into the rooms trailing a measly 70-1 at the main break with hoop-wearing perpetrators everywhere. 

Once again for the second week in a row, the imposter OGs swapped jumpers with the real OGs and it was apparent there was a complete shift in mindset. This new-found will to compete was led by 2018 junior greens keeper of the year Will Evans, and Josh Gilbert who had returned from a brief hiatus in Ballarat. Whilst we managed to get our hands on the pill, many chances were squandered and we finished the quarter down 86-12. Yikes. 

Although it was bleak day on the field, there were some highlights. Whilst running with the flight of the ball towards goal, Justin Logan's direct opponent absolutely middled the point post with his torso, dropping to the ground with the wind sucked out of him. At that point in time the OGs would take any extra help they could get and praise must be given for the defensive efforts of the point post. 

But just as the Titanic Band vowed to play until the end, the OGs fully aware of their fate, vowed to fight on for the hoops. Trusty full-back swung forward Charles 'not George' Burbury snagged three sausages for the day whilst Violent Soho's unofficial fifth band member Jack Potter played his guts out. James Imhoff, which is German for 'very underrated Aussie Rules defender', prevented a bad day turning into the worst day with his heroics on the last line of defence. The OGs strived to prove their worth against the superior St. Bernard's outfit and that they did, by narrowly winning the second half and bridging an apocalyptic margin back to 66 points. Final score 111-45. The Thirds will now rest up, regroup, take a well earned break and shift our focus to those other Northerner scallywags, PEGS.


Written by Libby Graham

Despite nursing a few hangovers for an early Sunday morning match, the Oggettes were keen as mustard to kick off their second mtch of the season.

Conditions weren’t easy, especially for runner Sam “someone get me a tighter top” Goddard, as it was impossible to see even a quarter of the way across the ground due to the heavy fog. Thankfully this started lifting after half time and it allowed the Oggettes to really make a stand.

Before the opening bounce, Clare “I am the captain now” Mackarness took charge in appointing herself captain, reminding the rest of the team that until they kick four goals in a quarter she’ll do the honours. Showing her prowess within minutes, Clare had the opening goal of the match to get the Oggettes on the board.

The Oggettes took the game on from the first bounce and never looked back. Nicole “on the hunt” Chodelka struggled to look straight to begin with (feeling a little bit worse for wear after a super session at Lady Como the night before) however she recovered well and was a dominant force in both the ruck and up front.

The second half was again smooth sailing for the Oggettes as they kicked away. After helping out the opposition a few weeks ago, Indi “a” Rofe starred for the Oggettes taking home best afield honours with her efficient ball use and showingoutstanding skill around the middle.

Play of the day goes to Roxy “surfer” Sefton, who ran down her opponent from 30 metres away to lay a goal saving tackle and win the ball.

Congratulations to the Oggettes on their second win of the year.


Written by Hugh Coltman

The boys arrived confident coming off the back of a big win the previous week. Old Scotch were the side the boys were very eager to play as they are the only other old APS boys team in the division.

We started the first quarter slowly as we were trying to find our feet early. Overuse of the ball saw early turnovers happening frequently but the strong defence kept the Old Scotch forwards goalless in the first quarter. Movement started to improve and the forwards capitalising on good forward entry put us up by 33 points at quarter time.

The boys come out firing in the second quarter but the over confidence with our attack exposed some areas and saw Old Scotch kick a few quick goals which put us back in our place. As defensive leaders, James Calanchini and Nick Neeson took charge of our structure and the boys started to kick away again and lead into the main break by 46 points.

In the third the boys knew it was do or die for Old Scotch as this was their last chance to drag their way into the game. The boys held up very well against some hard attack at the contest from the opposition and really started to hit their straps kicking eight goals in the quarter and looked to have put Old Scotch out of the game.

The last quarter was a chance for the boys to put on another big score and build some confidence in our game style going into the rest of the season. The boys delivered the goods and we managed to get into fifth gear and come home really strong winning by 124 points.

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