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Match Reports: Round 8 2017

Match Reports: Round 8 2017

By Hugh McKay

Coming off a great win the week before against Old Ivanhoe Grammarians, the Senior squad was in good spirits ready to fire. With the previous weeks win we had risen 4 spots on the hotly contested ladder from 9th to 5th and were ready to tackle the 2nd spot holder in Caulfield Grammarians.

With Brad ‘the wombat’ Gore burrowing his way back into the seniors and  Rupert “I hope I don’t get carried off at the end of the game” Kemp playing his 100th game for the club, the boys had plenty to be excited about. The men in hoops started well, kicking 2 early goals to get the game underway, however Caulfield fired back to finish the quarter in front 5.1.31 to Geelong 3.1.19.

The second term took a turn for the worst for old Geelong, with Caulfield showing why they finished on top of the ladder in the past two years. They produced an unstoppable 2nd quarter, kicking 11 goals to take the lead by 74 points.

The half time siren sounded and the boys formed into their groups in the clubrooms and decided what our response would be.  The third quarter showed great bravery from the boys to dig deep and fight out the rest of the quarter. Jonnie “English“ Read fought hard to keep the motivation up along with Colby “this isn’t what I thought my comeback career would be like” O’Brien.  With a valiant effort the OGs levelled the 3rd quarter with 2 goals each.  The fourth told a similar tale with the Oggery matching the opposition for most of the quarter but the damage had already been done.

The new scoreboard of 2017 read old Geelong 7.9.51 to Caulfield 23.9.147. A disappointing afternoon for Old Geelong men in blue and white who fought hard in the second half while down but unable to undo the damage already done in the second quarter. The post-game address from Nick resonated one key message which was “You either win or you learn” and think fair to say we learnt enough that day and are will be better off for it facing top of the table Old Haileybury after the bye.

By Cam Sherwin

The Reserves were at Como ready to go early in preparation for the important clash with the top-placed side last week. We knew Caulfield would prove to be difficult opposition and the game did not disappoint.

The first half seemed like it was played on the OGs terms and our defensive structure held up well. There were a number of occasions when the fielders looked up and saw a sea of blue and white and began to turn the ball over. They were a good kicking side though, and after we couldn’t translate our share of possession into scoreboard pressure, some costly mistakes resulted in quick transition goals. Will ‘dukes‘ Holmes led at the ball well and got on the end of a few to kick two goals in his 50th game for the club. Xav ‘biggest shoulders in the VAFA’ Everett was in and under the contest all day earning the best on honours for the OGs.

The message from coach Lefty Wright ‘good night’ at half-time was simple – believe in the structures, move the ball laterally and take the game on. Our endeavour was there but the third quarter proved to be much the same as the first half. Our inaccurate kicking (0.3) and the opposition’s accurate kicking (2.0) going forward allowed them to increase their lead leading into three-quarter time. Oli ‘tongue-twister’ Le Lievre moved the ball well out of defence and Al ‘jacko’ Jackson worked hard through the middle of the ground.

Caulfield were able to get on top of us in the fourth quarter, kicking 4.3 to our 2.1 and running away with the victory. The margin was thirty-four points at the final siren but in my opinion the scoreboard didn’t reflect how close the game was.  Alex ‘the people’s fist’ Herd was solid in defence all day, spoiling strongly and keeping the league’s leading goal kicker well held. Andy ‘braveheart’ de Fegely chipped in with a couple of important goals in his first game back from a short stint in Scotland. A disappointing result in the end but the way we played in the first half should give us confidence that we can match it with any team in the second half of the season.

By Jimmy Cave

Yet again the great men and women pulling on the hoops were treated to fantastic weather to chase around a footy on a Saturday afternoon. To make matters better for the thirds, we were also treated to our second sleep in for the season to kick things off at 11:40AM.

The OGs arrived at Glen Huntly Oval knowing they would be facing a side in Caulfield Grammarians that has repeatedly put teams to the sword this season, but nonetheless the rooms were positive and spirits high after another pre-game speech from Rhett "I'll play myself at Full Forward, thanks" Nicholas.

Right from the first bounce OGs thirds were reminded that we were facing the division’s top side as open space was found through the middle and the goals started to pile up. Although we were able to slow the rot thanks to Jimmy "doesn't like the city" Imhoff and Duane "cranky" Jefferis constantly floating in front of the forwards to disrupt the entries, whilst the rest of the back 6 held up strongly despite the regular forward 50 entries.

After the first break Jimmy "took my first contested mark" Planner and Sam "slippery" Everett started to win the inside ball and feed the wings to help the OGs play some much better patches than the scoreboard suggested. Though unfortunately the positive patches did not turn to goals as we eventually left the field contemplating one of the heavier losses OGFC thirds have seen a long time. We will head into the bye with just 2 wins from 8, but with a great group of players working with the thirds, we are sure there will be better performances before the end of the season.

By Libby Graham

“Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Dodge” - inspirational words the Oggettes took from the late Patches O’Houlihan to down the ladder leaders and (previously) undefeated West Brunswick, 33 – 0, in a clinical display of women’s amateur football.  

Dodge: We had to kick start our morning with some excitement, and who better to watch turn it on other than Dustin Martin, or was it Luci “get out the way” Kini? Blistering past on the receiving end of a well-executed hand-ball, Kini rolled through the opposition, taking a bounce and then, almost laughably, outstretched the left arm and simply brushed the opposition off with a the perfect ‘don’t argue’ and arguably the sweetest of ways to dodge the incoming tackle to set up the Oggettes first goal of the day.

Duck: West Brunswick took to tagging the Big V selected Annabel “girls, I’m being tagged…” Scott tighter than their own runners top. Scotty, at times, often had two opposition players tagging her and this still wasn’t enough, with the opposition also enlisting the help of the umpire. With continual complaints that the star Oggette was ducking into their head high tackles, it became an unfair 3-on-1 contest. Not to worry, the Oggette showed why she has been named in the Big V squad as she not only triumphed through these high tackles with ease, but also earned herself a personal apology from the umpire - Kudos Scotty.

Dip: Unfortunately for the Oggettes, there was a slight dip in concentration late in the third quarter which allowed West Brunswick a chance to get the ball into their attacking half. There was no need to be alarmed for the Oggettes as Annabel “19 isn’t even that” Young, one out on her own – came up against two opposition in a breakaway against the run of play. Knowing she was outnumbered, Youngy didn’t allow the ball to be ‘Kemp’d’ (see also: camped) in our half for long as she battled away and came out on top, repelling the ball back into our forward 50 quicker than it had left.

Dive: One of the more impressive feats of the day was the newly formed ruck in Lauren “sister of that good looking coach Ed” Simpson. Having been thrown into the ruck with our stocks depleted, we can only describe her game as majestic – taking to the ruck contest like a duck to water. We saw not only the opposition ruck give away numerous free-kicks as Lauren stood her ground, but we also saw some roving work similar to the likes of Paddy Dangerfield. Controlling the centre square and ensuring the Oggettes first use of the ball at every contest. The opposition did get a sniff of a clearance at one stage, "not on my watch", thought Lauren, as she executed a perfect dive and smother sequence - 10/10.

Dodge: We were strongly advised after the game, by spiritual leader Stevie “wonder boy” Lansdell, do not, under any circumstances, get in Amelia “steam train” Cronin’s way. There was absolutely no way the opposition was able to dodge the bump of the century from Millsy. As the ball was bobbling away from a contest, near the coaches box, with West Brunswick leading the chase, in from the side and out of nowhere, came Millsy to send the opposition flying and seeing stars. The Oggettes had a free run at the ball as the opposition pressure had been swiftly taken care of, while Millsy steadied herself and wiped her hands clean together – a job well done.

In what could be described as the best game so far this year, Toby stuck to his word and submitted the best players simply as Team Effort. Congratulations Oggettes on a stellar win. We now head into the first bye weekend confident we can beat any side on our day.

By Michelle Pham

After an exciting first game last week, the women’s reserves started the day bright and early on a beautiful Como Park morning. Despite their ominous size, West Brunswick were quickly overwhelmed by an unrelenting Oggettes side who were eager to run amok and properly de-dew the grass for the rest of the OGs sides to come (you’re welcome).

Elle “Someone hold me back” Baillieu was magnificent in the ruck, frustrating her opponent enough to be on the receiving end of a hostile thump in the back. Lucy “Firthy” Firth, Phoebe “Ricky” Ulrick and Sophie “Where are my navy shorts oh wait I’m wearing them” Joubert were formidable on ball, generating immense tackling pressure and creating a Great Wall of Como that even Trump would be envious of. Their efforts in keeping the ball predominantly in the Oggettes half ensured that West Brunswick did not even get a whiff of a point.

That being said, highlight of the match goes to Steph “Eat my dust, dust eater” Hird’s beautiful run and carry, where she used her devastating pace to smoke the opposition, threw in a couple of casual bounces and finished it off with a kick that sliced cleanly through the goalposts. A couple of snags courtesy of Phoebe “Churner” Chirnside in the last quarter was the nail in the coffin for West Brunswick, and the final score of 47-0  set the tone for the women’s senior side who played afterwards.

Thanks again to Ed Simpson and Ben Thompson for coaching the side and Toby Boyle for getting up at 6:30am to be there for us at the beginning!

By Ben Thomson

The Unders arrived at St Kevins with confidence ahead of their battle with St Kevins 3. It was at the extremely odd time of 3pm but this did not put the guys off as Hugh Coltman kicked his first of eight goals to get us going and at quarter time we were surging away from what was a shell-shocked outfit in the opposition.

The second quarter began similar to the first with George Manton in his final game for the year kicking 4 to take his game tally to 6 by the half. With Max Johnson and Coltman contributing the boys went in with a lead over 100 points.

The third saw a more resolute St Kevins come out in a more defensive frame of mind putting plenty of numbers behind the ball to stop us scoring but with a tweak in the game plan and our midfielders lowering their eyes, the Unders were able to kick a further lead with Matt Planner in the midfield.

In the last it was a matter of how much, rather than the victory and to the players credit they did not let the opposition off with James O'Shea setting the standard and our much-maligned backline of Nic Neeson, David Gist, James Calanchini, Rupert Kebbel, Gus Orford and Nic Farrell keeping them goalless until an unfortunate roll of the ball in the last minute.

In all it demonstrates that if we play out football we can beat any opposition.

Coming away with our 2nd 30-plus goal win in three weeks the boys should be proud of their efforts leading into the bye.

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