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Match Reports: Round 7 2017

Match Reports: Round 7 2017

By Rupert de Crespigny

After the disappointing one-point loss last week the OGS were keen to rebound strongly and prove to the competition that we could perform in Premier C. Having fallen to ninth place but still managing to be only one win away from third highlighted the importance of this match and the tight nature of Premier C this year. We received disappointing news during the week that despite numerous Skype sessions, Viber calls and WhatsApp messages between the VAFA and George Burbury (who was residing in Malaysia for the week) he was still unable to convince them that he was worthy to take the field, and he was therefore sporting a fitted beige chino and R&M boots, looking like the Collins Street farmer he aspires to be.

Lady Como was dressed to the nines as usual with a dry surface and slight cross breeze. The message from the coaches was simple and clear; tackle and get your hands on the ball early.

Despite Michael “Can Read a Stock Chart but Not a Watch” Holland extending the warm-up beyond its means, the OGS were focussed and ready to assert themselves on the first quarter. Kicking towards the South Yarra Tennis Club we were able to maintain plenty of the ball but without capitalising on our early dominance. The midfield, led by Ed “Party Boy” Keach, were getting their hands on the ball and Johnny “I’m Related to Sloss But He’s No” Simson bobbed up for a classy goal resulting in the OGS heading into the first break with a handy 35-point lead despite some inaccurate kicking.  (See also Reserves Report and Under 19s Report. – Ed.)

The second quarter saw much the same dominance by the OGS with Rupert “Where Are the Oggettes Playing This Weekend?” Kemp repelling everything out of defence and Jacob “Never Trust a Man with Two First Names” Jess winning plenty of inside pill. This time we were able to convert the majority of our opportunities with Tom “What Time’s Recovery?” Balcombe hitting the scoreboard in his first game back and Cal “Spindles” Wood bobbing up with a couple of his own. A healthy 72-point lead at half time showed that our best football can produce solid results.

At the half time break we were keen to not let them back in the match and to really put the foot on the throat to send a message to the competition. If it weren’t for kicking 7.9 in the last half the win could have/should have been much bigger. Nevertheless a 104-point victory over a side who had won more matches than us up to then was a great result. The OGS shift their focus to taking another scalp at Lady Como this week in the form of second-placed Caulfield Grammarians.

By Joe Kemp

For the third week in a row the Ressies were met with great conditions for a game of footy, and as the boys ran out onto the Lady, spirits were high and we were ready to crack in.  Our opposition, Old Ivanhoe, were last on the ladder, so we were looking to have a convincing win and to finally master our game plan in preparation for next week against top-of-the table, Caulfield.

Unfortunately, in the first half, we couldn’t quite get our game plan in action, with our midfield getting clogged up through the centre and our forwards executing poorly. (See also Firsts and Under 19s Reports. -  Ed.) However, our rebounds out of the backline through Will “Wrighty’s Secret Love Affair” Evans and Shaggy “Whack-a-Mole” Tivendale kept us moving forward and at half time we went into the break with a 20-point lead.

Our coaching squad, Lefty Wright “Goodnight” and his protégé Ben “I’m Back Next Week, John Graham” Millar then got stuck in and, due to injuries, changed up a few rotations and by the start of the second half, we were ready and raring to go again. Obviously, something switched on with the boys, for all of a sudden, our game plan came into fruition as our midfield opened up and through Brad “Unstoppable Force” Gore and Tim “Pogo Stick” Breadmore we were able to start piling on goals with very little counter-attack from Ivanhoe.

With a staggering 16 scoring shots to six in the last half, Old Geelong managed a 60-point win (update your Instagram post, Sharpy) with the final scores being 16-15-111 to 7-9-51. An honourable mention should go to Harry “The Better” Gubbins and Cam “The Only Ressies Ruckman Over 60 KGs” Sherwin who both went off on crutches with ankle injuries but looked the picture of health when the Furphies started flowing after the main game. Overall, there are still things this side needs to work on but if we can bring our second half performance to the match next week, it should be an absolute belter of a game.

By Toby Blatchford

The Thirds team was boosted this week by the inclusions of Matt Young, Jono Thompson, Adam Younis and Jason Barry.

The lads fought hard in the first term kicking into a solid breeze and by half time sat only one straight kick behind Ormond. The third term however proved to be a disappointing one for the OGs boys with Ormond piling on 4.3 and making good use of the breeze. The fourth term proved more productive and physical for the boys from Como as they set about scoring 3.3 for the term, setting things up for a close finish.     

It took full-back Charles Burbury to sneak forward and get the opportunity to goal for the club after the siren to end a four-game run of losses for the Thirds from outside 50, but it wasn’t to be with the boys going down by four points.  

"The fourth quarter was really exciting, just to see our guys fight back and for a while there put themselves in with a chance to win that game," said coach Rhett as he praised the team’s efforts. “If we had played this style of football for the majority of the match we would have come away with the win.” He said.


By Libby Graham

Who doesn’t love a come-from-behind win? That’s exactly what this spirited group of young Oggettes accomplished over the weekend to help kickstart the triple-header at glorious Como.

A work in progress for a new team is always trying to get game-day logistics in order: unfortunately, this is something the Oggettes are yet to master. With both Coach and Captain late (from revving up the second women’s team - more on that below!), and the club-rooms temporarily locked, the Oggettes again improvised a warm-up to get their heads in the game.

Unsure of what the Monash team would bring to the deck, we were cautiously optimistic. We started the game well, winning the ball in the middle through the ever-determined workhouse (I think you mean “workhorse”, Libby. – Ed.),  Annabelle “BOG” Shannon. The Oggettes hit the scoreboard early and looked in control of the first quarter – in yet another low scoring start, we took a one-point lead in to the break.

Unfortunately, this would be the last time for a while the Oggettes would lead, as Monash came out hard and put on a couple of unanswered goals. With an AFLW marquee player in their ranks, it was tough going as we tried to contain the opposition.

Annabel “Frothy” Rothfield led the charge across half back, repelling Monash’s attack and feeding the ball out to the hard-running Brooke “Brooka” McKay to help put us back within a kick. A sniff was all we needed and we went on to kick the last few goals of the game. (Two late goals in the third, and a sealer in the fourth.)

The Oggettes are continuing to prove to our opposition that we are the fittest team in Division 1; those Dutchy pre-season specials are certainly paying dividends.


By Libby Graham

The biggest win of the day, however, came from the OGS fielding, for the first time ever, its sixth team and more impressively, second women’s side. In a very early curtain-raiser for Caufield Premier, the Oggettes Reserves took on Caufield Reserves in an early morning frenzy down at Glenhuntly Park.

The team proved much too strong and showed no mercy as Caufield were hit hard and lost enough players that they called upon the Oggettes bench for some back-up! Annabel “Raffas” Rafferty showed why she has the reputation she has, after blistering away from the contest, straight down the middle and booting a cracking goal. The only problem with this was that, at that time, she was playing for the opposition!

 The Oggettes however didn’t let this faze them as they went on to win the match convincingly and to cause some serious headaches for Toby “Consistent” Boyle at the selection table this week.  

Some huge thanks go out to Toby for some immense organising to get the second team under way, and to Ed Simpson and Ben Thompson for coaching the team – a massive effort and hugely appreciated by the whole club.

Both Oggettes Seniors and Reserves will look to play at Como this weekend, 8am (yes, you heard it right. – Ed.) and 9:20am respectively.

By Rupert Kebbell, David Gist, Matt Planner, James O'Shea

After a convincing win last week, the Unders were determined to flex their muscles against the top side, St. Kevin's (1). The fact that every player rocked up to the ground on time was a testament to the group’s determination to confront the top side on their own turf. From the moment the ball was bounced, OGs looked fierce thanks to the welcome addition of Will "Burners" Noall. The OGs pressure was so great that the SKOB forward line was reportedly seen picking grass rather than getting boot to ball. After many encouraging words during the week, James "Social Scholar" Calanchini was on fire in the backline, never losing a one-on-one battle. The sublime turf offered Larry "Fend Off" Willet through the backline, setting up Killian "Loves a Brand" McGregor for a stellar first quarter. Despite the immense pressure, the OGs were unable to apply a great deal of scoreboard pressure (see also Firsts and Reserves reports. – Ed.), coming away with a 16-point lead at quarter time.

Having come out strong in the first quarter but failing to capitalise on a number of chances in front of goal (see also Firsts and Reserves reports. – Ed.), the boys were raring to hit the scoreboard in a meaningful way in the second. As the siren blew to start the quarter Jacob Anthony was seen drooling in the goal square at the thought of George Manton sending in bombs with the stiff Northerly that was now a'blowing. Unsurprisingly, Jacob's excitement led to a number of contested marks early on; an ominous sign of things to come for the SKOBs’ backline. On the odd occasion that a SKOBs’ defender was unlucky enough to find himself Sherrin-in-hand, Angus "Libba" McKillop was there to ensure they would be horizontal and aching in no time on his way to a game-high 135 tackles. This carried on until the siren signalled the opposition's freedom from McKillop's wrath. The OGs boys entered the rooms with a healthy 30-point lead.

Full of confidence, oranges and yellow snakes (Noah Shaw ate all the good ones) the boys jogged out to meet the now deflated SKOBs. The siren sounded and seemed to almost serenade the OGs
boys as they lined up. So sweet was the music that it sent the SKOBs to sleep giving the OGs freedom to 'play to their own tune'. Hah. The midfield came together and surgically manoeuvred the ball out of defence and into the hands of our forwards time and time again. The backline, led by none other than Rupert 'I'm An Accountant, Do You Want Me to Do Your Tax Return?' Kebble, linked up like a well-oiled chain on a KTM XRXt 450z. And the forward line’s facial expressions looked similar to when Benny yells for Slogga to "bring the cones" at training: ecstatic. We left the third term with a 42-point lead and looked a real chance.

The OGs came out in the fourth quarter firing, keen to close out the game. The forward line started to burn, led by Hugh Coltman who finally rediscovered the previous week’s form and kicked a few last quarter goals. The damaging OGs defence which had dominated all day was finally broken up -when Rupert was moved into the forward line - to bounce through a goal before nearly snagging a second. The dominant last quarter was capped off when Paddy Nagle decided to burn a back-man and slot a nice goal from the pocket as the OGs ended up beating SKOBs at their home deck by 89 points.

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