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Match Reports: Round 7 2016

Match Reports: Round 7 2016

By Colby O’Brien

After three away losses to start the year, who do you call? Travis. Often maligned, understated but always gets the job done does Travis. A smooth moving, light breaking bus driver from the East, Travis ensured that the 23 players, coaches and 46 salad rolls arrived to Whitefriars College safe, sound and focused. The news that Jason “Digger” Barry and Carl “Digger” Joyce were not on the bus was yet another positive start to the day.

Having spent 11 years at the Club oscillating between C Grade and D2, I had given up on thinking that the sun never shone at Whitefriars. Well, I was wrong. It was a day every 32 year old outside midfielder/loose half backer enjoys.

To the football, “one in all in” was the play of the day and it eventuated that way. The inspirational skipper decided to do a Trent Cotchin and kick against the breeze. After a sluggish start, we were able to string some delicious football together in the second half of the first term sparked by Dan “Digger” Freeman and Hugh “Digger” McKay getting their usual feed from Joshua “Digger” Hoevenaars. Rupert “de-Digger” Crespigny failed to man an opponent all quarter but was forgiven due to his overwhelming knowledge of the game plan.

The second term, enter George “Digger” Burbury. Burbs turned it on and decided that the 18 year old defender was not entitled to enter his house as he put on a clinic Mason Cox would be proud of. A 36 point half time lead felt a little under, however news soon filtered through that Jesse White was running amok for the Pies at the MCG deflating 75% of the team. This seemed to have an impact with Whitefriars kicking 4 unanswered goals to start the third and get within 12 points. However, as the confusion created by Jesse White’s masterclass at the MCG cleared, so did the on field performance at Donvale. Long-time listener, first game player Rhett “Digger” Parsons was front and centre of everything and Burbs continued to keep the defenders in the front garden of his house slotting a couple more silencing the eight Whitefriars supporters on the far wing.

The final term was all the hoops, with us piling on 7.7 to 2.3 to come away with an important 81 point victory. Importantly, Jon “Digger” Knight packed his bag with the four points safely on the bus. Travis was pleased.

Three things I learnt this week:

  • Jason “Digger” Barry has white shorts after playing his first away game in 2 years
  • Rorey “Digger” James is the second best player at 8 Exhibition Street
  • Forward line coach Andrew “Digger” Millar has come out of hiding after we kicked more goals than points


By Henry Johnstone

Running on a high after 4 consecutive wins, the Ressies were ready to take on the 'Friars out at their home ground in Donvale. Non were more excited to throw the hoops on that day than Andy “Austin” Power playing in his 100th for the club and having his recently born “mini-me” watching from the sidelines. With a 20 degree pearler forecast, the conditions were close to perfect.

The OGs started strong with big, bad, bustling Sandon James getting two early ones on the board. though he was overheard saying “I’m on my way to 9 today” – unfortunately this wasn’t the case with him just kicking one more for the game. Will “Mitts-Mcgee” Holmes was plucking them from everywhere and getting his fair share of the pill, whilst Charles “Wild Turkey” Burberry managed to cop a cheap one from the oppo early on, though it is safe to say the offender then had one of the most unenjoyable games of his life.

The second quarter followed similar suit to the first with both Johnny “Chief” Graham and Tom “I’m hungry” Wigan dominating the ruck taps sending them cleanly down to Andy “Francois” De Fegely who was running rings around the 'Friars.

Going into the third quarter with a 44-point lead the boys were keen to get back out there and continue the training drill. Nick “Oh my” Hare was dominating the back line providing plenty of run and carry through to Will “Good” ‘Evans, both of whom should have gone to hospital after the game for a case of leather poisoning.

The final quarter saw the OGs stacking on four more goals to well and truly put the nail in the coffin. Hamish “The Hammer” Guthrie and John “Mud-Pig” Forster both played out a solid game racking up plenty of touch between the two. With the big win further solidifying the OGs as serious finals contenders, the hard work must be carried through to next week. Big thanks to the ever reliable Lefty “Right” Wright, the trainers and all those who helped out on the day.


By Tim Breadmore

With the Unders coming off their first win of the season last week against Old Scotch, the boys were fired up to take on the impressive top of the table De La Salle.

De La Salle came out strong and booted five goals to the OGs' three points, leaving us on the back foot. However, in the second quarter some good run and carry from Luka "Bats Well Above his Average" Thorpe allowed Jono "Never leaves the forward 50" Thompson to snag a couple to bring us within 10 points at half time.

The Unders with the momentum in the third term came out harder and faster than Brayshaw in bed, and with two quick early goals into the breeze from Brayshaw, had De La Salle sweating like a bag of rabbits at a greyhound meet. A terrific quarter from Will "Maybe he can mark?" Griffiths playing the loose man in defence, cutting off plenty of opposition inside 50s.

The final term had the score neck and neck, Harry "shout out to Stacked Wood Delivery" Wynn-Pope showed that tall lanky humans can wield a pig skin, with some crucial marks to stop the run of De La Salle. George "Bail out option" Manton stepped up and played a magnificent fourth quarter booting a couple of really important goals, including a shot on the siren to win the game that fell just shy of the big sticks. The Unders could almost taste the chockies but unfortunately went down by three points.

Until we meet again De La Salle.

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