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Match Reports: Round 6 2016

Match Reports: Round 6 2016

By Andy Leahy

Gorgeous sunshine and a swirly breeze welcomed the Senior team as they made the fortnightly pilgrimage to Lady Como to tackle North Side rivals, Brunswick NOBSPC. With the Ressies well and truly on top and playing some inspired football the Seniors were definitely raring to keep the momentum of the Club going particularly for the prestigious 100th Match for Alex “Snorkle” Herd. Training the week leading up had been solid and done with great purpose and the playing group was keen to demonstrate the progress it had made to both the coaching staff and the supporters. Right from the outset you could tell there was a bit of feeling between the two clubs with the NOBs trying to claim the infamous Como North Patch to do their pre-game warm up. With the Oggers standing their ground you could tell the team was switched on and ready to tackle whatever was thrown at them.

After practicing his coin tossing skills in the early hours of Sunday morning the weekend before, the Skipper got the boys off to a great start, winning and selecting to kick down to the Clubhouse end. And right from the first ball up, Josh “No. 1 Ruckman” Hoevenaars demonstrated his dominance winning the tap and getting first use to the likes of Hugh “Top Knot” McKay, Brad “Bluesteel” Gore and Colby “Never Retire” O’Brien. With the first 10 minutes being an arm wrestle and a tight affair the Oggers finally broke clear in play and on the scoreboard through a brilliant “best first quarter of footy” you would ever witness by Will “Disco” Sharp who kicked two in the quarter and Sandy “Dogga” Stewart, who was getting angry, duking them cleanly and wheeling around to pump it long to the fat side as directed. Through these two monumental individual efforts the OGs found themselves with a 4 goal lead at quarter time.

This form carried through to the second quarter where the likes of Tom “Top Gun” Balcombe and Josh “Coughing Fit” Hutley started to run rampant giving the OGs forwards first use. In this quarter the OGs put on 6 goals 3 behinds to the NOBs 1 single behind, giving them an overall 10 goal lead heading into the half time break.

Disappointingly the form, energy and effort shown in the first half went missing during the 3rd quarter and credit to the NOBs players came out breathing fire and used the ball efficiently to out play the OGs who had literally gone to sleep. The NOBs outscored the home team 5 goals to zip and the 3rd quarter break couldn’t come quick enough. The final break was used by the coaching group to take stock and reload as Knighta urged his troops to give one last effort and to run the game out strongly.

To the team’s credit they arrested the momentum through some solid clearance work and good ball use to win the last quarter and the match overall by a total margin of 51 points. The two tall forwards- Grimshaw and Wood kicked 3 a piece whilst a special mention must go to Shannan “Shagga” Gove who kicked his first goal in the hoops and went on to kick another classic set shot from the boundary, in the last to put the icing on the cake and celebrate Alex Herd’s 100th match in style.

The boys now look forward to a huge test against Whitefriars away. Big congratulations once again to Alex Herd who played his 100th match for the club, a great effort and also to all the other sides for getting the win on the weekend too, particularly the U19s who got their first for the year.

Things I liked:

  • Waking up to a freshly mowed and sun-kissed Lady Como
  • Hugh McKay’s return to his very best, running and clearance machine (Well Deserved “Furphy” Player of the Day)
  • The “Josh” double act: Josh Hutley’s continual attack on the ball and corralling tackles & Josh Hoevenaars’ dominance in the ruck contest all day, feeding the mids.
  • 3 for $10 hard earned Furphy’s


By Will Evans

It was a ring-a-ding contest late Saturday morning when the Ressies boys went up against a spirited Brunswick NOBSPC outfit. After last minute address's from coach Adam "Lefty" Wright and captain Benny "Sticky dukes" Miller the boys were feeling the buzz like a cat in a fish shop and came out guns blazing.
After conceding the first goal of the game the men in hoops managed to stretch the margin out to 70 points at halftime. Nicko "Social King" O'Hare and debutant Chris "Twinkle toes" Gubbins were patrolling the back third beautifully and provided plenty of run coming out of defence.

The OGs engine room once again dominated the middle of the ground lead by Harry "I'll be the loose" Graham and Micky "more left then Malcolm Turnbull " McCormack. The boys suffered a severe blow early in the second half when George "I'll take the far wing so Slicey can get some ripper snaps of me" Macdonald went down with a dislocated finger. However the lads remained in control and held a healthy lead of 109 points going into the final quarter.

Tom "Feeeeeeed me" Wiggins was starving before the game and was very happy to feed on four juicy snags during the course of the day. Ryan "Over the shoulder specialist" Parsons also contributed on the score sheet with four majors. After a magical last quarter the Ressies stretched the final score out to 174 to 16. Andy "quick on the trigger" Trigg was exceptional in the victory and Will "you please play purple rain" Holmes proved once again how valuable his ran and carry is to the side.

After the final siren the lads enjoyed a few hard earned Furphy's but not before cheering the senior boys and 100th gamer Alex "Nerdy" Herd to another sensational OGs victory.


By James O’Shea

On a crisp sunny Saturday morning, with the wind tending to a slight N-NE direction and sitting at a beautifully pleasant 13 knots it was "perfect conditions for a bit of footy" as stated by Harry 'banned for life' Wynn-Pope, upwards of 8 times before the first bounce. He was right.

After a Matt Collister and Ben Thompson's pre-game rev-up, we were all up and about, ready to hunt a bit of Sherrin, and do old Lady Como proud. That is however, excluding young Will 'Can't back it up' Strapp who was sporting a strong aroma of yeast, hops, water and sugar, claiming that it was a result of his last ditch effort to "carbo load" before the big game. Apart from young Strapp, all the boys were chomping at the bit to hit the hallowed turf, and some Old Scotch bodies, with the very real prospect of securing the first U19 victory for the 2016 season.

Lead out by Will 'can't mark' Griffiths and Edward 'grave digger' Gubbins the excitement could be felt from Jack 'can't sell a house' Edgar's 1 bedroom flat above his parents garage in Albert Park, which prompted the man himself to don his best suit, come down and chew some fat at the Oggery fan club for the morning. The U19 midfield, coming out faster than sh*t through a goose, won the first centre clearance of the first quarter and set the tone for the rest of the game. Ultimately, the first term ended with both teams relatively even and the OGs leading by 3 points.

The second quarter provided some relief for the coaches, with Henry 'ball chopper' Brayshaw and Jono 'Saiwan' Thompson kicking a hand full between them to put the team up by 16 at half time.
Inspired by Will Griffiths' return from a crippling bit of fluid build-up in his leg, the OGs pulled away with George 'just put it on my head and I'll mark it' Manton kicking a handful to cement the U19s lead heading into the final term.

It was the last quarter and the OGs were up by 29. This was until Luka 'couldn't get a game at OM's' Thorpe stepped up, turned on the burners and worked his magic to help set up some spectacular goals for the like of Ted 'can't pull' Strapp and Morgan 'soon to be wed' Fischer. This pushed the OGs firmly in front to secure a 37 point victory over Old Scotch.


By Rhett Nicholas

A late start and blue skies with not a cloud in sight, this is what Saturday football is all about. The boys rolled down to East Caulfield to play Monash Gryphons for a second time at their home ground. After a big win in our first outing we were keen to impress again and consolidate our spot on top of the ladder. A few big in’s with Josh “William Tell” Archer and Jimmy “Revolver” Cave and first gamers Pat “Put me anywhere” Healey and Ben “Super Co-Coach” Thomson boosted the confidence within the group. 

Winning the toss and electing to bat, we took full advantage of the wind to scoot out to a 42 point lead at quarter time, with Chaz “I’ll have six, thanks” Gibbs, kicking two of his 6 for the day (outscoring Arch for the first time this season); this was the fast start we had hoped for with fluid ball movement and good skills early.

The second quarter saw a fight back from the Gryphs, with 3 goals straight for the quarter; however with the big men in the middle Joe “can mark” Kemp and Dale “Doug a hole” McKie allowing us to have first use at the contest we were lucky enough to extend our lead. Our mids offered great first option footy and our delivery inside 50 really set up our game.

The second half opened up in typical OGs fashion and saw us run away comfortable winners in the end with another 118 point win. Our back 6 as always provided us with a wall like defence that never looked like it was going to fall down, led by our CHB Harry “the Lock” Hosegood and complimented by the best running back in the league, Don “Loves going on an adventure” Sahltstrom, tied down and frustrated their forwards all day. Another great win by the Clubbies and another step on the road to victory. Thanks again to everyone that helped on the day, but back next week to get the job done at Lady Como.

Things I Liked:

  • The ball movement and structure of this team is ever improving and something that is allowing us to really take the game on and open it up as only Oggers do.
  • No one was caught up at Revs
  • 4 from 4 on the weekend made the Furphys taste that much better at the Lady on Saturday.
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