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Match Reports: Round 5 2018

Match Reports: Round 5 2018

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Written by Libby Graham

Knowing this would be a tough game with West Brunswick undefeated on top of the ladder, the Oggettes hit Como Park with a few more nerves than usual. West Brunswick were yet again another much bigger side and unfortunately for the Oggettes they used their strength and height to their advantage.

In what turned in to a bit of a whirlwind first half, the Oggettes found themselves in unfamiliar territory trailing 64-0. A half time pep-talk and a chance to catch our breath was much needed as we came out firing in the third to match them a goal apiece. Alice “I’m a professional” Gardiner proved a class above on the day, managing to take intercept marks above her taller opponents and use the ball with elite precision and skill; a well-deserved best on ground performance.

A bit of pizazz from Tilly “Hey” Arthur was welcomed in the third term to get the Oggettes on the scoreboard whilst Lucy “Another” Gubbins and Anna “found her belongings” Brodie both combined nicely up front in what was a hard day for the forwards.

Back in to the Seniors this week, Claire “gimme” Moore proved a powerhouse in the ruck with Amelia “tackles galore” Cronin also showing her skills around the stoppages.

Ally “the General” Kirkwood proved yet again why she’s currently red hot favourite to take out this year’s 'BnF' with her four from four ‘best players’ appearances. Taking control in defence, Al is just getting better and better with each week.

Unfortunately the scoreboard didn’t reflect how the game felt and the effort the Oggettes put in. We’ll definitely be looking to bounce back strongly next week against a new opponent this year in Old Camberwell.

This weekend also celebrated the first round of the women’s VFL and the mighty Old Geelong has six superstars on its list. Congratulations for a sensational debut with Western Bulldogs for Annabel “yes, another” Scott and with Geelong for Isy “back from London” Currenti. The OGs will be up and about when our other VFL members get their debut, looking forward to Annabelle Shannon (Geelong), Liv Vesley (Carlton), Steph Hird (Essendon) and Tilly Arthur (Geelong) all hitting their straps and having a crack at the big time. Good luck ladies.


Written by James Tivendale

Coming off a big win the previous week and full of confidence the Reserves headed to the west to face second placed Williamstown.

Unfortunately losing the toss meant we would be kicking into the infamous Williamstown wind in the first quarter. The injection of Tim Breadmore into the team was exactly what the boys needed, winning the first tap and ensuring first use of the ball all day.
It was an aggressive and tough day of football, and much to the boys credit, nobody took a backwards step. This was lead by ball winner Mark Bourne who gathered a number of important clearances.

As the game went on, the relentless forward pressure began to overwhelm the opposition and our forwards managed to take advantage of this. Joe Kemp was unstoppable in the air and despite the large wind, managed to capitalise on his opportunities building ever-important scoreboard pressure. Williamstown began slipping and the boys didn’t let up, fighting until the final siren and finishing with an important and inspiring win. Much of the credit should be given to Harry Sleigh and the rest of the backs, who were a brick wall all day.

The boys managed to stamp our spot on the competition, sending a message to the rest of the competition that we are a team to beat this season. We are all looking forward to next week at Lady Como as we attempt to climb our way into a top two spot.


Written by Libby Graham

In a top of the table clash, the Oggettes were ready to hit Como Park for the second time this year and show why they’re sitting pretty at number one. Unfortunately, West Brunswick didn’t have an away strip or shorts, resulting in possibly the worst uniform clash in the history of VAFA. None the less, both teams came out firing and the Oggettes had their first real challenge for the year.

The first quarter was a bit of a see-saw with both teams locked in at nine-all at the first break. Gemma “Battle-axe” Sullivan made an impact early, crashing through packs and breaking tackles like it was nobody’s business.  

Stealing a bit of momentum in the second half, Soph “magnet” Joubert put on a clinic at half forward, using her gazelle-like evasiveness and speed. She caused a mockery of the Brunswick defence and earned herself  best on ground in the process.

Unfortunately Brunswick came back after half time to hit the lead briefly in the third term, however with the likes of Brooke “Channing’s back up dancer” McKay, who was a welcome return from injury, and Jessie “Clearance King” Gleeson, who racked up more centre clearances than Dangerfield, the Oggettes took back the lead to hit the final break back in front.

Steph “round up my” Hird ran rings around West Brunswick and showed all class up front and Emily “Wheels” Carr topped off the scoreboard with a torpedo straight through the big sticks to almost rival that of the infamous Johnny “Torpedo Specialist” Graham in the Clubbies Grand Final.

Finally, how could we not mention the vertical leap superiority and lung capacity of Helen “salty” Salter who managed to ruck the entire game from the back line to the forward line and everything in between, spearheading the Oggettes to another win on the board. Congratulations ladies.


Written by Toby Blatchford

Inaccuracies on the scoreboard and a slow start plagued the Thirds boys this week as they hosted Marcellin at Como Park.

In almost perfect conditions for footy the OGs lads failed to make the most of the home game at Como where we have previously played some of our best footy for the year. It wasn’t to be with a smarter and more accurate Marcellin taking home the win by 14 points.

Not all was lost however. Coach Truck’s halftime address highlighted the need for action and on field leadership and three men answered the call - Dominic Baker, Cam Sherwin & Charles Burbury.

With some voice and direction finally playing a part in our game the third quarter was almost our best for the year with a strong physical and skilled game at play. However as time was no longer on our side due to the slow start we continued to chase our tails to no end.

It’s impossible for me to write this without an acknowledgement of some individual highlights from the game, Lochlan Price has quickly become a team favourite after he showed his ability as a physical machine and Charles Burbury for his 'Dusty like' don’t argue that left a Marcellin player flat on the ground. I’m pretty sure he was still there while most of us were already at Untz Untz.

From a team perspective we all showed we are capable. We had more scoring shots and our backline was as solid as ever. We now need to take our best efforts out to PEGS on Saturday and get back in the winners list.


Written by Trent Tembo

An early morning start against Old McKinnon at Caulfield didn’t start off too well finding out that the captain of the midfielders Jim Mitchell wouldn’t be able to make it plus lots of boys having bad juju being so close to Monash Uni.

New recruits Joe '6 foot 6' Griffiths alongside 'Biggest' (Ed Larritt) and Ben leckie proved to be dominant forces as the tackling was some of the best the VAFA had seen. Griffiths took many high flyers but was unlucky with the wind on most accounts kicking one of five. To his credit he set up a monster amount down in the forwards once he pushed up and played a winger type roll.

Angus Mcpherson had a cracker of a game. The man was on a mission as it was his last game and his Misses was their watching. Angus, for the games he played for us, was a key and vital player. He will be missed and we can’t wait to have him back in the side. Alongside him down the back you have a huge Squad consisting of Gus Mckillop, Matt Szepe, Nick Neeson, Jack Menzal and Digby Sharp. It’s the most deadly backline in the VAFA. They all lock down the defense and put their bodies on the line for the team and that’s what we need more of.

First quarter it took us some time to get into it. On a smaller oval we felt a bit lost but half way through the first we got into our grove.

In the second quarter we came out and started playing some great footy, looking like we would make our way back into the game. However in the last half of it we slowed down with half the team working hard and the other half wanting to be at UNZE UNZE already.

Half time came and the coaches were not happy at all. Manny is the silent assassin, lives his commands through Coltman, but it was not the case on this occassion. He had a lot to say and not enough time to say it. Manny was here, and he was demanding some respect which ignited a fire in some of the boys. Coltman was not impressed to say the least, he wanted more from us, he knew we could give more and wanted boys going hard for the footy. We had the size and it was now time to make them regret going for the ball if an Ogga was on it.

During the third quarter the midfield line up changed with Whittaker in the mids and Big H (Henry Thompson) back there as well. The dynamic changed as these boys were hungry for the ball and wanted to put big hits on. This gave us a great start into the third quarter and the boys thrived off the energy the mids brought.

At the start of the final quarter the deficit was still reachable but did we want it. We had gone into all the quarters down. In the final quarter we were beaten by lazy mistakes and boys not putting in the second effort. The backline as a collective stood out. They were all generals locking it down and keeping them goaless until a sneaky one at the end. At the end of the game we were down 30 points but a great effort considering they are top three on the table. Until next week where the result will hopefully be better.

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