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Match Reports: Round 5 2016

Match Reports: Round 5 2016

By Rupert Kemp

Wind. And lots of it. That's what the Oggers were confronted with as we got out of our cars on top of the plateau at Keilor Park on Saturday. We had been warned that conditions weren't going to be friendly but this was something else... poor Cal "Daddy Long Legs" Wood even had to turn sideways to make any headway against the Crippling Current from Keilor! Nevertheless, we had to formulate a plan that was going to get us the 4 points and lock us in the top 4, as we welcomed back Will "Friendly Fire" Sharp and George "This breeze is doing awful things for my hairline" Burbury.

Unfortunately though, we lost the toss and had to kick against the tempest for the first quarter. We had a good plan in place to mitigate the damage by taking it wide and deep at every opportunity but this was offset by the PEGS local knowledge of how to switch quickly into dangerous zones and, above all, kick ridiculously accurately in front of the big sticks. The ageless Colby "Benjamin Button" O'Brien worked his bum off together with Burbs to keep the ball moving forward but, by quarter time, we were still staring at the daunting deficit of 45 points.

We came out in the 2nd quarter with clear instructions to move the ball quickly and to the fat side to make the most of the breeze but seemed to keep falling into the trap of getting the ball trapped in the dead pocket, not ideal when chasing a massive margin like we were. This meant that, despite dominating the quarter with 15 scoring shots to 2, we still came into the long break 3 goals short of PEGS. Big Josh "It's my 100th this week so here is a selection of photos I've saved up for you to use on the OGs Insta page" Hoevenaars was massive in the ruck, winning everything and providing great voice (as well as a verrrry tasty drop punt goal from an impossible angle) so we knew that, if we could just start moving the ball better in the 2nd half we would have a very good look in.

The 3rd quarter was far better than our first as the boys stuck to the plan well and our midfielders, led by Hugh “Biceps” McKay and Tom “Better left leg than Scotty Lucas” Balcombe”, worked incredibly hard to keep the ball down our scoring end, but we knew that it would still require a gargantuan effort in the last to run over the top of a PEGS outfit determined to keep their spot in the top 4.

Unfortunately for the boys in hoops though, inaccurate kicking in front of goal (again), as well as allowing PEGS to corral us into the dead pocket, meant that we came up 2 goals in arrears at the final siren. We’ve now put ourselves firmly behind the 8-ball for 2016 and it will take a lot of hard work for us to show the comp where we belong by finals time. A massive congratulations to Hoova though, who was a star during the game, as he has been in 99 starts previously for the OGs!


By George Macdonald

Round 5 shaped up as the biggest challenge of the Magoos season to date, facing an undefeated PEGS away from home. After one of the VAFA’s longest drives out to Keilor Park, the boys were greeted with gale force winds and low flying planes from the neighboring Tullamarine airport. Benny ‘Funky’ Millar got the boys off to the best possible start winning the toss allowing the boys to kick with the gale. Rory ‘two first names’ James was the biggest beneficiary off this, taking some impressive grabs and booting a few majors to get the Oggers off to a ripper taking a 42point lead into the first break.

PEGS started the second term positively kicking early goals to put the pressure right back on the visitors. It didn’t take long for the experienced head of John ‘Liberal member for Preston’ Forster in the backline to steady the ship. Although PEGS continued to hit the scoreboard the Oggers managed an all important goal into the wind taking a 19point lead into the main break. The third quarter wasn’t quite the display the boys put on in the first, with the home side resorting to some questionable tactics to slow our momentum with the wind much to the disgust of Harry ‘spray ‘em’ Graham. After a tough slog the midfield got on top led by Andy ‘don’t vote vaguely’ de Fegely allowing our forwards to kick a couple of late ones.

Taking a hefty lead into the last the OGs put on a fine defensive display. The boys dug in against the breeze and manage to control the play despite the major disadvantage. The final result was a hard earned 25 point win over the top side early in the season. Ogwards and Upwards!


By Ed Gubbins

The Unders had a good fight last weekend up against Old Xavier, but ultimate it resulted in an unfortunate loss. Old Xavier showed more skill and intensity than expected, which rattled the team early in the game.

With the scores close at quarter time I was confident our skills would get us through to the win, but unfortunately from the second quarter onwards Xavs crept away. There were certainly moments of individual greatness, with Finckhy getting three bounces shortly after his UFC wrestle, and Max Newman crashing packs and clearing the pill. Thankfully the Unders will see the return of James O’Shea and Will Griffiths (whose leg isn’t broken) this week, and hopefully we can bring home the chocolates this weekend against Old Scotch.


By Rob Officer

The lads rolled down to Our Dear Lady Como whilst she was still moist for a...sorry, correction, most of the lads rolled down to Como with the exception of Cave and Mason, who (sounding like old time explorers by name when combined) were apparently still exploring the Revolver dance floor and whatever apparent glory that brings. The blokes who did show up took a while to get into gear but with the likes of “Is Don is Good” Sahlstrom just cleaning up off half back we were soon to find that dominance we have come known for. Louis continued his coaching wonders with a consistent rotation system - that is unheard of in the Clubbies - working to full potential and providing plenty of run, Hays and Johnny G really got amongst the pig skin and giving the forwards first use.

I must mention kicking goals was made a hell of a lot easier with the late and somewhat surprising inclusion of Youngy, promoted from Senior football for his Clubbies debut much to the excitement of all involved.

After setting quarter by quarter goal targets Youngy basically did it himself, The final quarter target of 10 still not as many as the big mans overall haul. Ravioli Kemp also contributing with a bag of his own.

At the end of it all we rolled them by 26 odd goals and it was a fantastic team performance, with many goal kickers and great link up team play. Special mentions to Chaz "the Bushranger" Gibbs for cramping more times than his total possessions, in saying that he dragged in about 35 and of course to Jamo - the spiritual leader finding himself on everyone else's wing and running into everyone else's space to win the ball for his teammates and despite multiple arguments I'm still convinced he never wanted to receive the 1-2... Good bloke!

Huge thank you again to the Kemp family for putting on a wonderful spread post match, Duey for his work around the boundary and old mate Lew Officer for waving the flags.

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