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Match Reports: Round 4 2019

Match Reports: Round 4 2019

Written by Hugh Fitzpatrick

OGs back on the winners list!

With playing conditions fluctuating all day, just like Neil Finn said, there was truly ‘four seasons in one day’ as the Old Geelong men's Seniors won away from home in what was a scrappy game of football. After a slow first half by our men, with just two first half goals, the Senior side clicked into gear in the third quarter due to some individual brilliance by Christian Hatzis, eventually running out comfortable victors by 24 points.

Coming into the game 1-2, both Senior and Reserves sides knew that this was a gettable and must win clash away from home, and more importantly for both sides to remain in contention around the top four, which is crucial early in the season. The Senior side welcomed back 2018 Best and Fairest winner, John Simson, who had been in Bali with fellow OGs player George Chisholm, drinking bintangs for the past ten days, it was fair to say they were a bit rusty.

Going into half time down by two points, Coach Nick Bourke remained positive as he applauded his men for their efforts; we knew that if we started to put on some scoreboard pressure that the Monash Blues side would crumble under our force. The men in green and white won contested and uncontested possessions convincingly- the hallmark of last year’s run to a grand final- and hounded and harassed their Monash rivals.  The third quarter belonged to Christian Hatzis, anything he touched turned to magic, with the Greek Freak kicking four goals in the quarter and if it weren’t for poor kicking, he could’ve made it six! Moved to the backline in the second half, Liam Maiden looked at home with his elite ball use being the catalyst for the bulk of our attack. It is Liam’s 21st birthday this weekend and he will be unavailable to play against Old Haileyburians, enjoy!.

The fourth quarter belonged to the OGs, with the side eventually winning by 24 points, leaving us equal fourth on the ladder. With another triple header at Como this Saturday, all fans and players are encouraged to come down and support the boys as we look to go 3-2.


Written by Clare Horsfall

After a disappointing loss to Old Camberwell last week, the women's Seniors were determined to redeem themselves and get another win under their belt, and that they did beating Caulfield Grammarians by 24 points at Lady Como.

Jessie Gleeson made her senior debut for the club after three outstanding games for the Reserves team. After being named best on ground in the Reserves game against last week, Jessie slotted into the Seniors smoothly, playing an exceptional game, sprinting through the midfield and nailing a bounce with her opposition chasing close behind.

The Oggettes got off to a smashing start, with the defenders able to shut down Caulfield Grammarians, finishing the first quarter five points in front. They kept Caulfield scoreless in the second quarter, whilst scoring three more goals and going into half time with a 25 point lead. Old Geelong is very excited to have Kath Dunn back who held down the back line with the help of Anna Brodie and Annabel Rafferty who had three consecutive outstanding marks. 

The OGs welcomed back Isabel Currenti and Steph Hird who were both terrific additions to the forward and midfield, both contributing two goals each to the scoreboard. Lizzie Slattery slotted a smashing goal from almost fifty out, losing her mouth guard but managing to find it in the following quarter. Brooke McKay, also appeared to have lost something, but instead it was her sense of direction, after clearing the ball from centre bounce only to belt it down towards Caulfield’s goal. Whilst Caulfield managed two quick goals in the third quarter, the Oggettes still went into the final quarter in a promising position, 13 points in front. 

An unfortunate hit in the fourth quarter ruled Phoebe Chirnside out and suspended play. Thankfully Phoebe is now recovering well and we cannot wait to see her back down at Como Park. It was her fighting spirit and love for the club that motivated the girls to finish off strong. 

The Seniors should be commended on their continuous effort throughout the fourth quarter and their ability to resume play, unlike their coach who snuck off during the last quarter to go away on his honeymoon and missed seeing his team win 48-24. 

The girls pulled up well after the game in particular their runner Ally Kirkwood who was spotted getting a rub down in between her messages to the players. Overall the Senior Oggettes had a great game and were glad to secure another win and will use the week off to prepare for their next game against Collegians in Round Six at Albert Park.  


Written by Dave Andrew

The men's Reserves found themselves trekking down the highway to Monash in search of their second win of the season after a disappointing Round Three result. On a grey day with scattered showers, packing the gumboots wouldn’t have gone astray as we traversed the muddy construction site on the way into some of the most pristine rooms that the VAFA fixture has to offer.

The message from the Grey Nomad coaching duo was simple – be first to the ball, spread with run and carry. A similar tactic that Mr Barry has used at Leonda by the Yarra in previous years.

With Cam “The Man” Sherwin offering first ball use to the mids off the tap, it didn’t take long for Joe “Daniher” Kemp to slot through his first major of the day to get the team off to a blistering start. It was a glorious sight to behold Jez “The Fridge” Nettlefold plough a trench through the middle of the ground in his first game back from injury since the 2018 Grand Final. Through some intermittent rain the OGs pushed out to a 21-point lead heading into the first break with some positive play.

The second quarter saw the Bali Brigade dust off the cloud of bintang that was hovering low and kick into gear with Tim “Husky” Hosking getting a mild case of leather poisoning. Will “Winks” Simson battled through a heavy knock to the head, donned the Joel Selwood traditional bandana and went about providing some dash along the half forward line with his partner in crime, Tom “Hanks’” WIIILLLLSSSSON who bagged two goals for the day. Monash fought back and narrowed the margin to 16 points heading into the second half.

A little bit of half time tussling had Colby “Silk” O’Brien sharpening his infamous elbows and trying to sneak himself into an OGs jumper before his better half could refocus him and the team on the task ahead. First to the ball, spread with run and carry.

Enter Andy “Mr September, even though it’s only May” Leahy to the midfield and you couldn’t see a more dominant 10 minutes of clearance work if you went to the Boxing Day sales at Myer. Leading from the front in a best on ground performance with Matty “Stepbrothers” Planner and Ben “The Steamer” Seamer, the forwards were peppered with opportunities and pushed the lead out to 37 points heading into the third break. Unfortunately, this coincided with me tearing my hamstring off the bone by attempting a pin-point 50m pass that resulted in a direct turnover as it limply fell into the hands of the opposition 25m away from where I hobbled off the ground.

Being a little bit distracted for the last quarter, I can only assume this had a major impact on the morale of the boys, as Monash pushed their way back to within ten points by the time the final siren sounded.

All in all, a good win by the Reserves which evens our ledger to 2 and 2 heading into an important four game stretch.


Written by Georgie Rule

The women's Reserves continued their strong start to the season, with a comfortable win against Old Caulfield.  Described by Coach Tilly Arthur as the ‘performance of the season’ (so far), the girls continue to improve week after week. A strong team effort saw us maintain our structure and composure, with last season’s weakness, ‘the fourth quarter’, a distant memory. 

Some wise words from Clare ‘Spirit Captain’ Mackarness had the girls pumped and raring to go, steaming away with a strong 5.4 – 0.0 first quarter. 

Forward line congestion was no match for newcomer K-R, barrelling through the Old Caulfield backline to score three goals for the day. While strong marking from Judy McKay and Bel Richards ensured the ball rarely left our forward 50. 

The girl’s commitment to the team and their footy was evident with Sass Le Lievre and Vicky Tan undertaking strenuous and very well documented training sessions during their recent overseas trips. Despite a trip to the Peruvian Hospital with a mild case of over exertion, the girl’s high-altitude training clearly paid off, with two stellar forward line performances.

The OGs midfield was dominant all day, with Ella Scott and Jas Andros running rings around the opposition. Erin Strong was unbeatable on the wing, with repeated second, third and fourth efforts. While our tackling pressure and intensity were too much for Old Caulfield, with Phoebe Ulrick and Jemma Allsopp cleaning up anyone who dared take them on. 

It was quality over quantity for the backline, with limited but effective touches. The defenders were consistent all day, with Lily Burt quickly shutting down any ideas of a fourth quarter comeback from Old Caulfield. A special mention to Sarah Kanat who was very impressive in her first game for OGs. 

With a convenient bye this weekend, the girls are looking forward to continuing their strong form at Ladies Lunch. 


Written by Harry McDonald

For our first win of the season, the men's Thirds turned out spectacularly. There might’ve been a hiccup or two throughout the match, but when the Thirds win or lose, we do it together, and we stick up for our mates.

As the first ball was bounced, there had already been a couple of late inclusions to the team, so people were eager all over the ground. The rain fell softly, and the ball went up, where Lacka, as he did for most of the day, won the tap. This set the tone for the midfield to dominate right from the start to the very end. George was a clearance machine, whom some even likened to 2012 Trent Cotchin (they even look the same). Stinga made everyone on both sides scared to go near the ball, and Declan’s silky left boot got the boys in the guts out of trouble plenty of times. Higgins’ best game since under 14s was slightly overshadowed by getting sent off, but his performance against Marcellin made it clear he is back to career best form. Rhett and Walshy’s silkiness and run on the wings sealed the middle of the ground off for most of the day, with a few big grabs for Walsh and Rhettski’s first goal from a set shot in his 42-year career.

The ball kept ending up in our forward line, and this would have been great if Livers could actually judge where the ball was going when kicked perfectly to him on a lead. Luckily Hanlon was there to clean up Jesse’s mess, and was found taking marks all over the ground. McNang disappeared after a supposed knee injury but no one noticed anyway. The reigning under 19s BnF made his long-awaited return to the field, and Jimmy made sure to remind the VAFA why he was deserving of said title showing his work all over the ground. Max and Toby were interchangeable as the big targets down the front, and for all his hard work Maxy was rewarded with arguably the most unconvincing set shot in history. Unfortunately for Toby the big man couldn’t find himself a goal, which could be to do with him having the mobility of a Mack truck. Toshy’s roving antics were on hand again and despite his 26 misses he ended up with two goals of his own. The Monash boys (Gus and Andy) floated between shutting down the small forwards, becoming them, and running through the midfield; though we’re not sure where either of them were actually meant to be playing, and I don’t think they knew either.

On the rare occasion the ball ended up down the other end, it quickly came back out. The twin pillars O’Hare and Fisher gave their blokes nothing all day, as we all know they love throwing their weight around, even if Fish is remarkably poor at it. Gist and Oli provided the kind of rebound 50s that you only see on highlight reels, and probably would’ve had 50 possessions each if the footy had made it down there more. Slogga provided the backline with the sort of grit that only a captain can, with a number of crucial tackles and 1 percenters. Calamari somehow managed to impact a number of contests without actually getting too involved, as he made it look effortless the way he covered the ground with ease. Veall’s rugby skills were on hand as well when it came to winning those loose balls in the backline.

All in all, a productive day at the office for the mighty Thirds, and it’s good to put our first win on the board. Besides, I’m sure we all noticed that the beers taste infinitely better after a win.

Written by Lochie Radcliffe

Sitting 2-1 the Under 19’s were keen to continue on the winning path against Hampton Rovers at home. The illustrious 2:00pm time slot typically occupied the Seniors was now in the hands of the 19’s and the Unders were keen to not disappoint. With Hampton being 3-0 and a sniff for premiership favourites the boys understood the task ahead of them. Close to a full strength squad we were confident as ever and looking for a scalp to seperate us from the pack.

The first quarter saw us kicking towards the clubhouse and an arm wrestle ensued finishing the first term down by 13 points. We were displeased and all agreed we had another gear to shift to. As we shifted up a gear, so did Hampton. Despite a small onslaught from the Rovers hard running mids, the OGs defence held up whilst the forwards also capitalised when they had the ball delivered to them. Both teams headed into the rooms at the half with the 19’s down by 15 points with more to prove.

The third term acted as a double edged sword and saw the 19’s move into first gear for unfortunately only half of the third quarter. Kicking three straight whilst also holding off another Rover onslaught saw the 19’s get within nine points. It was unfortunately downhill after this commendable effort as complacency snuck in once again. Hampton moved to a level the 19’s could not match and seemingly ran away with the game after kicking 5 straight to the OGs 1.

In an ultimately poor day for the Under 19’s, this effort subsequently saw us move into the pack with a 2-2 record and Hampton continue unbeaten. Strong performances however from James Muir, Spencer Wells and Charlie Gaunt in the backline, with Toby Lever also playing a strong game through the midfield.

The Under 19’s must prove they can compete with the top end of the 19’s ahead, facing an Old Xaverians outfit away a 4 quarter game must be played to leave Stradbroke Park with a win.

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