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Match Reports: Round 4 2017

Match Reports: Round 4 2017

By Rupert Kemp

The OGs came to Kew on Saturday knowing we were in for a bit of a danger game. Kew were a side who were hurting at 0-3 and had a wet match ahead of them which they could turn into a scrap. We rolled up in high spirits due to the promise of seeing Jock “Wrecking Ball” Grimshaw up on stage that night but Nick “Different Priorities” Bourke quickly pulled our heads in and got us set on the game ahead.

The first quarter was a great one for the army of 5-foot-8 nuggets we’ve got in the side this year, led by Jacob “Just a Love Tap, Ump” Jess and Sam “Brother of Charlie” Youngman. It was wet, scrappy and hard to gain the ascendancy on the scoreboard despite feeling like we were up and about.

The boys clicked in the second quarter as we scored four goals to zero. The forward pressure was on song, letting Will “5:1 Torso:Leg Ratio” Sloss do his thing racking up pill across the half back line. The debutants Jack “Worst Saturday Night Kit in the VAFA” and Sam “Adam Kennedy” Anderson worked their way into the game nicely through hard attack at the contest coupled with some delightful foot skills.

The second half continued much the same way as the boys stayed hard at the contest and worked on our run through the midfield. Matt “Hutley’s playing 2s when he gets back” Kirkwood lifted his running as those around him slowed down and almost netted himself a long-range goal, instead just finding a concussed goal umpire. We were happy with the effort on show considering the tough conditions and are certainly looking forward to gracing the beautiful flanks of Lady Como this week as we look to keep marching up the ladder.

By Ben Millar

Round 4 saw the OGS Ressies take on the Kew Bears away at Victoria Park. With skipper Benny “Ankles” Millar sidelined due to (yes, you guessed it) an ankle injury, Nick “Skip” O’Hare stepped up to the helm to lead the boys.

Pressure was high early with Kew getting a jump on us with a goal in the first minute. However, once the boys were settled the OGS gained control, booting four goals in the first quarter, sealed with an unfamiliar captain’s goal from the arc by Nicko. With ten scoring shots the boys were dominating most of the play and went into the first change up by twenty points.

The OGs continued to gain ascendancy in the first half, led by the back six who continued to rebound and transition the ball forward creating plenty of opportunity up forward. Joey “The Better” Kemp and Andy “Lazer” Leahy created a dangerous duo, each with a couple of majors by the main break.

The second half continued much the same as the first. The OGS continued to maintain a comfortable lead without breaking away. Xav “Spider” Everett, Shaggy “Twiggy” Tivendale and Harry “Not Another” Gubbins were terrific in winning the contested footy and giving first use to our mids and forwards.

In the end the OGS ran out the game as victors by five goals and remain undefeated. In similar fashion to the previous week, we maintained control for most of the game but without dominating on the scoreboard. With the return to Como next Saturday the OGS will face our first major test for the season in a top of the table clash against Marcellin.

By Rob Officer

The mighty Thirds fronted up at Como on Saturday morning after somehow surviving what can only be described as a 'clearance sale' in which (Reserves Coach) Lefty was the beneficiary. With the shortage of OGS available in ROUND 4 anyone would have been excused for thinking that the season had been fast forwarded and we were already in 'Europe Season'.

We gathered around Rhett for what promised to be a rousing speech, although like his subsequent Mr and Mrs OGs performance we were left disappointed - only the announcement of Zac 'Holds a Pocket' Carroll's 50th appearance in the hoops got the response it deserved; however taking this onto the paddock proved difficult after a promising start.

We began well, booting the first after some amazing link-up play found Arch (Josh Archer) in his element, but that was unfortunately the highlight of the first half, the OGs switching off to chase the game and be 40 odd points down at the main break. A special mention must go out to Charles 'Kickout' Burbury, whom I'm sure will blame the Como paintwork (Captain Kirk...) and had a day to forget when hitting a target from defence; in relation to that, I seriously hope to see everyone down there on Thursday so we can put some work into the structure as a whole, as the defence zone was woeful.

The backline however during open play could not be faulted, with Marty 'Sugarcane' Liekefett, 50 Gamer Zach Carroll and Duey really putting in the yards to keep the OGs with a sniff.

A different team rolled out after the break and with some excellent ruckwork from non-listed ruckman Walshy and Nick 'Untz Untz' Simpson we won first use of the ball and started showing the competition what we are capable of. The OGS boys battled hard and got ourselves back within 20 points in the last but just couldn't gain that extra bit of motivation - despite the ultimate coach’s goal from Rhett, who picked up the crumbs deep in the pocket, strolled toward goal, lined up the squaring pass and shanked it directly through the goals with a nice fade; it almost looked like he meant it, but despite what he will say it was 100% a genuine accident.

Arch kicked a bag to keep us within a sniff and some experience from Matt Young was a blessing in disguise, keeping us all in shape and offering encouragement and advice throughout the day. Smokey (who the hell is he?) came good late, popping up with a hell of a goal and Alex Forman put in yet another solid performance.

A huge thanks to Pudge Dunlop for insisting he was time-keeping with more than sore ribs but then ran the boundary. It often goes unnoticed when someone goes above and beyond to help out but without volunteers it would be impossible to field five teams each weekend.

The Thirds will look to rebound this week and get ourselves back in the winner's circle to keep our Premiership B2B dream alive.

By Libby Graham

Ormond has been a cursed ground for the OGs in recent years and the Oggettes set out to break the hoodoo.  Their official Round 1 in Women’s Development Division 1 started with a bang - some pre-game sledging coming from Ormond helped to fire up Ally “On the Prowl” Kirkwood.

The first quarter started strongly and saw some silky skills from Jess “Bruceyyyy” Brotchie soccer the ball from the centre square all the way to the goal line before Annabel “Graceful as a Swan” Rafferty booted it straight through the middle to draw first blood of the day.

The second quarter was a bit of a tug-of-war with the Oggettes getting the only goal and keeping Ormond scoreless. However, we learnt the hard way that playing nice doesn’t count for much up against this opposition .… after both Alice “Silent but Deadly” Gardiner and Annabelle “$20 Target on Number 71’s Head” Scott were left balding after being tackled by their hair, the team had had enough. At half time we needed to re-focus our energy to play our game to beat them on the score board.

The second half was a nail biter – with the rain falling, the ball slippery and the Oggettes holding a tight lead, we needed to capitalise on our opportunities. Unfortunately, the game was played mostly in Ormond’s half who clawed our lead back to only two points - but our defence stood tall with Caz “Figjam” Edwards and Annabelle “Ricky-Bobby” Shannon both courageously putting their head over the ball to win some crucial 50/50 contests. 

With only minutes remaining in the game and Ormond marking directly in front of their goal, a few heads started to bow - however a sprayed kick and we had the ball back in our possession. Coast to coast the Oggettes went, with Annabel “Frothie” Rothfield taking a strong pack mark and, cool as a cucumber, she slotted the final blow right before the siren.

“Proud as Punch” would be an accurate description of how the Oggettes played; we kept our heads in what was a tough game and came away with the win.

By Ben Thomson

The Unders rolled up to Como under the dark sky of Saturday afternoon. With a renewed sense of optimism due to a good week on the track the elusive first victory could have been on the cards.

All that was asked of the players was to give “100%, 100% of the time” and on this goal they truly delivered. From the first bounce the boys were ready to go and played well around the ball and being set up behind play by some great efforts from Rupert Kebbell and Larry Willett.

In the second quarter the boys played really hard again and the backline again stood up with Nic Neeson doing his preparations for Mr and Mrs OGs no harm with a number of crucial goal-saving plays. The third term was played almost entirely on OGs’ terms although the scoreboard did not reflect that with us only kicking one goal. The midfield really stood up and gave Marcellin a real run for their money. In the last again the boys ran the game out as best they could but fell by 68 points.

In the end a disappointing result but one from which we can take great heart that we are most certainly heading in the right direction.

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