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Match Reports: Round 3 2017

Match Reports: Round 3 2017

By George Burbury

After a dismal defeat on the home turf of our feeder school The Geelong College the Seniors were starving for redemption. On a pleasant Saturday the OGs lined up against undefeated Old Camberwell and it was time to prove that that we belonged in Premier C. With the inclusions of new players Tony “Tripod” Tripodi and Jacob “Last Name's a First Name” Jess there was certainly a buzz amongst the Oggers. This excitement carried into the warm-up which was again perfectly conducted by Old Geelong’s own Michael “Dutchy” Holland. The overcast conditions weren’t overly favourable to either side but the wide dry wings provided ample space for the likes of Matt “I’m kind of a big deal” Kirkwood and Oliver “Yeah that’s right, I do play for Sandringham” Jones to use their speed and kick deep into the forward line.

The first quarter was dominated by Old Geelong with a flurry of goals coming from a range of players including Jock “You’re lucky to have me” Grimshaw and Charlie “Sportsbet” Youngman. The quarter time huddle was positive and the message from Head Coach Nick Bourke was to continue to overlap run and kick long to forwards 1 on 1.

The second quarter was slightly more even with Old Camberwell using the wind to kick long to marking targets. Old Geelong’s backline worked in excellent cohesion ensuring they outnumbered at every contest. Harry “Mits” Graham played his best game for the OGs, marking or spoiling everything that came his way, and was helped by the likes of Will “Saturday Night Specialist” Sloss working well at his feet.

The third quarter was similar to the first from Old Geelong with plenty of overlap run coming from the mids and backs providing deep delivery to our forwards. Hugh “Try catch me” McKay and Jeremy “Fridge on legs” Nettlefold were instrumental around stoppages and with their ferocious endeavour for the contest ensured that many more clearances were won than lost.

The fourth quarter began with a shaky start. Old Camberwell altered their game plan to take risks and kick long which proved successful for them as they were able to claw back three quick goals. Fortunately our backs and mids were able to quickly adjust and stem the flow, followed by a timely goal from Tony “Yeah I kicked 3 and had 18 on debut” Tripodi ensuring that OGS had secured their first win for the season!

This week we look forward to taking on a winless Kew Bears away where we expect a highly competitive challenge, one which we will grab with both hands. Also as a side note, The Old Geelong Football club is delighted to welcome back past player Colby “one more year” O’Brien. After announcing his retirement post last year’s grand final win he simply cannot stay away and will once again pull on the beloved hoops.

By Ben Millar

The Reserves side travelled to Camberwell looking to consolidate their position within the top few sides and notch up another important away win. Pleasingly, with a strong performance primarily from players new to the club they were able to get the job done with a well fought out 30-point victory.

Unlike previous weeks where the side had taken time to get into the game it was an impressive start, booting six first quarter goals and putting Old Camberwell on the back foot early.

Jase ‘Big Red Dog’ Clifford has slotted in well at the Oggery and continued his good start to the year with another strong performance alongside another new face ‘Samuel’ Al Jackson whose clean kicking into the forward line was impressive.

The boys had established a 39-point lead at the main break and on the back of strong second halves in the opening rounds the expectation was that this lead would continue to grow. A combination of limited numbers on the bench and increased output from Old Camberwell meant that the second half proved a harder slog.

The clean hands and dash of Jack ‘Gift’ Anderson proved invaluable in this period as he and Nick ‘Mits’ Mason were able to find space and use their long kicking games to advantage, continually moving the ball from one end to the other with minimum fuss.

Andy ‘Frog’ De Fegely and Harry ‘Jnr’ Gubbins also ran the game out impressively to ensure the Old Camberwell side never gained sufficient momentum to seriously challenge, demonstrating leadership and a maturity within this current side. Overall, a 5-goal win against a good opponent was a great outcome with some room for improvement when we come up against the top sides in the division.

By Rhett Nicholas

A long drive to Bulleen followed by some confusion as to the location of the ground for some, started our Saturday morning. With Lewi “Premiership Coach/Hero” Chiodo now coaching our opposition in Marcellin, the game was poised to be a battle that will be relived throughout the season.

After making the great escape against Therry, OGS came out strong and kicked away to a first half lead, with first gamers Marty “crash and bash” Liekfette doing a great job down back and Pudge “Don’t know his first name” Dunlop making the most of his opportunity on the wing. However, it was the Mids that continued their fast and slick ball movement to set our forwards up.

The third quarter was like a car crash in slow motion; we could see what was happening, but could do nothing but watch it unfold. This started to get the troops a touch frustrated with Tom “I said Puck, with a P” Hays sent off for swearing; however this was the boost he needed to come out in the fourth and combine with Ollie “I will kick this from 60” Graham getting us moving in a positive direction. We stemmed the flow and actually won the last quarter, but it was just that lapse for 15 minutes that put it just out of our reach.

I did appreciate everyone’s efforts to stay in and have a quiet night on Friday, however it looked like all of us had watched the Dogs and GWS a little too closely kicking a large 14 points for the day. An untimely loss, but plenty of positives and the team’s chemistry is starting to click, which is a huge positive this early in the season!

As they say in the classics, tomorrow is another day and we get another crack at the 4 points next weekend, so we can keep progressing towards September.

By Libby Graham

The Oggettes graced Lady Como for what was their last grading game before the real season begins. With 14 changes to the side from the previous week, the Oggettes came out firing.

Some brilliant ruck contests from Mollie Borshmann, on occasion roving her own ruck work, gave the us a speedy start as we went in to quarter time with a commanding 22-point lead. First gamer, Tashie Montgomery, took to Lady Como like a duck to water, showing the St Mary’s girls no mercy with some relentless tackling and silky skills out on the wing.

Going in to the main break 39 to 0, the girls decided to mix a few things up – key defender Sass Le Leivre was thrown up to the forward line to utilise her off-season altitude training in the Himalayas and looking to snag her first sausage roll in the hoops.

Unfortunately, due to a contentious 20m penalty, the team conceded a goal in the third. However this didn’t stop us pilling on four unanswered goals in the last to run out the game 74 – 6.

BOG for the day goes to wonder-boy Stevie Lansdell, who managed to have the St Mary’s girls in a trance after batting his eyelashes at them after the game – their social media was running rampant with the President’s unrivalled humour and charm.

After three grading games, the Oggettes have been put in to Division 1 for the inaugural season and already have a formidable reputation amongst the VAFA.

By Ben Thomson

The Under 19s were looking to bounce back against Old Haileybury after the previous week’s result. The team was confident that a return to Como could be the ingredient to propel them to a victory. The game started well with a number of players playing good first quarters with little to show for it on the scoreboard. After a quick chat and a few minor adjustments the team went out in the second quarter and outplayed Haileybury comprehensively kicking 3 goals to none giving the coaches a glimpse as to what we can do. We went in at the half under no illusions as to the task in front of us but the team was positive that we could get a result.

The third quarter was another tight quarter and if it wasn’t for a few things we may have been closer than the five goals at Three Quarter Time. In the last quarter the boys ran out of puff and Haileybury being the skilled and quick unit they are showed why they are top of the ladder running away with the game.

There were plenty of positives to take from the game especially from the second quarter and I am still incredibly excited for the upcoming games.

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