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Match Reports: Round 2 2016

Match Reports: Round 2 2016

By Josh Hoevenaars

With the disappointment of the one-point loss against Therry Penola still firmly in mind, the Seniors were glad to find themselves amongst the comfortable surrounds of Como Park as we attempted to kick start the season with our first win. Despite a push for all players to wear matching team kit before games, it still remains an issue for some, with the likes of Angus “Is G-Bomb Self-Appointed?” Smith refusing to wear his hoody, revealing a chequered shirt and tan boot combination that wouldn’t have looked out of place at a high-class do on the slopes of Aspen, Colorado. Having moved our arrival time half an hour earlier this year, we have plenty of time on our hands pre-match, and it was great to get in but mostly around the Reserves’ quarter-time huddle. Like Pavlov’s Dogs, as the half-time siren sounded, we immediately rushed to the centre circle to claim that elusive patch of turf that we’ve been told to never leave unattended. After around 10 minutes of analysing the geometry of the recently painted centre circle, we realised that Knighta wasn’t there, and instead Nick, Dutchy and Wrighty were waiting patiently in the wings, on the wing, for our attention. After a quick summary of our priorities from each Coach, and a jumper presentation to the two Senior debutants Harry “Brother of Kempy’s Uncle’s Son” Graham and George “Ankle as Stiff as his Fortunes” Burbury, we regrouped and hit the rooms in preparation for the important match ahead.

The first quarter began in a rush, and we were jumped as St Mary’s won the first centre clearance and proceeded to kick a goal within the first two minutes. A similar thing happened soon after, and despite some terrific in-and-under work from Burbs, a combination of poor decision making and skill execution ensured that we were down four goals to zero halfway through the first. Our focus before the game had been to value possession and not give up the footy easily; but we were doing the opposite. The final 10 minutes of the first quarter saw us wrestle back some momentum from St Mary’s through some hard work in stoppages led by Charlie “Number 25” Youngman and Brad “Blood and” Gore, going into the first break three goals down.

The second quarter started as the first finished, an arm wrestle between two sides hell bent on winning the footy. Then suddenly the game began to break open and the boys started to click into gear. The midfielders were winning the ball cleanly out of the middle, and our disposal was cleaner, led by the Smooth-Moving Rupert de Crespigny who began to feed the prune to our forwards like they were geriatrics in a nursing home. The Big Wookie Jock Grimshaw also started to get moving, crashing packs and taking a couple of great marks and duly converting. All of a sudden the OGs could do no wrong, highlighted by a miraculous goal from Gus Smith, who summed it up nicely when he said “they knew things weren’t going their way when I kicked the goal of the year from the boundary”. The outcome of these efforts was an eight goal to two quarter, and a 20 point half-time lead.

We’ve all played too much footy to think that the game was over in a half, and the feeling at the main break was that there was still plenty to do to secure the win. The match tightened once again in the third, but we continued to use the width of Como to our advantage, moving the ball on varying angles before propelling it forward. Will “I’d Rather a Win than a” Sloss started to influence the game with his ferocious attack on the ball, and Hugh “The Human Rubber Band” McKay used his significant malleability to bend around would-be tacklers as he ran the ball forward. These efforts, combined with some great tackling and some very-nearly-but-not-quite hangers from Harry “Spider” Graham, ensured we increased our lead by the end of the third.

It was important for the team to sustain our intensity, remain mentally focussed and increase our lead over St Mary’s in the last quarter. Pleasingly, we did just that, and ran out the game really well. Our defenders continued to rebound beautifully out of defensive 50, led by Alex “Has Never Kicked a Goal, I’ve” Herd who took the rebounding a little too far, drifting into our forward 50 before having pot shot that just swung left of the post. Tom “Bootsma” Balcombe, showed Herdy how it’s done, nailing a couple of snags from 40 to cap off a solid performance. Sam “Number 29” Youngman also joined the six multiple goal-scorers with two of his own to add to an already impressive day out in the midfield. By the time the final siren sounded, we were nine goals the better over our opponents, and satisfied with our performance from the second quarter onwards. It’s important for us to ensure we can play quality football from the first minute, and that will be a focus this week against Ivanhoe.


By Charles Burbury

The weekend saw the Reserves face a hurdle in our race to the season of success. Benny “I’ll have another” Millar lead us out on to the big Lady Como for the first time this year, and the Twos welcomed up a few new faces for the game. The ball was bounce and the game started. The first quarter was a disaster despite the ball being controlled by the OGs for the majority. Although we had plenty of it, we were making plenty of errors and were unable to score. At the end of the first, St Mary’s were up by four goals.

The second quarter started and with the help of Henry “Hairline” Johnson and Will “You Send Them” Holmes the OGs were on the board. The backline was holding up well with George “Let’s Get “Macdonald” and the Twos starting playing good hard OGs footy.

The mid-field worked hard all day with Harry “Can’t Get Enough” Wynn-Pope tapping the red ball down to the midfielders all day. As a whole the Reserves played a good brand of footy, but we just couldn’t seem to get back on top, and were playing catch-up throughout the game. St Mary’s finished 9 points ahead, but we could only hold ourselves to blame, as poor goal kicking and skill errors cost us dearly throughout the match. We should expect plenty of improvement over the next month as we improve in this area and the team gels. Thank you to Lefty and all the helpers for all the game. We look forward to rebounding this weekend.


By Ben Thomson

The Under 19 group were anticipating a hard match against Collegians in Round 2 but we were optimistic after the endeavour shown the week before against Mazenod and were sure that we could replicate that intensity and come away with a win. In the rooms beforehand the players were focussed and ready to go with excitement the overwhelming emotion leading into the first triple header of the season.

In the first quarter we found ourselves down by 19 points but we still cracked in and showed great endeavour to hold them out with Louis de Moor and Co-Captain Ed Gubbins doing their utmost to stop collegians cutting the ball off a number of times across the half back line with Ben Needle having a really good spell in the ruck creating problems for the opposition.

The second quarter followed very similar lines to the first with the midfield running hard to help out the defence. Tim Breadmore won a majority of the taps for the day and although the midfield of Hugo Bienvenu, Daniel Cocca and Braiden Young worked admirably all day, the Collegians just had a bit much pace around the pack. An encouraging sign again at the back end was Sam Finckh in his first game of the year playing really well and also Gus Beckingsale putting in another hardnosed performance keeping his opponent to very few disposals.

The third quarter was again an improvement with our forward line getting into the game. This was one of the key areas focussed on pre-game and they came into their own in this quarter with Will Griffiths and George Manton looking potent deep and Jonathon Thomson hitting up at the ball providing the link up with Henry Brayshaw at half-forward with Charlie Calvert working hard there also. In this quarter our smalls also got into it with James Tivendale providing us with run and spark in a best on ground performance and Max Newman hitting the pack hard.

In the last quarter we fought for every possession with the backline again coming through with the goods with Rupert Kebbell and Lachlan Lloyd providing good passing for Ted Strapp and Morgan Fisher to use their legs in the wide spaces of Como. The forward line stepped up the pressure with Harrison Fraser kicking two goals and Maxim Jones showing us what he is capable of hitting up and presenting really hard at the ball through the middle of the ground.
In all a really encouraging performance with plenty of positives to take from it and no one should be disappointed in their performances on the day.


By Lewis Chiodo

Saturday was another great day for football as we graced a sensational playing surface out at East Caulfield Reserve. It was great to see good numbers for the Clubbies - we had 8 interchange and two that missed out, so there was really no excuses for poor performance. Numbers are essential in our path to the ultimate prize

The opposition started well and were first to the ball, and showed us that hard commitment and intent for the ball can go a long way in dictating the play and the scoreboard. Even in Clubbies football, if you do not bring 100% commitment on game day, you will be playing catch up.
We were shown up in the first quarter to an extent, and combine with wayward kicking (1 goal 10 behinds), it was game-on at quarter time.

From the second quarter on we settled in to a much harder brand of football, and created space and run for our ball movement to put pressure on the opposition. We were often drawn to the contest and did not have a man ready for the quick release which is something we will work on as group.
Tom Osmond and Tom Hays created many opportunities with Jimmy Cave and Jimmy Planner up forward keeping the pressure on. Down back Charles Gibbs, Laurence Jacuzzi and Chris Gubbons were in total control, and offered great rebound.

John “The Chief” Graham was a strong option up forward and created good run through the middle in the third quarter, along with some hard running and finishing from Jameson Hunter. Kudos to Robbie Officer who continues to show resilience in his body and give good run and options for the team, and a special mention to James Imhoff for his first game and shut down role in the final quarter and Dale McKie for his strong contribution in the ruck and up forward - a big unit that will surely give us great opportunities.

All-in-all it was another great win for the Club XVIII and step two out of the way. It will be a big challenge this week as we face the undefeated West Brunswick who will be out to prove they are the king pin for the competition. Let’s make sure we rise to the challenge and stamp our authority on this competition.

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