News » Match Reports: Round 17 2018 & Women's Grand Final

Match Reports: Round 17 2018 & Women's Grand Final

Match Reports: Round 17 2018 & Women's Grand Final

Written by Josh Hutley

After a comprehensive victory over St. Mary’s Salesians the week prior, the Old Geelong men’s Seniors faced a difficult task heading out to Chelsworth Park to take on a force in Old Ivanhoe.

In the week leading up to the game, memories came flooding back of the 2017 match at the same venue where the hosts bested the hoops. It was a day in which all who were involved and supported wished never to relive. With this intrinsic motivation, as well as the mighty Andy “Laser” Leahy 100th game upon us, the men’s Seniors and Reserves squads trained with a ferocity and endeavour that would rival that of any professional sporting club.

As apple maps made the trip to Chelsworth Park even more difficult than it already is, the men’s Seniors arrived to a somewhat interesting climate. Upon the half time meeting, sun was shining and a cool breeze blew from the south. The message was simple and consistent from the coaching staff, “be harder for longer, and we will win this game”. A game plan which all bought into.

Prior to the warm up, the well-known Melbourne weather showed us why it is infamous. Hail stones the size of ball bearings pelted down causing the change room roof to leak and all inside to wish it would cease before the match. With seven changes from the previous week, Old Geelong aimed to replicate the coaches message, be harder for longer.

To the game, Old Geelong fought off a strong start from Old Ivanhoe with the latter winning the first couple of clearances around the ground. Approximately five minutes into the game, the visitors settled into the game with Josh “Hoof” Hoevenaars beginning to get full ascendancy in the ruck, delivering the likes of Jeremy “Self titled ‘Fridge’” Nettlefold the ball on a silver platter. Both teams continued the battle for the first quarter and after the siren the scoreboard read Ivanhoe up by two points.

The second quarter came and went with another tough fought battle throughout the skinny wings of Chelsworth Park. From the damp grass arose a hooped man, albeit it an elderly man. With skills silkier than that of the blue velvet dinner jacket worn by Mr Blue Velvet Scott Dixon to the OGs Ball, Colby “Old Boy” O’Brien made all in Ivanhoe jerseys look like juniors, not only because of his vast age but through the level of skill he flaunted to the onlooking crowd. At the major break, Old Geelong had cut Old Ivanhoe’s lead in half.

Along come the third quarter, and with the intermittent rain dampening the spirits of not only the players, but of all Ivanhoe supporters, Old Geelong came out and ran riot. Everything that the hooped men touched turned to gold. Clearance after clearance allowed a relentless attack on Ivanhoe’s defence. The simply wonderful display of football was epitomised by none other than “Is” Don “Is Good” Nicholson who’s scrambling defence and strong use of the Sherrin allowed those up the field to reap the rewards. After a seven goal to two gquarter Old Geelong held a 32-point lead heading into the final quarter.

The final term proved to be more challenging than the third quarter. With Old Ivanhoe requiring a win to keep their slim finals hopes alive, this was their last stand. The hosts came out and gave every inch of effort they had to give. The OGs held firm with some further extraordinary defensive achievements from the strong back six bad boys in conjunction with great midfield work aided by the flare and razzle dazzle of Sam “Hollywood” Anderson and Liam “Iron” Maiden. Through this great team performance, Old Geelong walked away with the four points, solidified third spot on the ladder and locked in a first final against Old Camberwell.

All those involved with the men's Seniors team would like to thank all of those who braved the random and ever-changing Melbourne weather to cheer on all team on the weekend.


Written by Matt Planner

Old Ivanhoe hosted Old Geelong for Round Seventeen. Both the men's Seniors and Reserves were coming into the round looking to further cement their finals claims.

Old Ivanhoe gave the OGs a taste of what finals footy might look like. The Reserves started strongly but were unable to convert gettable chances in front of goal. As a result, Tony Tripodi will be leading the goal kicking practice on the track this week. Thanks to the midfield bulls, Hugh McKay and Jonathon Thompson, the OGs were able to string together coast-to-coast plays supplying the forwards with plenty of opportunities to put scoreboard pressure on Old Ivanhoe.

It was evident that the team played a more selfless brand of footy. The safe hands of Joe Kemp and Will Simson allowed the OGs to keep Old Ivanhoe at bay for the remainder of the day with two goals each. The spectators and players were greeted with hail during the third and fourth quarter, which made life difficult for both teams. Every player, coach and umpire was chilled to the bone, expect Jonathon Thompson, who smugly said: “everyone laughed at me for having long sleeves”.

The last half hail allowed Old Ivanhoe to make a late push, kicking three goals. However, as they say “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” and as a result, the Reserves managed to hold onto the win thanks to the large flying fist of Harry Sleigh and the ferocious repeat efforts of Tim Breadmore

The Reserves now look to next week were they host Williamstown at the Lady Como. Both teams will look to cement form as they go into September for finals footy. Lock in Saturday for a classic match between second and third.


Written by Robbie Stephen

On what was shaping up to be a dreary Grand Final Day at Marcellin College, the women's Reserves arrived to heavy downpour and bone-chilling temperatures. However, absolutely nothing could dampen their spirits, as from the moment they set foot in the change rooms, the atmosphere was electric. The sense of occasion had sunk in for everyone, but instead of allowing the Grand Final nerves to rule the roost, the Oggettes showed incredible composure and concentration far beyond their years. The warm-up was tight and clean, the ladies were switched on and ready to go, and the energy, enthusiasm and excitement far eclipsed any that we’d ever seen or experienced before. As we walked out of the change rooms and out onto the ground it was clear that the Oggettes had come to play, and they were ready to take it to top of the table West Brunswick.

What transpired over the next three quarters was nothing short of incredible and inspirational, as the Oggettes controlled the tempo, pressure and intensity of almost the entire game. The first centre clearance was belted out by the wrecking ball of Lizzie Slattery, who was also responsible for the Oggettes first major of the day. She showed great skill and composure to slot through an excellent set shot, setting up the Oggettes with a handy ten point lead at the first break, as well as throwing her body in front of a Westie kicker to provide a goal saving smother. Lizzie continued her impressive form until the final siren, willing herself to every contest and ensuring that every single Westie player felt her physical presence. Despite only the single major for the quarter, the Oggettes pressed and pressed towards the goal line, with immense forward line pressure typifying the effort from our full forwards in Sophie Hughes, Sass Le Lievre, Clare Mackarness and Annabel Richards. The Oggettes rose to the occasion and ensured that the Westies were not allowed any easy uncontested possessions anywhere around the ground, and as a result the Westies were kept scoreless.

The second quarter started with a menacing wind in the favour of the Westies, and promised to be a tantalising battle between our impressive defensive unit and a formidable Westie forward line. Simone Brown played what was undoubtedly one of the best shutdown roles on the in-form full forward of the competition, not allowing a single mark to be taken by her strong opponent. Elsewhere, Keeley Murrihy nailed the perfect tackle about 30 metres from goal as her direct opponent handballed off to a would be goal kicker – saving a certain goal and pumping up the Oggettes to run out the second quarter without the Westies scoring again. Even more impressively, she played out the game with the most full bung broken nose I’ve ever seen; now that’s what I call bloody team spirit. The backline provided not only excellent defensive pressure, but through the likes of Sophie Joubert and Tess Lawless were able to provide countless rebounds from defensive 50. Sophie Joubert once again proved that she is THE in-form swing-woman at the club, having a huge impact no matter what position she played on the ground – and on Sunday she seemed to be absolutely everywhere. Holding onto a hard fought ten point lead, the Oggettes went into half time full of self-belief, but knowing they still had a huge job ahead of them.

Thed third quarter saw the Oggettes come out with renewed intensity, as if they’d somehow found another gear at the break. What became clear as the quarter transpired was just how much of an incredible impact Brooke McKay was having around the ground. If she wasn’t at the bottom of every contest, she was out the back to receive the ball, or dishing out her trademark ‘don’t argue’ to opponents almost twice her size. It was clear that the Westies were concerned about her, throwing (or kicking) anything they could her way to try and slow her down. Halfway through the quarter she slotted through a brilliant goal on the run from just inside 50, and if THAT doesn’t get someone BOG, I honestly don’t know what does. Alex Cooper was nothing short of a machine through the middle, laying tackle after tackle and holding her opponent to very few disposals by the end of the third. Her attack on the ball was awe-inspiring, and her ‘body on the line’ attitude made her an imposing presence both with and without the ball in hand. Steph Hird then chimed in with our third major, the direct result of her hard work on the half forward flank all day. Steph continually showed impressive composure under pressure, and was silky smooth with her skills by both hand and foot, as well as laying hard and relentless tackles around the ground. That absolute rocket of a left boot saw the Oggettes out to a remarkable 22-point lead at three-quarter time, signalling what was undoubtedly the best game of football produced by this team to date. We went into the game thinking it’d be too wet to mark the ball, yet George Cerruti was plucking them from left, right and centre, she even managed to get her hands on the ones that flew over her head! Olivia Gleeson also played a superb role as the loose player in defence, reliving a substantial amount of defensive pressure through her ability to read the ball and take multiple intercept marks. Furthermore, once again outsized, Helen Salter battled away in the ruck for the majority of the day, and deserves all of the accolades she can get for continually giving the Oggettes first use of the ball. There are almost no words to accurately describe just how spectacular it was to watch this group of 24 footballers keep the ladder leaders scoreless for three quarters of football – what a remarkable achievement and a testament to their growth and development over the course of the year.

Unfortunately, the final result did not go the way of the Oggettes, as the Westies returned in the fourth quarter to pile on four unanswered goals. Football can be heartbreaking, and sometimes a little bit of momentum and luck is all you need. The final siren sounded with the Oggettes down by two points, but the girls in hoops were undoubtedly the better team on the day (I’m not even biased and everyone agrees).  The girls showed a whole new level of intensity and pressure that we hadn’t witnessed all season – and in the words of one Toby “Dad” Boyle – “under that kind of pressure they played their best game of the season - they were simply irresistible.” Well done to all of the girls both on and off the field for an extraordinary season of football, producing our first grand final berth was the collaborative effort of so many incredible people, and I can’t thank each and every one of you who has contributed to the club throughout the year enough. Big thanks to all of the supporters who made it down to get around the girls, and to my wonderful team in Toby and Sam. Can’t wait to get back out there in season 2019 and go one better with this admirable and accomplished group of girls. One immensely and infinitely proud Robdog, over and out.


Written by George Armytage

The Under 19’s rolled into the final match with no chance of making finals, although we were still determined to end the season with a win against Ivanhoe who were currently sitting one space above us on the ladder. After losing to Ivanhoe early in the season the boys were up for some redemption. With the OGs playing with a strong wind in the first quarter it was up to Jacob Anthony to kick the first “Roost” of the game kicking a huge goal. This gave the boys forward momentum and we ended up leading by four points at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter the boys fought well in a strong head wind. Although losing on the scoreboard the boys managed to keep them to a three-goal quarter with the backline cracked in to force repeat stoppages.

After a good rev up speech at half time from the coach and captains the boys were ready to re take the game in the third quarter. With great pressure and run from the midfielders the OGs were able to get the ball deep in the forward line. With the likes of James “plugger” Sholl and Trent “T” Tembo-Callander kicking goals the OGs gained a four goal lead coming into the forth quarter.

Although the huddle at three-quarter time was unpleasant with hail coming down heavily, the boys huddled up and got ready for a tough final quarter kicking into a very strong headwind. The backline played a huge last quarter lead by the General Nic “Neeso” Neeson keeping Ivanhoe to only one goal. At the other end of the field Nic “Fazza” Farrell kicked three huge goals into the wind to get the boys over the line by twenty-nine points.

We had got our redemption, a win in the final match against a tough opposition was a great feeling for everyone. The win left us in sixth place on the ladder with seven wins. With a good win to remember the boys are now ready to back the Seniors into their Finals campaign

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