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Match Reports: Round 17 2016

Match Reports: Round 17 2016

By Jason Barry

I woke up to a typical fresh Melbourne morning and arrived at Keysborough Playing Fields to face Old Mentonians thinking Sandon “Has not Bustled all Year” James had given me the wrong address to the game as I witnessed a field looking more like a dairy farm from Shepparton with some pine goal posts and some white paint for lines. On the other hand I was very impressed with the Twos putting on a clinic and seeing Rupert "Kempy Can't Mark" Kemp copping a falcon to the face to get me in good spirits for the day.

Now to the footy, Saturday’s game was a big day for our Club and a chance to lock in second position on the ladder and secured a second chance for the finals.

The first quarter was a very close affair with both teams adjusting to the spongey conditions and Old Mentone trying to roughen up our boys to no avail. Cal "Loves a Snap" Wood snagged a couple sausage rolls to put us ahead by 2 goals at quarter time (7 goals for the game I may add).

The second quarter saw us pull away with a 35 point margin thanks to the backline providing some well needed run and carry. The highlight of the quarter was a lucky on the run goal by Will "Loves Recovery" Sharp who somehow rolled the ball down his shin, made contact with his ankle and slotted it straight through the big sticks.

We held our own for the third and fourth quarters adding another 6 goals to the tally, but poor conversion in the last quarter added 7 points to the scoreboard. I’m sure Andrew “FARK Academy” Millar will be running through our goal kicking technique at training during the week in preparation for an onslaught of goals against PEGS for our final minor round game.

Solid contributions by Hugh “Can’t Tackle Me” McKay, Josh “Best Left Foot at The Club” Hutley and Colby “Oldest Player at The Club By a Country Mile” O’Brien. Overall a solid team win and adds momentum to our Premiership tilt.

Congratulations to Aaron "Tickles" Bird for playing in his 50th game for the club, very impressive effort mate.

By Sandon James

With two weeks remaining in the season, it was a must win game for the reserves to secure a spot in the finals. The boys arrived at a place they call Keysborough, and welcomed the swamp-like oval, prepared for whatever Old Mentone would throw at them.

An awe-inspiring pregame speech from the European-tanned coach translated into a phenomenal first quarter with Jack ‘I only kick bags’ McMeel dominating up forward and the likes of Gus ‘Can’t kick a set shot’ Smith and Rupert ‘Clanger King’ Kemp also getting plenty of the pill. As the siren sounded in the first, the OGs had a commanding 56 point lead. The OGs continued to dominate in the second as Tom ‘Feeeeed the Wig’ Wigan provided the midfield with first touch and Rorey ‘Forehead’ James kicked a few floaters through the big sticks.

In the third quarter, Old Mentone were more competitive, kicking their first goal and supressing the OGs attack forward. Will ‘Arcadia’ Evans and Ed ‘Slippery’ Manton had plenty of the ball and Will ‘Showtime’ Holmes hit the board with two sausages, giving the OGs a 121 point lead going into the last quarter.

Early in the final quarter, fearless leader John ‘Angry is the only way’ Forster directed a fierce spray in the direction of Charles ‘Bundy and Rum’ Burbury over a lack of commitment. The verbal exchange reignited the OGs as Andy ‘The fastest man in the VAFA’ Power dominated in the midfield and Jack ‘Sausage’ McMeel kicked his eighth for the day. As the final siren blew, OGs had piled on 171 points to Mentone’s 22, securing a finals positon.

Lefty’s return to the coach’s box after a tour of Europe’s finest beaches has come at the right time; OGs play PEGS in the final round at Lady Como which is sure to be a blockbuster match. Be there.

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