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Match Reports: Round 15 2018

Match Reports: Round 15 2018

Written by Scott Dixon

Peninsula may have been located at the other end of the ladder to the OGs, however coach Nick Bourke made the men's Seniors fully aware during the week that it would not be an easy day in peninsula. This message was reiterated on the ‘traditional’ bus trip down to the ground, giving the men no reason for any complacency.

Credit to the Pirates, they got their hands on the ball and controlled the first quarter. Old Geelong was unable to apply a sufficient level of pressure and were lucky to only be a couple goals down at quarter time.

Jack Sheridan continued his recent good form, sparking the OGs into action. Beneficiaries of Jack’s dominance included fellow midfielders Tom Balcombe, Johnny Simson and Jeremy ‘Fridge’ Nettlefold, who was reaping the rewards from his heat training camp in Europe.

The second half saw Peninsula get back on top, keeping the game in their forward half. They made the most of their momentum despite strong resistance from defenders Don Nicolson and Will Sloss.

The OGs were confident they would come back from behind in the last quarter to take home the four points. It looked promising with Jock Grimshaw becoming a viable path to goal. Again, credit to the pirates, they denied the OGs the ball and lifted in front of a vocal home crowd. It was almost snatched from Peninsula after Johnny Simson’s bomb from outside 50 and several promising Old Geelong forward entries. However, the most deserving team to win was a single point ahead when the final siren blew.

It will be a long two weeks before Old Geelong can redeem themselves against St Mary's on Como.


Written by Toby Boyle

HOME. It's where the women's Seniors are happiest and with the sun shining and favourite motivator Stevie Lansdell at Lady Como (with some little helpers in tow), the final round of the home and away season was to be celebrated. In order to do so, some scintillating footy needed to be played and that is exactly what the Oggettes delivered.

Liv Vesely was welcomed into the team for her debut Senior game and showed everyone her class and silky skills around the ground and up forward. After a stalemate opening term, Liv got on the end of some good forward line pressure from her team mates to slot a difficult goal from the pocket. One goal became two as Vicky Tan roved a brilliant bit of centre clearance work, kicking truly from the goal square. Not to be outdone, Collegians made the most of an Oggettes turn over, narrowing the margin at half time to seven points.

Assistant Coaches Robbie Stephen and Sam Goddard encouraged the girls to step up the pressure and take the game on at half time. They liked what they saw within five minutes of the third term as Anna Brodie injected herself into the contest, booting a goal and setting up Liv for her second. Kath Dunn and Laura Hallam were getting the Oggettes engine room firing and Isy Currenti was providing the polish as the Oggettes began to flex their muscles.

Amelia Cronin was back to her usual self after a week off, keeping Collegians at bay, whilst Claire Moore, another inclusion, refused to let the football past her in defense.

With one final quarter on the Lady for 2018 and a 23 point lead, Collegians were never going to crash the party in the last quarter and party time began with a running goal to Mollie Borschmann and clever snaps by Isy and Kath completing a 40 point win. A few cheeky "Paddy Ryder's" in the rooms after the match, and more importantly, some solid form heading into a cut throat Semi Final this Saturday.

The women's Seniors take on Monash Blues at Frearson Park from 4:30pm. A twilight match for the clubs' first ever womens final appearance will provide the backdrop for what will be a cracking match against an opposition the Oggettes have split the honours with in 2018. 

With the Thirds and U19's playing early on Saturday, we would love to see the entire OGs community at Monash Uni on Saturday evening cheering on the girls as they strive to keep their season alive!

The home and away season now negotiated, the real stuff begins!


Written by Rupert Kemp

A beautiful day greeted us as we made the trek down to Frankston for our Round 15 clash with Peninsula. For the second week in a row, the team featured a heavy amount of senior experience, with names like Jack “Go Sashi” Anderson and Joe “Coach” Couch returning from injury and Harry “People’s Fist” Sleigh and Chris “Gyros” Hatzis returning from treating themselves in Europe.

It didn’t take long for the boys in hoops to get on top of the second bottom Peninsula, with Anderson and Couch running off the backline at will. Unfortunately, although this dominance was resulting in a plethora of forward 50 entries, our forward line seemed to have left their kicking boots in the rooms – an issue which remained with us all day. Charlie “Agility Player” Hawkins and Joe “Brother Of” Kemp were dangerous all day in the forward line, taking countless marks, but struggled to convert in front of the big sticks. The upside of this is that when they fix this, we will be a very hard side to stop scoring come finals time (it is also worth noting that Kemp is now leading the league goal scoring!).

The rest of the game was a consistent performance from the OGs as we improved our lead at every break through run off the backline and dominance in the centre clearances. Tim “Should Bake” Breadmore showed once again that he is an absolute luxury to have in the ruck at this level as Peninsula gave up on combating him and elected instead to just have four midfielders at centre-bounces. Charlie “Bustle v2” Crozier continued to throw his frame around and hunt the footy all day, providing a strong link through the middle of the ground, while the similar-framed Will “Waterboy” Simson did the same as per usual. Simson has now roared into favouritism for the men's Reserves’ Best and Fairest as he continues to accumulate quality possessions week after week.

Despite now winning two matches on the trot, it is important to remember the two disappointing losses before that. It is crucial that we work hard through this bye period and come out next week ready to rip into the final stage of the season.


Written by Toby Boyle

For the final time at Lady Como in 2018, the Midday Show kicked off the day in usual spectacular style. With four Oggettes (Eliza Scott, Jemma Allsopp, Michelle Pham and Olivia Gleeson) donning Collegians jumpers for the match, the Oggettes were going to get some of their own medicine!

The first quarter began well for the women's Reserves with pressure and quick movement key focuses from Coach Robbie Stephen. The early pressure was rewarded with three majors for the quarter and the Oggettes were on their way to another big result.

The Oggettes helping Collegians out began to find their groove amongst their temporary team mates. Olivia was giving Helen Salter a run for her money in the ruck, Eliza was trying to tackle (and hurt) every Oggette she could get her hands on and Jemma was evading every Oggette who stood in her way. But it was the ferocious tackle by Michelle on centre wing that shook her opposition teammates into action! Make no mistake, at one stage the most influential Oggettes on the ground were wearing purple and gold!

The Collegians resistance however was too reliant on their borrowed Old Geelong players and the Oggettes midfield began to find more space and avenues to goal as the quarter wore on. By half time, Old Geelong had opened up a 58-point advantage.

Brooke McKay continued her good form across the midfield and forward line, winning contested ball at will and was ably supported by Alex Cooper and Lizzie Slattery, both back from a week off and full of energy around the packs. With Charlotte Kay chipping in and Helen working over time in her fascinating battle with Olivia, the Old Geelong mids were supplying the forwards with numerous opportunities.

As has been the case all season, the women's Reserves were peppering the big sticks but wayward in their execution. As Robbie shuffled the magnets around to give some lesser known goalkickers an opportunity, the usual goal stopper Lily Burt stepped up to jag a couple for herself, whilst Lucy Rourke booted her first for the hoops in front of her small cheer squad on centre wing!

A final score of 13.19 to 0.1 pushed the women's Reserves score percentage for 2018 beyond 1000%, a remarkable feat, considering the focus on development at the level rather than a killer instinct and win at all costs mentality. 

While the focus in these types of wins is often on the forwards and mids, the backline has been lead brilliantly all year by Annabel Young, conceding only 116 points for the season, an average of just over eight points per game. Keeley Murrihy was again unbeatable in defence, stemming any forward push from Collegians.

The women's Reserves locked in a double chance with the win and an opportunity to redeem their final quarter stumble against West Brunswick earlier in the year, when they take on the Westies on their home deck in the 2nd Semi Final on Sunday. The match commences at 12pm at McAlister Oval in Parkville. 

As the only Sunday match, the players and coaches encourage the entire OGs community to rally behind a red hot Midday Show as they battle for a direct spot in the 2018 decider!


Written by Justin Logan

Returning to not only our premier timeslot of 9.20am and the beautiful Lady Como on Saturday, our boys were looking forward to fielding a quality outfit opposed to seventeen men the week before. The Lady was sun-drenched and it was a precursor to September football. Unfortunately, it’s as close as we'll come to finals footy weather with too few wins on the board to progress. Nevertheless, when you don the hoops, there's always pride on the line. 

It was the quasi-bald nugget Justin Logan, aka "Slogs', aka "me" who took the on field captaining duties for the day, however he quickly became Captain Grumpy after being sent from full forward to back pocket despite claiming around the world glory at training a few nights earlier. A star studded OGs midfield lead by Will Holmes and Tom Nagle wreaked havoc amongst the Mazenod nipsie brigade, providing multiple forward 50 entries which couldn’t quite be converted into goals. Many of the OGs were as flat as pancakes in the first with grounds for a rev-up from Coach Blatchford. 

It was a common theme in the second, with both sides running hard to their respective goals but not the other way. Defenders Marty "I'd prefer to tackle you than shake hands" Liekefett and Tom "my brother gets all the attention" Chisholm held the last line of defence like their lives depended on it. This defence turned into attack with the dashing run of Lachlan "candy" Sellar and Harry "I forgot the correct shorts" Graham. Heading into the main break, the OGs held a handy 21-point lead.  

The halftime break enabled the OGs to re-group and focus on improving on what had been a lackluster performance until then. With a full interchange rotation to our advantage, the OGs made the interchange gate busier than Flinders St at peak hour. But, there was a sense that Mazenod were rallying for a full-blown assault on the four points. Some late third-quarter goals had nerves creeping into the Old Geelong psyche. A contentious 'out of bounds on the full' decision that went the way of the OGs could have easily closed the gap on the scoreboard, but the footy gods (and Zach Carrol) were looking down upon us. 

The final quarter saw Mazenod pile on consecutive goals in quick succession through their league leading goal kicker to even the ledger at 52 a-piece. But momentum is a funny thing and the likes of Cam Sherwin, Tom Nagle, Will Holmes and Paul Tucker came together and said "hey, whats that switch do? Let's flick it." And that was that. Seven stoppage clearances in a row saw the OGs pile on an exhilarating flurry of late goals to down any hope of a Mazenod resurgence. OGs heart-throb Harry Gubbins put one through the big sticks and saluted the women's Reserves who responded with a Beatlemania-like cry of approval. The final score reading 11.10.76 to 8.11.59. With one more round remaining for the men's Thirds, you can still get your OGs footy fix during the bye weekend next Saturday at Lady Como as we take on St Mary's Salesian.  



Written by James Wright

As Senior Coach Nick Bourke often emphasis when coming up against previewed lower opposition, the biggest threat is ‘the disease of ME’ and it was this quote which the U19’s had in the back of their minds as they prepared to take on Brunswick NOBs on Saturday morning. With numbers beginning to flow back into the team, and the welcome return of David Gist to the backline, it was a confident group which took the field against an opposition they had previously beaten quite comfortably earlier in the season. The instruction was to do the easy things well, and the harder things will flow naturally - focus on the basics.

The best laid plans of mice and men don’t always come to fruition! As is often the case with U19 football, the Brunswick boys fielded a very different looking outfit and began confidently with the first two goals. As noted last week, in the past this kind of a start may have caused heads to drop and plans and structures to be abandoned. This group, however, managed to absorb the initial pressure and hit back on the scoreboard, beginning to work their way into the game.

Jack Roe was given a tagging job on the oppositions best midfielder and completed his job with aplomb, completely cutting him out of the game and was duly rewarded with his first best on ground for the season.

The welcome return of Oscar Phillip storming out of the goal square straightened the boys up and gave them an excellent target. This enabled local man-child Lucien Bienvenu to move into the midfield, giving our midfielders first use of the ball from the clearance and covering the ground well.

As with all good sides, success is built around the backline and it was again Nic Neesim and James Calanchini who starred with intercept marks, cool headed disposal and excellent communication.

At three-quarter time, the scores were locked up. A very similar situation to the week before, however, I’m thrilled to say the result was very different as the Hoops went into overdrive. Two goals to Harry Veall (and a very typical Old Geelong seven behinds) sealed a memorable 18-point victory. Midfield bulls Lucus Shugg, Harry McKenzie and tackling machine Angus McKilliop were instrumental in the last quarter as the boys acquitted themselves with the type of maturity we know they are capable of.

Special mention to Lochie Radcliffe who departs the OGs and returns to Sydney for the remainder of the season. Lochie has played some excellent football this season and we wish him all the best.

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