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Match Reports: Round 14 2019

Match Reports: Round 14 2019

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Written by Liam Higgins

In the wake of a crucial win against modern day rival Fitzroy, the men's Reserves returned to Lady Como with a top flight matchup against second placed Uni Blacks. Having fallen short in their previous matchup and the race for finals spots heating up, the OGs were aware of the weight surrounding this matchup and warmed up accordingly. The OGs welcomed back two of their favorite sons, in Rupert Kemp and Hugh McKay, who both hit the ground running with impressive returns to form despite their absences.

The first quarter provided an accurate foreshadowing of what was to follow, a stoppage heavy, highly skilled and hard game of footy with no more than eight points (the final margin) seperating the two sides at any point in time. Unlike the week prior, which saw 31 total goals and violent swings of scoring momentum, the affair was low scoring and provided both sides with limited opportunities to hit the score board. This in part was due to the sensational effort from our ever reliable backline, lead by Andy De Fegely, Matt Planner and Charlie Hawkins

With either side giving an inch, Andy Leahy, Matt Kinsman and Ben Seamer fought desperately through the midfield throughout the entirety of the second and third quarter. Revered clubman and local fossil Colby O’Brien came out of retirement for the third time this year, providing a pair of crucial goals. 

Despite a respectable effort and an almost complete four quarter performance, we unfortunately missed out on the result by the narrowest of margins. Irrespective of the outcome, the match has restored the faith that the group is more than capable of competing with the heavy weights of the division, gifting us with a much needed confidence boost ahead of a tough run home.


Written by Georgia Rule

Bright and early Sunday morning the Oggettes lined up against Old Xavs for the third time this season. With Old Xavs having got the better of us the last two times we met and a spot in the Grand Final up for grabs the stakes were high.

Taking confidence from last week’s 159-point victory, the Oggettes were primed and raring to go. Intensity was high as the Oggettes delivered their best half of football for the year, going into the halftime break six goals to zero.

Lizzie Slattery continued her prolific form, notching up more touches in the first quarter than the Old Xavs team combined. The midfield worked tirelessly, moving the ball efficiently through the centre and into the forward line. Ursi Van Dyk and Erin Strong patrolled the wings all day, ensuring the ball barely left our forward 50. Meanwhile, Vicky Tan was being hit from all angles, including a ball to the face courtesy of a fellow teammate.

With the threat of damaging a nail past, Bel Richards was unstoppable in the forward line, finishing the day with three goals to her name. While Emma Calvert traded in the backline for the limelight of the forward line, proving to be a valuable asset and providing plenty of forward pressure. 

Not just going to roll over, Old Xavs came out firing at the start of the third quarter, sending the Oggettes into a momentary panic. The Oggettes were not done yet however, chipping away at Xavs and slowly shifting the momentum back our way. The backline regained their composure and stemmed the scoreboard pressure, conceding just two points for the final quarter. Clare Horsefall had the unrewarding task of tagging their key forward. Sticking to her like glue all day and ensuring she didn’t score (a nice change from the seven goals she kicked the week before).

A massive thank you to everyone who came down to support us. In particular, to our water runners Kath Dunn and Laura Hallam.

The girls are looking forward to a well-deserved week off and are praying for a calm, windless day come Sunday the 18th.  


Written by Toby Blatchford

As the men's Thirds arrived at Bulleen Park Oval last Saturday and started to get ready for the upcoming match I bet none of the players were preparing for the carnage that was about to unfold known as “Scoreboard Gate”.

The words Jim50 were flying around around the rooms pregame as we payed homage to our vice captain Jimmy Cave who racked up game number 50 at OGFC and he set the standard from the first bounce with his hard in and under play.

The boys started well kicking 4.5 in the first quarter but only managed another 1.4 in the second much to the dissatisfaction of coach Blatchford who was adamant the boys would come out firing and full of confidence after knocking off the top team the week before, but alas the boys needed to settle and a decent half time spray with many references to how weak urine can actually be seemed to get the message across.

Marcellin had recruited Hodor from Game of Thrones as their new ruckman with Cam Lack and AFL rising star (Sam Walsh) showing us their best impressions of jumping into a brick wall for the first half. Lucky for us his mobility was limited to walking between the 50s and our lads were able to get a few more touches around the ground.

Up forward team tip rat and known pest Dave Ruby was showing his team mates that he can in fact mark over his head and he was well supported by McNang, Johnson and Clams with frequent visits from Charles “am I a mid or a forward?” Blond.

The heroes of the day were undoubtedly our men in the backline. You know you’re in good hands with inclusions like Perry and Logan and the boys down back rallied with the likes of Caz, Cala and Gist rarely beaten in a one-on-one during the second half.

With the injection of Le Leive, Blatchford and the Biro brothers Cave/Blond into the middle for the second half the quartet rolled up their sleeves and got to work showing a physical brand that lifted spirits, supported and flanked by the likes of Hanlon, Harrison “cappa” Jess, Orford, Falkiner and Declan “I don’t man up” Peacock who found space in the wings and pumped the ball forward at every opportunity

It was a delight to all involved to see Stinga May flipping magnets from the bench a week after his injury and highlighting how there is so much more to a team effort than just wearing a jumper and kicking the footy. This can also be said for Simo, Imma and Potsy.

When the final siren echoed around the ground players from both sides were left in disbelief, not just from the fact that the scoreboard showed a draw but at the statements from our very own Duncan “sheep emoji” Jessep who was telling everyone “ chur bro this feels like kissing your sister ay” oh Duncan we love you too mate.

With nobody celebrating and players shaking each other’s hands the goal umpires met in the middle of the ground to tally their scorecards and the controversy started. The Marcellin goal umpire had their score as winning by a point and the Old Geelong goal umpire with our score as winning by a point. With no outcome decided on the day both players returned to the rooms and with no song to belt out set about spending the remainder of the weekend explaining how a undecided match came about. As it stands at the time of this publication the VAFA have completed their review and “Scoreboard Gate” has been put to rest with the final result declared as a draw.


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