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Match Reports: Round 14 2017

Match Reports: Round 14 2017

Seniors – from Nick Mason

Round 13 presented the seniors with not only a chance at redemption for the 51-point loss suffered to Williamstown CYMS in Round 2, but also an opportunity to leapfrog the currently fourth placed opponent and keep Old Geelong’s finals hopes well and truly alive. The game also represented a huge milestone for Colby “GOAT” O’Brien playing his 200th game for the club, who after a week-long media tour was keen to let his football do the talking once again. In conditions ideal for the windsurfers and kite owners of the state, it was clear the boys in blue and white were in for a fight, and Nick Bourke’s stirring words before the game echoed one thing; the team with more desire, intensity and grit would take the day.

And grit is what was shown from the very first bounce.  The boys hit in hard at every contest, and through sheer determination were able to work the ball forward to George “Maso can you do the match report by tomorrow?” Burbury to score the first major of the game against the wind.  The back six were instrumental in resisting the windward attack, with Jock Grimshaw swing-man-ing like a wrecking ball and taking strong contested marks at both ends of the ground, having the OGs entering the first break only 8-points down.

Despite the moving goal posts, it didn’t take long for Old Geelong to capitalise on the meteorological advantage, scoring 6 goals to 1 throughout the second quarter. The conditions were starting to take their toll on a number of players, and when the umpire noticed how exhausted Josh “I don’t know what you’re talking about ump” Hoevenaars was looking, quickly prescribed him 20 minutes on the pine to get his breath back. Old Geelong finished the half with a 22-point advantage, but it was clear that the job was not done yet.

Williamstown came out firing in the second half, and despite another valiant defensive effort managed to wrestle the margin back to 8-points by last break. When the team entered the three quarter time huddle the task was set – the game was there for the taking but it would require the same intensity and effort that had been shown thus far.

The final term was an arm wrestle with repeated stoppages as both teams fought to clear the ball, but when the going got tough the cream started to rise to the top. Charlie Comben continued his stellar form with a BOG performance while Colby O’Brien showed why he has been such an important player at the club over the past 13 years, making every disposal effective. The fairy-tale was almost complete for Colby with a snap for goal late in the quarter narrowly missing, but once Cal “was that Colby at the top of the square?” Wood slotted one from the pocket shortly afterwards, any hope of a Williamstown’s victory vanished like a fart in the 60km/h wind - the OGs eventually running out 24-point victors.

The win now positions the seniors at fourth on the ladder, one game clear of Williamstown. After such a bruising battle, the boys are looking forward to a weekend off to get the bodies right before taking on Old Camberwell at Lady Como come Round 15.


Reserves – from John Graham

Our friends at the Bureau of Meteorology had predicted wind speeds of up to 130kmph for Saturday’s game and Channel 7’s first lady, Jane Bunn, backed it up with, “The worst winds of the year set to hit Victoria”.  This was especially pleasing as we were playing football at the “windiest ground in VAFA”.

The wind was becoming ridiculous as the boys prepared for our warm up, the gale force winds took hold of Sammy Everett and fellow light weight Chris Gubbins, sweeping them off their feet and depositing them in a neighbouring palm tree. Coming straight from the Coles’ Christmas in July staff party, Cam Sherwin’s late arrival couldn’t have been better timed, plucking them from obscurity.

As the Captains made their way to the middle of the ground, winning the toss was vitally important to ensure we were kicking with the 10-goal wind. Benny Millar had 2 jobs for the day;

1.       Win the toss, and

2.       Point to the direction the wind was blowing

After correctly calling “heads”, Benny pointed the wrong direction, scenes not seen since Trent Cotchin made the same blunder against Adelaide in the 2014 elimination final.

As the game progressed, bystanders would have noted that most players would have cracked the 10sec 100m sprint barrier as they ran down the ground with the wind. Alex Herd was quick to point out that he was the Geelong College 100m sprint champion in 2008, and would have knocked off Usain’s world record of time of 9.58secs. 

Nick Bourke’s inspirational words on Thursday evening of, “Saturday will be WAR!”, resonated with everyone, none more however than Tom Nagle. Tom took it upon himself to decapitate an enemy Williamstown player in the first 5 minutes of the game. As the players body lay motionless on the ground*, his head was carried away with the wind, landing in the same palm tree that Cam Sherwin had fetch Sam and Chris out of moments earlier. 

Not only did this bring an end to the poor chaps day, it also brought an abrupt end to the game, as we waited patiently for an ambulance.

Thankfully, Williamstown local – Nick O’Hare was provide an abundance of quality pubs within a short distance from the ground. This was news to Will Holmes ears, as he hadn’t had a beverage since being booted out of Revolver, 4 hours earlier.

When we arrived at the venue we were met with one of life’s tough decisions, to order the “Famous Chicken Parma” or the “Famous Beef Burger”. This was about as toughest decision most of us had for the day. As cutlery was in short supply, Oli Le Lievre took it upon himself to cut everyone else’s lunch for them. 

The boys now have a week off before we play Old Camberwell at Como park.

*The Williamstown player is recovering well.


Thirds – from Hamish Felton

Good things happened last time the Thirds played against Therry Penola and that’s we way we wanted to keep it. Hosting at Como for the 2nd week in a row, early morning conditions were as predicted – (thank you Jane Bunn) sunny with wind conditions like Rich Froning after a gym session – strong. Despite winds and the danger of losing his currency, the Umpire pulled Ole Goz for the toss as he called the nickel x silver giving us the option to send a few against the wind in the first quarter.

On the back of multiple injuries from the previous week’s matches (read: post-match festivities) the Third’s recruited several player’s uninitiated to the club including first-gamer Matt Graver and US 2x best college punter Tom “Ayden from The Block Season 10 anyone?” Hackett with a boot which would give Ben Graham (Cats, 1999 for those curious) a very good run for his money, distance wise.

At the starting siren, Therry started with only 18 and no bench. This gave us an idea of how seriously they were taking this game and we resolved right there, to outdo them. The first two quarters of the match were closely contested, neither team breaking out by more than 10 points, giving reason for what could have been the most emotionally charging halftime rev-up from Rhett “Not the day the teddy bears have their picnic” Nicholas, the Como rooms have ever witnessed, causing Justin “Send it to the fat side” Logan to spontaneously breakout with his own perspective on things.

Following Rhett’s Play it ALL down the wing manifesto, the third quarter was naturally played heavily towards to the wing, giving Angus Smith and Tom Hays plenty of room to bump it forward into the Tucker, Archer, Simpson scoring zone.

By the end of the third quarter, Therry were down to 16 on the field, providing more space options to work with than a fresh Tinder account, allowing no fewer than 8 goals scored in the final quarter pushing a very overdue win for the OGGs.


Under 19’s – from Ben Thomson

The under 19's arrived at Ormond for yet another away encounter at Ormond. The boys arrived with renewed intent and looked ready to go pre-game. The wind was blowing a gale during the warm ups and the players were under no illusions as to what would encounter the two sides come the start of the game.

Ormond won the toss and elected to kick with the wind and to the surprise of them we were a few goals down with a few minutes to play. As the quarter was about to round up and players like Hunter "Cannon Ball" Fraser and Larry "Barwon Heads Represent!" Willett were looking to the next quarter Ormond showed why they are in the 4 and kicked 3 goals in a few minutes to blow the lead out to 8 goals at the first change.
The second quarter was another slog for the OGS with Matt "Vests" Planner and James "Bull" O'Shea trying their hardest to create a scoring opportunity and we were able to but in the end were unable to lay any significant pressure on the scoreboard or reward for their endeavours.

The third quarter became a slog with the boys adopting a harder approach into the wind. Gus "10am arrival" Orford and Rupert "Skipper" Kebbell were strong at the cole face backing up Planner and O'Shea. We kicked a few goals into the wind which was a highlight with Killian "Wing no more" McGregor kicking a few goals.

The final term was won by the OGS! It was quarter of which the boys worked really, really hard. Unfortunately we couldn’t hit the scoreboard as we would have liked, kicking 2.7 to 0.0.
The boys worked really hard and credit to the boys once again.
Our win is coming!


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