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Match Reports: Round 14 2016

Match Reports: Round 14 2016

By Charlie Youngman

Coming into possibly the most important game of the year, the feelings amongst the boys were that of excitement and determination. Having the opportunity to travel down to Geelong Grammar School, one of the Club’s feeder schools, and play on the main oval was pretty special for many of the boys. Coming up against Therry Penola in a must win battle to secure second position on the ladder, the boys knew how important it was to start off fast and stay competitive for four quarters.

Kicking to what seemed to be the scoring end on such a windy, rainy, miserable day, the boys certainly got the jump early. However, an inaccurate display in front of goal from some of the boys, including Sam “the garden gnome” Youngman ensured Therry were not done with yet. Kicking only one point for the quarter, the big goal kickers for Therry were well held by Sandon “big bustling” James and Carl “the bannisters only kicked one between them” Joyce.

The strong focus for the day was pressure all over the ground and the boys did not disappoint in this regard. With the likes of Ryan “punching bag” Parsons and Brad “wombat” Gore doing the hard yards at the bottom of the packs. This allowed the more ‘soft’ outside players of Josh “I’ll beat Colby in the b&f” Hutley and Colby “I’ve won four of them already” O’Brien to set up off the half back line.

Coming back out from the main break with a 14-point lead, the boys knew how important the ‘premiership quarter’ was going to be in such a low scoring game. With stoppage after stoppage, the goals were few and far between and the contest started to heat up with Will “Muhammad Ali” Evans showing the boys his hidden strength of sitting people on their ass. It became evident that the game was going down to the wire, as there was only 10 points in it at the final break.

The relentless pressure and running from the boys along with a couple of big goals saw a great victory against tough opposition. The support from school kids, families and other OGs fans was sensational on the day and played a big part in the win. Next week the boys are back on Como Park against Whitefriars.

By Jameson Hunter

As one of the most talked up weekends finally arrived, it was time for most of the lads to head back to their old stomping ground, Geelong Grammar, and where Nick “Slayer” O’Hare pointed out where he used to take all the lasses at lunch. The day was off to a good start with the committee organising buses for all footy players to travel from Lady Como to Geelong. First bus organised for the U19 and Reserves had a total of 5 players (ripper start), all players were for the Reserves luckily. However we were scratching our heads wondering if we had missed out on something amazing in Geelong Friday night.

On arrival to Grammar the main oval looked in top shape, the weather was holding out, although pretty nippy, and the conditions seemed not too bad for a game that needed to be won by the 1sts and 2nds. Unfortunately we weren’t playing on the main oval. The Reserves were put out in the back paddock.

Finding ourselves in the Wellbeing centre getting ready, the boys had plenty to think about after going down two weeks in a row. If we wanted to even consider ourselves in finals we had to take down Therry. After getting a spray last weekend, we were pumped to get out, and get a win. With a lengthy warm up, group discussions and a run down from Matt Collister for what he expected. We were ready to get out there and smash Therry.

Geez the weather conditions can change in matter of minutes on the coast. Sunny one minute, rain horizontal the next. Sh#t it was cold. 1st bounce, it was on for young and old, the midfield looked strong with some big names back in the side, with the likes of Froggy and Benny "bucks" Miller. Clearing the pill out of the middle the Oggers struggled kicking against the wind. However we managed to have a lot of the play in the first quarter and somehow only managed a few minor scores on the board. Although there were a lot of turn overs with the slippery ball, our backline stayed strong which saw Therry only convert 1 goal.

Kicking with the wind in the second, we thought that we’d at least be able to convert at least one goal. No one knows where he has been but even bringing back “secret” Tom Osmond back into the side didn’t help the lads as Therry continued to convert a couple more goals. The boys still fought hard but we knew it was going to be tough coming back in the 3rd kicking against the wind again.

We continued to remain scoreless for the 3rd quarter still only having 2 points on the board from the 1st. Benny Miller showed great form in the backline along with J-Fo who both but their heads over the ball and tried to keep Therry back. Although whatever the Oggers tried to do we were unable to keep Therry from kicking another 3 goals with the wind.

A combination of the weather conditions and the water soaked oval just didn’t help our style of game we like to play. Cam Sherwin played a great game, rucking and also made a good tall target in our forward line. This fellas continued to put bodies on the line to try and win the ball. Fish smothered the ball with his face which wasn’t the smartest idea and I believe got a tooth knocked out. The determination for the ball saw us kick our final goal in the last few minutes by Secret. Tough conditions saw us go down by 28 points.

By Luka Thorpe

Last Saturday, the 23rd of July 2016 at approximately 11:40 AEST, the under 19's lined up on the GGS main oval down in the heart of Piedmont, Corio. Coming off a strong win against De La Salle the previous week, which was led by the infamous Harrison 'puts on a good tag' Stewart, the Under 19s were tongue'n for another against Old Xaverians.

The Tunbridge 'tunny pav' pavilion was alive with the already predicted "outside noise", however despite this; the lads were fired up for the game ahead. Benny 'Sack' Thompson proceeded to introduce the school boys to the team, this included Harry 'pretty good above my head' Morrison, Seb 'loves a shnaga' Hutley, Joe 'junk time' Griffith's and Matt 'see ball get ball' Planner who all played an integral part in the game.

Led out on to the field by top-up captain Jono 'hot-spot' Thompson, the boys were itching to dig some graves. This saying was taken a little too seriously by Max 'check my sleeve' Newman who proceeded to lay 27 tackles in the first 10 minutes. However, our high intensity was met by Xavier as they inched closer to level scores into half time (OGs: 29, Xavs: 28).

The premiership quarter was met with both heavy rain/winds and high scores from the OGs. Not fazed in the slightest by the ominous weather, the mud pigs, this being James 'straight out of the middle lace onto the chest' O'Shea and David 'American golf tour didn't quite work out' Dennels were, as always in, under and out of packs with Sherrin in hand, sending pearlers into the forward fifty. Henry 'push my bum in' Brayshaw seemed to struggle in the conditions, as his attempt to lower his centre on gravity, more often than not, resulted in a face full of the GGS hallowed turf.

Leading in to the the fourth (OGs: 50, Xavs: 29), the boys were in good spirits. The forward line were exhibiting cohesive unity and giving the crowd and future Oggers a show of junk time brilliance. The mid-field were sticky like a tub of grip-o, while the back line led by William 'hasn't been the same since his lacerated kidney' Noall and Rupert 'Similar to Heath Shaw without the bouncing capability' Kebbell were left shivering in the icy blasts from Limeburner’s Bay.

The final siren went and the OGs won convincingly by a solid margin of 53 points. Thanks to all who organised the day and the sausages afterwards, and thanks to all the parents that came and supported in the miserable weather.

By Will Mason

It was a cold morning and the long drive out to Clayton gave the boys a chance to flush out a few of their Friday night toxins and replace them with a footy mindset. The usual morning banter started with a few introductions to those unfamiliar faces in the change rooms. The warm up consisted of light run on the water-logged soccer fields and the boys had the pills aqua-planning in attempt to hone their ball-handling skills.

The boys started the game well keeping the Blues to just one major and scoring three in the low scoring game. The following quarters were much the same with the Clubbies only scoring a goal a quarter for the following three quarters. The wind was blowing like a garden gate in a gale and the poor ground conditions resulted in 80% of the play occurring on the far wing.

The start of the game felt a bit like a ping pong rally with only one goal scored in the last few minutes of the second. A few of forwards had trouble hitting their targets with notable mentions to Rhett “I go a bit quiet when I kick it out on the full” Nicholas and Louis “you’d be on the bench if you had one’ Chiodo in the third quarter. Notable performances from Max “the cherry picker’ Moffit scoring 3 up forward, Jimmy “I like to get to know my opponent on a deeper level’ Tai’s courage down back and Henry “catch me if you can” Hewitson’s BOG effort.

The two rucks, Harry “stand back when I’m tackling’ Hosegood and Harry ‘I’m glad he’s on our team” Wetherall managed to control the play throughout the ‘off-centre’ of the ground and rattle a few of the nerves of Blue’s small half forwards. Our inaccuracy in the third and the low scoring nature of the game left a few on the team nervous when Monash kicked three straight in the final quarter. It was a case of ‘saved by the bell’ when the final siren rang and the boys came home with a solid win.

Things I liked:

  • Every player managed to accumulate a solid layer of thick black mud by the end of the game
  • Matty “can turn on a dime’ Graver’s continuous banter ruffling a few of the Blues’ sideline supporter’s feathers.
  • The Clubbies ability to come together as a mixed bag of 18-odd players and play a full four quarters of footy together.
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