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Match Reports: Round 13 2019

Match Reports: Round 13 2019

Written by Mickey Nicholls

The Greek freak returns as OGs dance their way into Saturday night.

The men's Seniors finally came together and played a great brand of attacking footy that hasn’t been seen for a number of weeks now. Whether it was the extra motivation of having the OGs Ball to look forward to that night or the fact another loss would have been a devastating blow for the men's Seniors year. With extreme pressure of relegation back down to Premier C, the boys are certainly walking around with their heads held high after a fantastic performance both on and off the field.

The day started with Fitzroy thinking they were in the AFL as they ran out onto the ground to the tune of their off-key theme song and their memorabilia store selling zero Fitzroy memorabilia for the 15th week running. This confidence and cockiness set the big Callum Andrews off as he went about dominating the ruck all day seriously stating his claim to a constant ‘ones’ position. With both smarts and athletic ability Cal ‘the friendly giant’ Andrews gave first use to his midfield group all day while also giving himself a slice of the pie, often just taking it out of the ruck and collecting a number of clearances and a clever goal. The forward line was once again a buzz with excitement as Christian ‘buddy boy’ Hatzis decided it was time for his return after his knee operation even donning a tight fitting long sleeve to scare off his under sized opponents. Toby ‘young gun Lever and Tim ‘seriously old dude’ Noakes also came to the party with plenty of energy and talk but it was two back to back goals from farmer boy Ed Keach that saw Geelong go into the first break with a positive aura and 27 points ahead (2.1.13 to 6.4.40).

Apparently, Old Geelong was going uphill and against the breeze in the second but the boys thought otherwise rebounding the ball through the outside wing effortlessly with John ‘the reigning king’ Simson finishing off his team mates hard work with a beautiful on the run goal. To say the boys were getting excited with the thought of a win on our minds as we went into the half 43 points ahead would be an understatement. A quick ‘don’t get ahead of yourself’ speech from Nick ‘the double champ’ Bourke grounded the boys and reminded them that Fitzroy would come out firing in an attempt to not be a complete embarrassment.

The third quarter saw the boys back down the scoring end piling on four majors as Fitzroy could only manage a solitary point against the Old Geelong’s big back six for the quarter. With poise and beauty Jonnie ‘bones’ Read and Joe ‘the fridge magnet’ Couch were complete generals all day giving reasoning to the saying “The back six get the chicks” but it was mainly due to George ‘after party’ Chisholm that the Fitzroy forwards were completely powerless as he floated off the half back line racking up intercept marks and hitting targets on both feet for the first time in his career.

With a quarter to go and a couple hours until the OGs Ball the sweet smell of victory and beers was in the air. But thankfully the Old Geelong boys stayed true and maintained interest in the game, only allowing the Fitzroy locals two more goals to celebrate. Class from Scotty ‘talkative’ Dixon and Will ‘the full Brazilian’ Sloss saw three more goals added to the total and put Old Geelong into the hundreds for the first time since Round 18 last year (quick thanks to Dutch ‘the sound man’ for the insightful fact).

A true four quarter effort saw Old Geelong bring home the chocolates with a comfortable 76-point win - 4.8.32 – 16.12.108. A quick thanks to Benjamin Lefebvre and Tom O’Connor for the fair and constant officiating all day and a huge thank you to Old Fitzroy for being so accommodating to all Old Geelong players, coaches, trainers and supporters.


Written by Toby Boyle

Time flies when you're having fun! When you play a fourteen game season cut short to twelve games it also flies. The Senior Oggettes arrived in Mentone to a beautiful day for football in their last outing for 2019. A new venue provided a new experience in getting ready in portable changerooms...a far cry from Round One at the newly developed changerooms at Monash Uni!

With co-captain Ally Kirkwood back from Casey duties and form Reserve players Jasmina Andros and Vicky Tan also in, the Oggettes had an injection of pace for the final encounter of their season. Starting the better, the Oggettes had the lions share of possession and territory as they placed St Bedes/Mentone under serious pressure. Missing midfield dynamo Brooke McKay with concussion and Sharni Godfrey from the engine room forced a reshuffle in the centre with Kath Dunn assuming a full time mid role and Jemma Allsopp and Jasmina stepping up to assist the reliable Alex Cooper. The new midfiueld group were everywhere early and providing the forwards with rebound supply.

However, missed opportunities in front of goal from Lucy Rourke and Steph Hird gave the hosts a reprieve and they made sure they made the visitors pay. The Tigers kicking the only goal of the quarter to take a four point lead into the break.

A tug of war ensured in the second term as St Bedes/Mentone began to find more of the footy and greater territory. Emma Calvert and Annabel Rafferty were proving to be thorns in the side of the Tigers as they both repelled hosts to keep their team in the game. Up the other end the Oggettes couldn't avoid their Achilles Heel, a failure to tick the goals column over, as more chances went begging. Tess Lawless and Ally were starting to influence the contest from half back but the hosts were the ones who extended the margin at the main break to eleven points.

A reshuffle of players for the third term gave Emma and Annabel a chance up forward. The result was immediate with Annabel everywhere and Emma taking a strong mark just outside the goal square and kicking truly! Olivia Gleeson began to assert her dominance in the ruck and around the ground, winning every ruck contest and willing her team forward. The midfield responded to the ruck dominance with Jemma winning a number of important hard balls and Alex and Jasmina beginning to find space with the ball. 

St Bedes/Mentone steadied with two goals against the run of play, extending the margin to just under three goals. To the Oggettes credit they worked harder across the board and should've been much closer at the final break. Olivia had a chance on the 3/4 time siren to add a goal for her hard work but pulled the kick. The Oggettes trailing by fourteen points with one quarter for the year to go.

The final term encapsulated the Senior Oggettes season. A massive effort with every player contributing. Intensity and commitment in spades but the finishing in front of goal leaving a lot to be desired! The Oggettes were their own worst enemies as they recorded a 2.12 scoreline to St Bedes/Mentone's 7.5. Emma added another goal to cap off a fine effort at both ends of the ground but the hosts had done enough damage and ran out 23 point winners.

Despite a topsy-turvy season with missed opportunities, plenty of what-ifs and a handful of unlucky moments, the 42 players who played Senior footy for the hoops this year did so with absolute effort and distinction. After a well earned drink at the OGs Ball, the Senior Oggettes must now turn their focus to helping their teammates in the Reserves go one better that 2018.

It takes a team to win a game but it takes a squad to win a Premiership!


Written by Ed Ratcliffe

Last weekend the men's Reserves took an important four points in an old fashion shoot out against a modern day rival in Fitzroy. In a match that saw 31 goals kicked, it was only two points that separated the two teams at the final siren. 

In a highly anticipated game, Coach’s Colby and Baz demanded a fast start and they weren’t disappointed with a lead of 26 points at quarter time. In the second quarter a lack of concentration and skill execution let the Roys back into the game seeing the lead diminish at half time.  

The second half was a mirror image of the first where both teams found it most favourable scoring away from the Brunswick St end. The OGs made the most of their opportunity to hit the scoreboard taking a 32 point lead into the third quarter. The Roys gave it their all in the final term to hit the front before best on ground Harry Gubbins cooled his nerves and kicked the winner in the final moments.  

The game was won across the half forward line where Harry Gubbins and Sam Clements were at their creative best both kicking four goals each. Hugh Fitzpatrick and Andy Leahy both had the ball on a string in the middle, whilst Harris McDonald was the rock in defence.   

The win sees the team maintain its fifth position and within striking distance of a finals berth. The boys now turn their attention to another important game against University Blacks where they look for redemption from earlier in the season. 


Written by Georgia Rule

As we lined up for our last game for the home and away season, it was the battle of the fake tans, with both the Oggettes and St Bedes/Mentone seemingly having spent the night in Bali. With my opponent informing me she was ‘playing in the forward line so she didn’t have to run and ruin her tan’ it was clear we were in for an exciting match.

With a four goal first quarter the Oggettes were off to a flying start. Bel Richards struggled to master the art of marking whilst not damaging her nails, however once she got going she was unstoppable, finishing the day with seven goals to her name. K-R Campbell wasn’t far behind with four goals for the day, while Judy McKay and Maddy Pham finished with two goals each.

Erin Strong wasn’t about to let the forwards have all the glory however, receiving the tap from Helen and running the ball down the ground before slotting herself her first goal of the day. 

Our midfielders worked tirelessly all day feeding the ball into the forward line and cleaning up the St Bedes/Mentone kick outs. Straight off the plane from Europe, Clare Horsefall didn’t miss a beat and was instrumental through the middle and backline.

The backline provided good voice, structure and moral support, quickly shutting down any attempt at a forward entry from St Bedes/Mentone.

A big thank you to all of our volunteers and supporters for the day.  In particular, to our faithful goal and boundary umpires Angus Sellar and Harry Wetherall, water runners Olivia Williamson and Liv Vesley and our runner Sam Goddard.

While the win provided a nice percentage boost it wasn’t enough to catch Old Xavs who maintained top spot on percentage. The girls continue their march to premiership redemption however and will face Old Xavs in the first round of finals this Sunday morning.


Written by Charles Blond

On Saturday the 27th of July, on a day that to most would have thought was just like any other, 22 men had the best day of their adult lives. Coming off the back of a hard-fought battle hosted by Old Carey the week previous, the men's Thirds were already on one, however no one could have prepared them for the 80 minutes they were about to face.

From the first contest, the average spectator could have quite easily been mistaken in thinking they were watching the bitter AFL rivalry between Geelong and Hawthorn; however, upon closer inspection, it was definitely obvious that the 140kg Centre Half forward Toby Blatchford was most definitely in the VAFA's Div 2 Thirds. Knowing what was on the line in this epic third against first battle, both sides attacked the ball viciously in a game that quite possibly could be played again in September. As a result tempers started to flare with a few players showing their true colours early on in the piece.

This carried on into the second quarter as the Hawthorn side continued to get angrier and continuously more frustrated, playing into the hands of the level headed Old Geelong players who focused on implementing their complex game plan and working their position back on the scoreboard. This plan however had to drastically change as the known predator of the team Will May decided to let everyone down and dislocate his shoulder. Although a dramatic injury, this did not stop him from being a predator off the field later on in the day and trying his hardest for best on ground at the Old Geelong ball that was held later that eveing. Despite the setback, at the close of the half the Old Geelong boys had slowly crawled their way back, finding themselves eleven points down for the half.

In the third quarter, spectators were shown proof that the Old Geelong boys had finally found their groove as Harry Jess and Ollie Le Lievre dominated all around the ground, neutralising any attack that was posed by the Hawthorn side. This allowed the home side to finally take the lead with eight minutes to go in the third quarter and in the process setting up one of the greatest fourth quarters in football history.

The scene was set as the boys rolled out to their positions for one last 20-minute effort. Como Park may as well have been the Colosseum as the Old Geelong men's Thirds not only resembled overweight modern-day gladiators but acted like them showing no mercy to their opponents in the final chapter of the game. Hawthorn had prepared for this however and had plans to snatch the lead back, winning the ball for what felt like the entirety of the last quarter kicking multiple goals and bringing the Old Geelong lead back to just one point with minutes to go in the final quarter.

The stage was set and Old Geelong needed a hero. It was time for someone to step up and seal the deal, but so late in the game this player was going to be hard to find as the whole team was too fatigued from the  four quarter effort they had just put in. What Old Geelong needed was someone with experience, someone who hadn’t touched the football yet and someone that wouldn’t have ran further than 100 metres for the day. Luckily this was exactly what they had in Toby Blatchford, the coach and the saviour of the Old Geelong boys. You could hear his footsteps echoing through Como Park as he pushed into the forward 50 flailing his arms in the air like the new born baby he became father to just one week previous.

As the ball was kicked to him you could feel every OGs player both past and present hold their breath and cross their fingers hoping that he didn’t stuff it up. But there was no need to worry as the king himself marked the ball and kicked his boys one step closer to the Premiership they deserve. With Toby in tears the job was done, and the team at the top of the table were dethroned, cementing the 27th of July as the best day of not just Toby’s life, but every man lucky enough to pull on the Old Geelong hoops for that day.


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