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Match Reports: Round 12 2017

Match Reports: Round 12 2017


From Josh Hutley

Thursday night saw 7 changes to the prior week’s senior side for the weekends game against Kew on the wide but albeit beautiful Lady Como. Saturday rolled on through and the message from the coaching staff was, at the risk of sounding cliché, a must win game, as is every game from here on in. The team was fortunate to welcome some new faces amongst the group with three debutants, Hugh “Corka” Coltman, Nick “I know I’m chiselled but I’m no stone-” Mason and Jimmy “Coooooouta” Coumans.

The game started with a ferocious tenacity from both teams going ham for the ball. With the human fridge, Jez Nettlefold boring in early to get the OGS first use of the ball. Another welcome sight for the OGS faithful was the inclusion of Jacob “I wonder if I could ever date a girl named” Jess who like so many other teammates on the day put their own wellbeing on the line in order to get the chocolates. The OGS went into the first short break leading by a slender margin as Kew were allowed to score a couple of goals late to reduce the good early work of the OGS. Once again, the message at quarter time was reinforcement about the importance of this game.

The second quarter started with once again a very hot footy in the middle. Kew were throwing the kitchen sink at the OGS putting in a great effort to disrupt any momentum they had. The OGS were peppering the Kew defence with a bombardment of long and short entries into the forward line with the back 6 of Kew holding up well. Finally, the walls were breached and the OGS were fortunate enough to add 4 goals to their quarter time score having kept the opposition to only two points throughout the second term. With the aid of some lovely ball movement through the midfield from Johnny “Not relation to, but act like Bart” Simpson the OGS went into the long break with an 8 goal lead.

The third quarter was much of the same, Kew cracking in early, not rolling over and giving the OGS a serious challenge in contested football. The effort down back from Johnny “I only just learnt how to” Read was a major contributor to only allowing in another 2 points from Kew, providing a spring board for the OGS so score a further 3 goals. This pushing their lead out even further to up around 11 goals.

The final term rolled round and as Nick Bourke says, “there is nothing scarier in VAFA football than a team fighting to stay out of relegation,” as Kew are. And boy did they start the last quarter with just as much intensity and vigour as they did the first. To the OGS credit, not one team member slacked off, and this showed on the scorecard. The OGS did not release their foot from the throat of the opposition, but pressed down and opened the floodgates for a strong last quarter. Keeping Kew scoreless and piling on 8 goals of their own allowing Josh “Vote 1 for Future Prez” Hoevenaars, Cal “I’m tough, but not as tough as” Wood and George “This isn’t my Ralph shirt, its “Burbury to all finish with 4 of the finest, leading the OGS to a comprehensive victory.

A special mention to one Brad “Wombat” Gore, for burrowing in and reaching his 50th game milestone on the weekend.


From  Sass “Libby’s Sister in Law” Le Lievre

A combination of dwindling numbers, coming off a bye and underestimating our competition on home soil, saw the Oggettes turn up to Como on Saturday morning, lacking their usual energy and intensity.

Early goals from Lucy “I lost 3 teeth to some soft cheese” Gubbins and (Go)Anna “wrecking ball” Brodie, saw the Oggettes take an early lead of 13-8 in the first quarter.

However, despite our promising start, bottom of the ladder Ormond came out hungry and firing, kicking 5 goals to our 1 and putting the score of 41-19 in their favour after 3 quarters.

The Oggettes finally clicked in the 4th quarter, with Caz “FIGJAM” Edwards ensuring Ormond were contained to just 1 behind. Steph “I got a goal in my first game if you hadn’t” Hird and Alice “I’ll let someone else be BOG this week” Gardiner did the damage up front handing out multiple sausage rolls. Libby “I have bad shoulders from carrying the team” Graham’s outstanding performance as ruck, winning almost every contest against an opponent with a serious height advantage, reminded Ormond why they needed to send her death threats in our previous encounter. Living up to her title as Australia’s Hardest Nut (please like and share ) our Skip rightfully earned herself BOG for the day.

If there had been a further 10 minutes on the clock it may have been a different story for the Oggettes, but unfortunately the damage had been done earlier in the game, with the scoreboard showing 42-34 to Ormond at the final siren.

A reality check from Toby “I used to go out in the Rat with straightened long hair, an eyebrow piercing and UGG boots” Boyle after the game, stressed the importance of our last 2 home & away season matches. The Oggettes have a lot at stake going into their next week’s game against St Mary’s, the side who dealt us with our first loss earlier in the season.

With players starting to come back from injury, and others returning home from Europe after realising that Instagram stories and photos of everyone at yacht week is basically the same thing as being there, the Oggettes are ready to lead from the front at Como this weekend to ensure the espresso martinis at Ladies’ Day are drunk in celebration.

Side note: Despite the loss, the Oggettes finally had a game where no one came off with injuries or broken bones so that’s a plus.

From Oli Le Lievre

(Firstly, Ben Millar, it should be pointed out that last round’s Reserves report was written by Chris Gubbins and not by himself.)

Another stellar Saturday graced Lady Como, and following the bye week the Super Twos were raring to get back to business against old foe Kew. Following a loss to Marcellin in our previous game, the pre-game message from Lefty Wright “Goodnight” was simple; play to the structures, look laterally and play with conviction.

The Oggers were still reminiscing about the week off and Kew managed to kick the first major within minutes. Shaggy “What Is His Real Name?” Tivendale was able to shift the momentum in favour of the OGS and partnered with Will “Sherlock” Holmes to add the six.

A vastly different second quarter followed as Kew were kept scoreless, Andy “The Flying Frenchman” De Fegely added to the scoreboard early to give the Oggers some breathing space and in a very rare occurrence Will “I’ll Take You to The Candy Shop” Evans sold out of candy by the main break. Alex “Leader of the” Herd showed his experience down back with Will “Bobble-Head” Beasley to lead the Back Six once again. Tommy “The Butcher” Sheridan was kind enough to donate another five snags to this week’s meat raffle.

This weekend under the watchful eye of Ladies Day the Ressies host Hampton Rovers who are sitting in fourth place for what is guaranteed to be a hard-fought game.


From Alex Forman

This weekend the Thirds made the trip out to Keilor Park to take on the 3rd placed PEGS team. Arriving on time to the ground proved to be a futile exercise this week as we turned up to locked gates, almost opting to do the warmup on the street before groundskeeper Willy decided to wander over and let us in.

Missing a few marquee players to the July chill, we were always in for a tough day at the office but the team was rearing to give it a fair shake of the sauce bottle and beat the enemy on their own deck.

We eventually made our way onto the ground leaving these distractions behind us. Leading by a goal at quarter-time thanks to some exceptional crumbing from Sam ‘Spider’ Everett and the ground-covering ability of Charles ‘Roaming Buff’ Burbury.

We sustained our efforts to see out the second quarter but managed to lose our lead, finishing the half 13-points down. With Martyn ‘Dusty Martyn’ Liekefett applying heavy rugby tackling pressure and Paul ‘Tuckerbox’ Tucks laying one of the hits of the season PEGS were sure to remember we were right behind them.

Unfortunately, our second half wasn’t up to the calibre that we hold ourselves to and let the opposition slip away in the third and into the last. With Josh ‘Still leading the Coleman’ Archer struggling to find his feet post-Europe our options up forward were limited to the work of Alex ‘George’ Forman’s shins and Harry ‘Hazbang’ Stewart’s long range efforts.

With the last quarter devoid of too much action, the story remained much the same with PEGS adding 3 goals to the OGGs zero. With PEGS structure and rebound being able to open us up on occasion.

Having to back up for another tough game this week it is essential that as many of us as possible get down to Lady Como this week to give us the best chance of giving Caulfield a run for their money.


UNDER 19's
From Ben Thomson

The Under 19's played yet another away game against a small yet skilled opposition in Old Ivanhoe. With them in second position it was always going to be a good test for our boys to see where they are at and where we have come from as a group. With weather conditions near perfect and Chelmsworth Park in ripping condition the OGS started well and were genuinely competitive early. Old Ivanhoe has the pace and quality on the outside and went into the quarter time break with a lead. 

In the second quarter the game began to get a bit quicker and Old Ivanhoe to their credit looked to run the ball and preyed on our turnovers. In this quarter the backline of James 'Scalf with Shorts, how does that make sense?' Calanchini and Nic 'Then General' Neeson held down the fort with Rupert 'Skipper' Kebbell and Larry 'Agro' Willett running and looking to rebound as much as they can with Hunter 'Ribcage' Fraser putting his body on the line. Despite their hard work the OGS went in to the half trailing. 

The boys came back out after the half with a serious side to their game that the coach had not seen all year. We took it up to them in this quarter having the ball in our forward half a vast majority of the quarter but being unable to capitalise. It started from the midfield with James 'Bull' O'Shea and Matt 'High Vis' Planner owning the game. 

In the last, it was again similar and all that they were able to do was capitalise on turnover. In all it was a great display from our boys and a performance that they should be proud of. 

Five things I learnt from our game:

1. We have a hard edge to our game.

2. That was our best performance for the year (including the 200-point win in the lower section earlier in the year).

3. A result will come.

4. We are improving big time!

5. Its exciting times for us. 

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