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Match Reports: Round 12 2016

Match Reports: Round 12 2016

By Josh Hutley

On a brisk afternoon, the Seniors headed out to Brunswick to take on the Brunswick NOBSPC football club. On arrival, to the shock of most of the players, the centre of the ground was mainly a bog, full of water and mud.

Before the game had started, there was a determined focus about the playing group. This was carried out into the first quarter where the OGs kicked four unanswered goals early in the period. A helpful couple of goals from George “as silky as” Burbury helped the Oggers into the break with a handy 21 point lead.

A barrage from NOBS peppered the backline early in the second term and if it weren't for one Carl “yes he’s the model” Joyce, the score line would have read something a lot worse. From this solid defence, it allowed our attacking prowess to really shine, and in this case it was Ryan “doesn’t often” Parsons who took the opportunity to capitalise and take out the man of the match honours at the end of day with a nice bag of five goals.

From halftime onwards, the OGs kept putting scores on the board with many multiple goals kickers such as Will “a long way from” Holmes and Cal “if he could, he” Wood. At the final break the OGS held a substantial lead heading into the final quarter.

This season, the league is very tight and without doubt percentage will play a role in who makes finals or not. With this in mind and a bit of extra osteo-arthritis cream for the veteran Colby “O’O’O” O’Brien the OGs set out to win by as much as possible. Once again off the back of some solid defence lead by Hamish “not sure if he’s related to Cam” Guthrie it allowed our players up the ground to capitalise.

At the close of play the OGs came away with a vital four points which catapulted us into the top two in the ladder and has left us with a platform for the rest of the season.

By Alastair Dugdale

Recovering from the winning hangover that eventuated from the home game blockbuster against Ivanhoe AFC at Como Park, the Old Geelong Reserves came into the week's clash against the Brunswick NOBSPC team with confidence. With the seniors and the European summer poaching the players left, right and centre, the team once again needed the new inclusions to step up.

The boys took to the first quarter, with yet another inspiring pump up from the skipper Ben “O Captain! My Captain!” Millar. The boys however, did not know that they were in for a game that resembled a ping pong match in a mud pit. A smashing first half from the super slick Tom Hays and Henry “catch me if you can” Johnstone kept the Oggers in possession of the ball for the majority of the quarter. However, the score board did not reflect the effort in the first quarter, with missed opportunities (1 goal, 5 points) setting the tone for the subsequent quarters.

Trailing the first half by three points the Oggers Reserves were not impressed by the first half's efforts, with execution and skills letting the team down. The third quarter was one to forget as the NOBSPC pushed away to a sixteen point lead. The third quarter could have been a lot worse, without the efforts of Dale “where do you want it, I’m a bloody ace ruckman” McKie slamming it down the boys throats in the guts. As well as the back line efforts of Ben “I carry the team on my shoulders” Millar and old mate Jack Potter to name a few, stopping just about every effort by the opposition which kept the Oggers in the game.

The one game lead over the rest of the opposition on the ladder (apart from St Mary’s Salesian) was slipping away from the Reserves as the game continued, leaving the boys with a wake-up call as they move into the final weeks of the season. A few late sausage rolls by the Oggers' forward line, with John “The Chief” Graham keeping his goal kicking efficiency at 100% for the year, gave the boys a glimpse of hope, however it was just a little too late as the NOBSPC held on for the win. It was a smashing effort by the new inclusions really stepping up and giving the team a much needed boost, although it appeared too hard to clip the NOBSPC as they battle to stay in Division 1.

By Ben Thomson

The Unders arrived at Camberwell Sports Field after a disappointing game the weekend before and a point to prove. A few changes in the backroom structures occurred during the week and with a number of new players brought in on Friday it was going to be a contest. With captain Rupert Kebbell leading the side we started well with Charlie Calvert kicking the first goal and proceeding to pluck everything in his area for the first quarter. It was a contest all over the ground with the pressure being lifted by Peter Hatzoglou who tackled like a rugby player (even though he plays soccer at school) and the pressure from Hunter Fraser was also straight out of the GGS 4th eighteen text book leaving the team ahead by a goal at the first break.

In the second term the teams traded goal for goal with the game beginning to open up as Matt Planner found space whilst Morgan Fisher continued to find the ball, wheeling onto his left and getting it deep into our forward line. The wingmen Angus McKillop and Ed Koren were important in getting us moving forward and played their roles really well.

The team came out at half-time with a three goal lead determined to increase it over the rest of the game. The backline played a superb quarter of footy only allowing one goal in the third quarter with Gus Beckingsale doing his job as he has done all year along with Hutton Wells who played undersized all game and did a great job. The smalls down there also did a great job with Spencer Wells doing a great job in his first game and Braiden Young using the ball off the half-back line. The midfield in this quarter again came to the party with James O’Shea winning the ball seemingly at will and Maxim Jones rucking most of the game and doing a great job. We were up by 28 points at the end of the quarter but with plenty still to do.

The last quarter saw the team play some really good fast footy. Harrison Stewart played a key role in this, an amazing effort after having his teeth realigned early in the second quarter, breaking the lines and doing what was asked of him. Our forward line was turning it on in the last with Seb Hutley kicking three and putting on exhibition in crumbing the ball, Digby Sharp who in his first game booted three goals and didn’t look out of place, and Jono Thomson finishing with five goals for the game whilst contesting against two players all day.

In all it was a great performance resulting in a seven goal win – a well-deserved result. Bring on De La next week!

By Harry Wetherall

Most Clubbies’ warm-ups are kept short and simple; a few run throughs, the odd hammy stretch, and then a two-minute criss-cross handball drill to get everyone up and about. This Saturday we added the “Meet & Greet”; with 14 players from the week before either elevated or away, the side was almost brand new. Luckily, many new recruits, such as Nick “I split packs like Moses splits” Waters and James “Willing and A-“Bell enlisted after lengthy spells away, reflecting the strong club culture we have down at Como Park. The mass exodus couldn’t have come at a worse time, as we faced up against our bitter rivals, West Brunswick, who had caused our single defeat this season. Despite the new faces, low numbers, and the questionable training attendance records, the Clubbies were buoyed by optimism and belief.

Rhett “two weeks away from recovery, but what would a doctor know” Nicholas won the toss, but that would be the last win for a while, as West Brunswick came out red hot and moved the ball fluently through the middle. Although the defence, marshalled by Harry “Only got eyes for the (Riverina) Ball” Hosegood, kept their key forwards quiet, the WBAFC’s enthusiasm for the contest saw them race to a three goal lead at quarter time. A weaker team would have rolled over and surrendered, but this early quarter embarrassment stirred something deep within the Clubbies psyche, and they came out firing from then on in. Aidan “Suje” Sujecki and Henry “Smoky” Hewitson put on a clinic in the middle, with Cam “Aryan Master-Race” Sherwin raining down taps. The OGs were right back in the contest, and by three quarter time had swung the result in their favour further than even Bill Shorten could possibly imagine. With 15 minutes left on the clock, and after trailing all day, the Clubbies found themselves with a slender 3-point lead. However, the lack of numbers and match fatigue eventually caught up with the Hoops, and West Brunswick ran over the top and booted the last three goals to run out 15 point winners.

Special mention should go out to Josh “Short Straw” Sumura, who manned up against a psychotically unstable opponent all day and kept him quiet, Rob “Froffificer” Officer who battled hard in the middle, and to all the new guys who came down and gave us a game. Furthermore, a big hat off to Duane “Dewy” Jefferis who ran the boundary, Ed “my granddad owned a donkey” Simpson who ran the water for three quarters, before pulling on the boots in the final act as we were short on numbers. Just goes to show that you don’t need a working shoulder or hamstrings to kick a goal. Finally, a big thank you to Cathy “Vote Liberals Number 1” Kemp who ran the BBQ post-match. Onwards and Ogwards.

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