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Match Reports: Round 10 2017

Match Reports: Round 10 2017

Men’s Premier C - from Charlie Comben

The senior boys were excited to be back on an incredible looking Lady Como and were eager to get two in a row to continue to push towards finals. With our grand-final rivals of 2016 Old Mentone missing key players and a massive crowd supporting the OGS from the clubhouse, we took control of the game early getting our hands on the ball. While we didn’t capitalize on our momentum as much as we would have liked, the OGS were four goals up at quarter time, with Tom Balcombe setting the tone with slick ball use.

The second quarter saw a similar trend in which the ball spent plenty of time forward for the OGS with Ed Gubbins continuously dismantling Old Mentone attacks. However, the opposition’s conservative ball-controlling playing style frustrated the seniors, which in turn caused lapses in concentration, allowing the visitors to still be in the game at half time.

The second half provided a very similar situation in which the OGS built on their lead slowly but surely. Callum Wood provided regular sparks for the crowd with four goals while Sam Youngman lived at the bottom of packs. When Old Mentone looked like they were on the cusp of fighting back, it was our passionate skipper George Burbury who lifted teammates to shut the door on any kind of Richmond-type breakdown.

While the senior group had hoped for a more dominant performance, we were pleased with the victory and with plenty of positives in what was an outstanding day at Lady Como. I’d like to thank all the supporters and volunteers for bringing the ground and environs to life both during the game and in post-match celebrations. We now look to continue our good run of form against Marcellin.


Women’s Seniors - from Sass Le Lievre

Eager to overcome the prior week’s second loss of the season, the Oggettes returned to Como to kick off the big triple-header.  Despite Toby being too legless to make it to training on Tuesday, his trusty clipboard ensured the Oggettes turned up on Saturday re-focussed and ready to take on the evenly matched Old Haileybury side.

Hoping to continue their undefeated run at Como, the Oggettes once again proved they are the fittest side in the competition with mids Brooke “Body on The Line” McKay, ElizaWackieScott and Lucy “Which Way Are We Going?” Firth, in for her first game, running rings around the much bigger Haileybury side across the middle. A last-minute change on Friday night due to injury saw AliceDoes Anyone Have a Bike Lock?Gardiner come back into the side where she was unstoppable in defence and deservingly earned herself best on ground.

The move of LucyThe Coach Runs Me Messages to Tell Me How Good I AmGubbins to full forward paid off for the Oggettes with her bagging the first points of the game, followed closely by Annabel “Raffers” Rafferty who had a standout match up front. With 13 points apiece after the first quarter, the Oggettes turned up the intensity, with the ball hardly leaving their half for the rest of the game. The biggest cheers of the day came during the second quarter with a goal from Michelle “I Think I’ll Retire Now” Pham and Tashi “Good Luck Topping That Goal” Montgomery who snagged a six-pointer with a curve ball from the 50-metre boundary line.

A hat-trick from (Go) Anna “Wrestling” Brodie saw the Oggettes come out on top with their highest score to date of 56 – 29. After the best performance of the season, the Oggettes hope to carry this momentum into their Friday night game against the Monash Blues (at Monash) this week.

Currently sitting third on the board with only four games left (two of which are at our unbeatable fortress Como), the Oggettes are well on their way to securing a spot in the Finals (you read it here first).


Reserves - from Will "Razzle Dazzle" Evans 


It was a ring-a-ding contest down at the lovely Como Park sporting arena on Saturday as the boys in the Hoops looked to cement a top four spot over cross-town rivals Old Mentone. It was an extra special day with our favourite Frenchman, the Vice Captain himself Andy "Meredith Veteran" De Fegley playing his 100th game in the blue-and-white.


The Oggers started with a bang, jumping to a 26-point lead at quarter time with “The Milestone Man " (as above) and Jimmy "The Tickler" Coumans dominating through the middle of the park. 


The second quarter provided more of the same with some champagne football as the Mentone back six were sweating like they stole something, whilst Smoking Joe Kemp and his cousin Johnny Graham kicked goal after goal giving the boys a serviceable 62-point lead at the half time interval. 


There were a few bold changes made by coach Lefty Wright "Goodnight" going into the third quarter with Harry "The Flying Doormat" Gubbins shifted to centre half forward and - in the most controversial of moves - Will "Figjam" Evans starting the second half on the bench!


Nevertheless, the boys continued the onslaught and went into the final break with the margin standing at 111 points! In the final quarter, the lads went right on with business as skipper Benny "Gee, You Would Like Him in The Trenches" Millar lead the boys to a rousing 176-point victory. 


Brad "Potato Hips" Gore was busier than a one-legged man in a bum-kicking competition with another best on ground performance, and newcomer to the group Tommy "I'll Bring My Five Snags to the BBQ" Sheridan was instrumental in the forward 50 with a lazy five majors!


Now the hooped legends turn their focus to the old nemesis Marcellin as the Magoos look to get the W in the Frog Man's 101st Game.


Thirds – from Hamish Felton

The Thirds boys hit Royal Parade to Brunswick to close the gap on the ladder in a disappointing but decorous loss. It was an uphill (literally) battle against a side with superior ball movement and already 1 win pegged against us. Vibes were peaking the in rooms pre-match credited to a Boiler Room Berlin style sound system and last week’s points.

The side lost ruck Adam “Vertical” Younis from the first bounce, coming off from injury which Ole “Olé” Goz and Matias “Hear about my puppy?” Salinas stepped up to cover hops for the day. The first half was tightly contested with the addition of Richard “Dad” King putting head over the ball like Boon hits alcohol on a flight to London – into ‘em.

The 2nd was where Brunswick started to outpace us, shown in their fitness which had them extend their lead above 50 points. This was not helped by the OGG Full-back turned Full-forward Charles “Burbs” Burbury who kicked 3.2 in a versatile display of football following a night on the cruisers. Special mention to Matias Salinas on his first goal of the season, making very sure it crossed the line. OGGs put a strong defensive hold and could lock the ball in the forward 50 for the better part of the game, however were defeated by West Brunswick by 57 at the final siren.

Overall it was a tough loss for the hoops against a good side which we can learn from in the week leading up to Williamstown on Como soil. 


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