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Match Reports: Round 10 2016

Match Reports: Round 10 2016

By Gus Smith

It was a top of the table clash against old foe St Mary’s that had the Senior side heading to Glen Iris on a relatively dreary Saturday. With the bye round just gone it was a chance for the team to rekindle after time spent apart. Cal ‘Kelpie Dog’ Wood and Josh ‘Nah that’s Zac Smith’ Hoevenaars were brought back to reality after being treated like royalty and followed by the paparazzi on their recent travels to Shanghai.

Both teams knew how important the game was with the winner set to rise to a spot in the top two and the loser likely to drop out of the top four. With this in mind the game started in scintillating fashion with the ball moving from one end of the field to the other at high speed. Both teams were showing why they are premiership contenders with impressive rebound footy from Jase Barry and Rupert de Crespigny the putting fear into the opposition’s hearts. Despite St Mary’s taking an early lead, the Oggers wrestled the margin back to within eight points at the first break with goals to Grimshaw and Gore.

It was a similar seesawing event in the second quarter with Old Geelong blasting out of the blocks and putting St Mary’s on the back foot with goals to the likes of Burbury and Sammy Youngman. The home team responded, however, and again wrestled the lead back. Poor goal-kicking hurt Old Geelong in the first half, and despite having considerably more scoring opportunities, the boys were down by 11 points at half time.

The second half was a different story completely. Poor stoppage work around the ground hurt the away team and St Mary’s stormed away in clinical fashion. Even one of Alex Herd’s rare goals couldn’t inspire the boys as we were outscored 9 goals to 2 after half time.

With the top of the ladder looking like a tight six horse race to the finish line every game from here will be crucial in order to cement a spot in the top four. The boys will be looking to bounce back next week and have some added inspiration with the Ladies Lunch ensuring a maximum capacity home crowd.

By Harley Beaumont

The scene was set in the leafy suburbs of Glen Iris for the Ressies top of the table clash against the undefeated St Marys with the postage stamp at Ferndale ready and dry for the hoops to claim top of the ladder.

To offset the well-earned promotion to the Seniors for Andy “Frenchman” De Fegely and Will “why do I always get in fights” Evans the valuable ins of Planner, Manton and Mason inspired the boys alongside some Benny “meet the” Millar’s specials and from the first bounce we welcomed some much needed intensity after an average winning margin over the last three weeks of 69 points.

Hamish “don’t argue” Guthrie and old snake-belt Burbury held up the backline in superb style and much was done to keep the game a low scoring affair, the 23rd man for St Mary’s gave some dubious breathing room in the final minute for St Mary’s to take a 7 point lead going into the first break.

Tom “Peacock” Hays made his way into the huddle, chest out announcing “I am on fire, definitely getting votes, I would have had 10 already”. Still fired up the hoops kept feeding big Wigo and Holmesy maintained his usual form breaking packs and the odd rib for anyone game enough to drop into the hole in his line. Andy “thunder thighs” Power was playing some Plugger Lockett inspired footy in the forward line, with calls of “Power” being heard from the Monash for a grab in the pocket but also the crumb off the deck and he was emerging as the OGs’ golden boot for the day.

Both sides kept pushing and challenging into half time, down 13 points but getting on top of the play Tom “gone cold” Hays wasn’t quite as jovial but heads were up. Having not lost a third quarter all year the in-and-under Michael “Look out Contiki” McCormack and Hamish “The Hammer” MacMillan put the heads over and the OGs started their move. With a shot on goal to get in front and the infamous “Graham Gang” bringing back the biff in our defensive 50, things were starting to swing.

In the end however the locals kept playing the home ground advantage and despite the hat trick from AP the hoops couldn’t get over the line, leaving us with the challenge to hold second spot and face St Mary’s again in first round of the finals.

By James Tivendale

After the long weekend it was good to be back at Como for game day to face top of the table SKOB. We knew we had a challenge ahead of us and that we had to bring our A-game.

In the first quarter the boys did not disappoint, hitting the contests hard and playing some good tough football. The muddy conditions meant it was a very physical contest. The inclusion of the formerly injured Will Noall lifted the boys and he was quick to go to work with an unmatched first quarter. We battled hard with Ben Needle impressing with his ruckwork and ground game, despite a late night live streaming session on Facebook the night before. It was a very competitive first quarter by the Oggers, which could have had something to do with the timeslot allowing us to get up after the sun has risen for once.

The second quarter began much like the first with hard tackles and straight line running that began from the middle with, Tour De France hopeful, James O’Shea. However the second quarter did not go our way, as we were hurt badly on the scoreboard. Will Griffiths played a great aerial game all day to help lock the ball in our forward half and must have been very keen to make the highlight reel with 3 or 4 pack riding, almost, marks.

As we went out bruised and battered into the third quarter it seemed as though we had given all we had to give. This idea quickly proven false, as we came out just as hard as we had in the first. Fresh from the barber Ed Gubbins impressed with a couple of 50 or 60 metre spoils. It must have been something in the water at the barber, as the almost bald Henry Brayshaw also impressed down forward with some good contests and important goals. We knew the third quarter was important and we managed to prevent SKOB from increasing their lead.

As the game began to take its toll on the boys throughout the last half, Harrison Stewart stood up and provided great rebound run off the half-back, with his efforts replicated by Max Newman at the other end of the ground, who applied aggressive forward pressure. Even in the dying stages of the match knowing that we could not win, the boys impressed by fighting until the very end, led by Tim Breadmore, who I’m sure deserves a new pair of skins from his mother after today. We managed to open the game up in the fourth quarter with some great vision and excellent spread by Luka Thorpe.

It was a very tough day of football and the lads impressed with relentless pressure and unwavering effort. It was very hard to pick out individuals from today’s game, as it was the definition of a team game. The score line is a very inaccurate depiction of the day as it was a very even contest and I can guarantee that SKOB walked away as very sore victors.

By Matt Graver

Onlookers could be forgiven for thinking that there was a two-week bye in the lead up to the Old Geelong and Monash Gryphons clash at Como on Saturday morning. The lads were a little more disorganized than usual, meaning that we ran out at 9:17am, or 3 minutes before the opening bounce. After Lewis “I’m allowed to do u-turns, I’m the Coach” Chiodo hosted the headphone presentation ceremony (thanks Coach) and team lineup, the team trotted out for a solid half-lap before the umpires blew the whistle for the teams to take their positions. Warm-up complete.

It was a sloppy first half, leaving many wondering whether getting the Sherrins out for a bit of touch before the start of the game might have been a good idea. Dave “don’t worry lads, I’ll do it all myself” Coward was everywhere, slicing up the fourth-placed Gryphons with his dash, with his candy-sale in the mud at half forward from a set shot providing a rare first half highlight. Pete “milo tin” Grouios had plenty of the pill but failed to execute a single drop punt in the first half, shanking them all over the place while Jack “dukes” Johnston was similarly inaccurate, booting 1.4. They weren’t the only offenders, with most of the team getting a little Snickers hungry, u-turning and shooting for goal from all sorts of ridiculous angles.

The quarter time siren provided an opportunity for a rev-up, and the Coach’s harsh eye turned towards Josh “find me on Facebook, I’ve included J-Banger in my name” Sumura, who had arrived at the ground at 9:45am. Coach decreed that J-Banger’s punishment would involve playing for the opposition, who were one or two short on numbers, and asked if anyone else wanted to join him. There were no volunteers, and Josh trudged over to the opposition huddle, pulling on their maroon and yellow jumped like it was U12s, the last time I saw a player loaned to the opposition.

The second quarter was much the same, although the Oggers took great joy in chasing down Sumura whenever he went near it. In fairness he was one of the Gryphons best, until Rob “I’m the Captain not merely an” Officer nearly took the mark of the year, kneeing Sumura in the back of the head.

The team went into half time with a commanding 75-point lead, but with a tally of 9.21, Coach was having none of it. After perhaps his best spray of the season (all the more impressive given the 12-goal margin), Coach demanded that the players start playing for each other in the second half. Sumura took his words literally, trading the Gryphons jumper for the water bottles, clearly preferring to not play at all than line up against his mates again.

The third quarter started in drastically different fashion, as the lads piled on 6-straight goals to show the Coach that they were serious. The u-turns were replaced by passing the ball even when within range, resulting in precision short passing inside forward 50 that would have made Jon Knight proud.
With the umpires sending off the Gryphons left, right and centre, the game descended into a bit of a farce. As the clock ticked down, talk turned to whether Josh “I’m the full forward boys, so kick it to me” Archer would complete his bag of 10. After a few nervous moments, where Arch missed three set shots directly in front in the space of 2 minutes, he completed his haul as the final siren sounded. He finished with 10 goals (from 20-odd shots), countless marks and best-on-ground honours in the rampant win.

Special thanks to Rhett Nicholas for moving the magnets, although I probably don’t need 3 rests each quarter mate. Cheers.

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