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Family Ties: The Youngmans

Family Ties: The Youngmans

In this week's installment of Family Ties, we bring you a brief history of the Youngman family, who are now represented at the Club by Charlie and Sam Youngman.

Both Charlie and Sam debuted for the Club in the Under 19s in 2013, while still at school, and these days are both a permanent feature in the Seniors.

They were both integral members of the Under 19s side that last year got so very close to winning the Premiership.

Charlie (second from the left) and Sam (fourth from the left) at pre-season training this year with a group of Under 19s with family connections at the Club.

Sam sending the ball forward, under the watchful eye of Charlie against PEGS on Saturday 7th of May

The Youngman influence at the Club goes back further than our two current Youngmans, as both Sam and Charlie's father Harry played 47 games for the Club 1986 to 1988. During this time, he was a member of the Reserves’ Premiership team of 1988. That’s him right in the middle in the image at the top of page.

And just to show how things have changed at the Como Park pavilion, the following photo was taken upstairs at the pavilion after that win, the Club’s first Premiership win in 22 years.

Perhaps thankfully no audio version of the Coach’s speech survives!

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