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Family Ties: The O'Sheas

Family Ties: The O'Sheas

When we began this series a few weeks back, we named a list of those currently playing for the Club who have had relatives play with us in years-gone-by. However, whilst doing so, we managed to miss quite a number. Interestingly there was not a murmur from any of those overlooked, which tends to support the strongly held theory that absolutely nobody reads these notes anyway!

That said, we shall persevere. Those missed in no particular order of merit include:

  • George McDonald (father);
  • Rupert de Crespigny (one father and two uncles)
  • Harrison Stewart (father and one uncle).
  • Andrew Power (two brothers)
  • Rob Officer (father)
  • James Imhoff (brother)
  • Alex Herd (brother)
  • Will Sharp (two uncles, just)

Doubtless there are others.

With that correct, we now move on to this week’s coverage, focussing on current Under 19 player, James O’Shea (shown in the image above) and his family.

James brother Jack (below) played games 48 for the Club from 2010 to 2013, and was vice-captain of the Club in 2012.

James and Jack’s father Nigel played 17 games from 1982 to 1986 and is photographed in the middle of the front row below, at an end of season trip (possibly in Portsea) held at some stage during that time.
George McDonald’s father and one of Will Sharp’s uncles also appear in this photo as well.

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