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Download the OGFC Summer Training Program

Download the OGFC Summer Training Program

Please download the OGFC Summer Training Program which has been compiled to provide you all with some direction/structure with work that can be done during your time away from Como. This foundational work will allow us to focus on your speed development, speed endurance and acceleration as we enter that phase of training approaching the beginning of fixtures.

The summer period is incredibly important given the physical demands of AFL football. Returning to training in late January without any aerobic base will compromise your ability to complete the pre-season program to a quality that will prepare you to perform at a high level.

It is important to listen to your body during heavy training periods and/or extreme weather. Understanding the difference between fatigue, soreness and injury is vital. If you believe you have suffered an injury please see a practitioner and get it assessed and let me know the outcome and we can modify training for you.

I know many of you will be travelling or away at various stages and as such there are a number of ‘supplementary’ sessions included within this document that can be completed in various settings such as beaches, hills or simply any area where you can run with a stop watch to monitor times.

Have a safe holiday break and I look forward to working with you during the 2018 campaign.


Steve Fabriss
OGFC Strength & Conditioning Coach

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