News » A Slice of Lemon: notes from the OGFC Historian

A Slice of Lemon: notes from the OGFC Historian

A Slice of Lemon: notes from the OGFC Historian

Below are a few items from 1996 and 1966 compiled by the official OGFC Historian Peter Lemon:

Should anyone have seen last Saturday’s copy of The Amateur Footballer magazine, it included the following in its 'Looking Back' section from 20 years ago, 1996:

“In C Section, Old Geelong jumped Whitefriars in the first quarter 7.4 to 1.2 and never looked like losing from there. The final score was 14.11 to 6.9 and the results meant OGS were a couple of games clear of relegation but the Friars were on the bottom with only one win. Best for Old Geelong were Howells (5), Manton, Cook, Nevins, Peddie and Oliphant.”

Some of these players can be seen above in a photo of the Senior team from 1993. Manton is furthest left in second back row, wearing possibly the worst pair of football shorts ever seen on a football field. (Jimmy Cave, you have nothing to worry about.)

At the Reunion of the 1966 Premiership teams at the Pivot Lunch in May this year, renowned orator and member of the Reserves side (and Pivot Member of the Club for decades) Adrian Bell (sixth from the right, back row in the image below) was scheduled to say a few words about that side. However, after earlier speeches the cut-off time for the supply and service of alcohol (2pm) at the lunch intervened, and Dinger was left without being able to say a word.

For those so know him this could well have been a fatal insult (speechless at being left speechless) but he has since picked himself up and supplied a few notes on what he had intended to say about the team of that year, which we now reproduce as follows:

"I was going to make points about the following:

The Reserves lead and coached by Jim Anderson set the foundation for the seniors later on that Grand Final afternoon! 

Bob Malseed was a leviathan in the ruck giving us first use of the ball...brilliant!

Nick Michos was our protector and hard man, never took a backward step, we grew an extra foot with Nick in our midst!

Andrew Chapman was our very reliable full back; thought he was Neil Mann from Collingwood! No one told him otherwise!

Cam MacMillan was our spearhead and rarely left the 10 yard square, until Garth Mitchell the Old Carey warhorse at Full Back, ran up the ground to attempt to inspire his teammates only to finish up kicking a rare goal, Macca was furious.....after Cam kicked a few to ensure success was it mentioned that Cam played very well and kept his opponent to one goal!!! I still remind Cam of that! After 215 games Cam needs reminding!

Peter Bubb was impassable as was his raucous instructions; you could hear him up at Mount Buller where a few of his team mates were!

Tony Fenton was so fast and agile he often left behind the pass he was given, but a fine rover!

Jo Cantor was a very solid back pocket and gave nothing away; maybe things changed later in life!

Mike Rigg was quick and gave plenty of verbal support, we had to remind him that Jim was the Coach and the Bar opened at 2.00pm!

Michael Rigg, furthest left, at Como probably 1974 with Barry Laws and Phil Marendaz

Ross McKenzie was a high marking centre half forward and was brilliant in the first half then sprained his ankle (photographic evidence available!) and was going to sue Malvern Council for an unsafe workplace due to the craters at Righetti oval!

I think this becomes a bit long winded and I am happy to hide behind my somewhat poor behaviour with verbal and physical attacks on my opponents only to leave my teammates to clean up! All in all it was a great year and we eventually got to the Seniors game at Albert Park after many loud libations at the Malvern Hotel!

I could go on but those that attended today would have enjoyed a gentle reminder. It was a wonderful day!"

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