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A Slice of Lemon: Grand Final Week Notes

A Slice of Lemon: Grand Final Week Notes

Grand Final Week Notes

And so we will play against eight different clubs next year. OGS Preliminary Finals’ curse (including but not limited to three losses in the past four years) was finally broken, smashed, last Sunday with what looked like a pretty strong performance. As someone commented, we should have put them away earlier.

Premier C section will bring with it its benefits, changes and challenges.

Changes (assuming the VAFA does not make any alterations from what applied this year)

  • We will be required to field a Premier C Thirds side, which, unless the Recruiting Committee goes berserk, would be in place of our Club 18 side;
  • Nick Bourke was keen to have our Firsts games videoed this year but it was decided not to do this due to the cost ramifications for the Club. As we understand the VAFA automatically videos all senior games in the three Premier sections this should no longer be a consideration in 2017.
  • There will be a third bye towards the end of the home and away season in addition to the general byes of June and July.


Looking Back

Last week’s edition of The Amateur Footballer magazine saw the Club mentioned in three places in the Looking Back pages (photos and comments in brackets added by me afterwards for these notes):

From 50 Years ago - 1966
In D Section, Old Geelong met Old Carey in the Grand Final and the game was played “at a cracking pace” from the word go. After Old Carey hit the front at quarter time leading by 11 points, OGs responded in the second quarter with five goals to lead at half time. Geelong were better in the second half and won comfortably in the end, 13-5 to 7 -11. Best Sprague, Reid, Poolman, Lewisohn, Allden (Allen) (4 goals), A Balsey (Blazey) (OGS).

From 10 years ago - 2006
Rupertswood won the D1 Section Preliminary Final over Old Geelong 14-15 to 8-14 and were delighted to enter the Grand Final from fourth position…… Best for Old Geelong were Bell, Gates, McCarthy, Legoe (Henry), Lansdell, Cox

From 5 Years ago – 2011
Old Geelong’s Stevie Lansdell played his 200th game having joined the club in 2000. He had been a member of the 2005 premiership team. Steve became captain of the club in 2006 and had remained in the role for 5 years. (After Steve stepped down he went on to captain the Reserves Premiership side of 2012.)



You Wouldn't Reed About It!

Usually super-efficient Will Reed, who has done so much outstanding administrative and organisational work around the Club over the past three years has made one major mistake to spoil an otherwise unblemished record. Probably planned it a long time ago, but he arranged his Buck’s Day for next Saturday and will not be at the game.

He has however provided us with a few notes on the protagonists records:

“I've channelled Peter Lemon to give a bit of history in the write-up this week to set the scene for the clash:

Old Geelong

  • This will be the OGFC's 12th senior Grand Final appearance in our 62 year history and first since 2008.
  • Our previous Grand Finals include 1955, 1956, 1957, 1964, 1966, 1974, 1990, 1993, 1997, 2005 and 2008.
  • OGFC have won 5 senior premierships - 1956 (D1), 1957 (C), 1966 (D1), 1990 (D2) and 2005 (D2).
  • A victory on Saturday would be the Club's highest level premiership in 50 years.

Old Mentonians

  • This will be Old Mentonians' 6th senior Grand Final appearance in their 48 year history and first since 1999.
  • Their previous Grand Finals include 1974, 1984, 1989, 1990 and 1999.
  • Old Mentonians have won one senior premiership - 1990 (C)


Words of Wisdom

As we move towards a Grand Final this Saturday I would like to re-publish some words written by John Manton and submitted some 11 years ago just before the 2005 Grand Finals (we were in both the Reserves and Reserves that day). Words which I still find the most moving of any I have heard or seen written in all my time with the OGFC.

From former player and past President, John Manton (below)

“To all OGS Committee, staff and players, congratulations on making it to both grand finals. However, the only thing you have done for the last six months is set your minimum standards for your actions and performance. The OGS have not been in this position for many years and may not be for many to come. We have one opportunity and it is imperative that every single person at the Club takes the responsibility to do the right things right between now and the final siren on Saturday. We must walk away from Saturday with no regrets.

“I spent 9 years at Richmond (A.F.L.), 6 years at the OGS as a player, and a further 8 years helping out in various roles, finishing as President last year.
In all that time (23 years) I have been involved in one (1) Grand Final. The 1990 grand final win with the OGS (D2 Section) was the greatest thrill I have ever had in football. I just want you guys to experience the same thing.”

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