Frequently asked Questions


Q.  How and when will the OGFC Future Fund distribute to the OGFC?

A. While the amount and timing of distributions from the OGFC Future Fund to the OGFC remains absolutely at the discretion of the trustees, generally the intention is to distribute annually no more than is generated by the capital of the OGFC Future Fund in that year. i.e. generally, to only distribute the income of the trust, not the capital.


Q.  How can the OGFC use the OGFC Future Fund distributions?

A. The OGFC may use distributed funds for operational expenses as well as capital projects such as improvements of female facilities. 

Q. Will all donors be recognised?  

A. While there is no minimum and all donations are gratefully accepted, inaugural status and donor recognition in the clubrooms and club website will be restricted to donations of $1,000 or more.


Q. Can I make a bequest to the OGFC Future Fund in my will?  

A. Yes. Please contact us for further information and forms.


Q. How do the OGFC Future Fund and Pivot Club work together?  

A. Supporters are encouraged to become both annual Pivot Club members as well as donating to the OGFC Future Fund.  

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