Insurance Claims

The OGFC take out insurance cover through the VAFA via JLT's AFL National Insurance Program.  This insures our players to assist them with recovering some costs following treatment for injuries and niggles as well as more serious injuires. For more information on how the insurance system works, visit:

As per our Certificate of Insurance, the OGFC has cover for public liablilty, products liability, professional indemnity and management liability.  

Further to this, those who have paid their player subscriptions are also covered for Non-Medicare Medical benefits and the more serious Death & Lump Sum Payments ($100,000) and Paraplegia & Quadriplegia ($1,000,000).  Claims will allow the player to seek reimbursement of Non-Medicare Medical expenses incurred within 12 Calendar months of the injury as per below ($100 excess per claim):

  • Physiotherapy Treatment - reimbursement of up to 95% of fee charged less rebates from other sources
  • Other Non-Medical Expenses - 50% reimbursement up to $2,000 per claim (this includes private hospital accomodation, ambulance transport cost, chiropractic, dental services, ancillary medical procedures, theatre fees and more.

For a more comprehensive look at the benefits available, click here. We recommend that players seeking increased cover do so through their own Private Health cover and/or discuss further with the Club committee.

All claims must be notified to Sportscover within 30 days of the accident, injury or damage occurring. Invoices, doctors’ reports and statements can be sent in after the claim has been lodged. Settlement is paid when treatment is completed. For all the details on how to claim


Making a Personal Injury Claim

If an injury occurs to one of the clubs players or volunteers, please provide the following instructions:

  1. Visit JLT Sport’s web site to read the Summary information.
  2. Download the Personal Injury Claim Form from the “Making a Claim” section.
  3. Complete the Claim Form and submit it to Echelon Australia within 180 days from the date of injury (sooner rather than later).
  4. Do not wait for treatment to cease before making a claim.


Making a Liability Claim / Club Management Liability Claim

If an incident occurs that may lead to legal action now or in the future, please follow the instructions below:

  1. A serious injury, accident or incident occurs, legal action threatened or solicitor’s letter is received by the club.
  2. Please contact JLT Sport immediately (or within 48 hours).
  3. Do not admit any responsibility or fault (liability). Do not discuss the matter with any third party. It may be helpful to record notes of the incident. Await further instructions from JLT Sport claims staff.


Should you be having any difficulties with your claim please contact the JLT Sport Team on 1800 640 009 or


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