MOVEMBER (2011-2013)

November is synonymous with Moustache Season, and in 2013 the OGS Cricketers did their bit again for men's health by committing to grow and cultivate what we know will be some very, very sharp moustaches during Movember.

The final figure raised by the nine Oggers who put their Mo's on the line was an amazing $6,715.  The winner was none other than Rich "whilrybird" Herd who raised an impressive $1,605 on his own.  Meanwhile, James "Rat" Ratcliffe's attempt at growing a Mo was certainly the creepiest and Rob Hunter won the battlers award after still not needing to shave at the end of the month!

Great effort again guys and thanks to the boys who took part:

- Richard Herd
- Tim Bayles
- Jack McPherson
- Henry Weddell
- Nick Smith
- Rob Hunter
- James Ratcliffe
- Cam Russell

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