News » Match Reports: Women's First Final & Men's Thirds Final Round 2018

Match Reports: Women's First Final & Men's Thirds Final Round 2018

Match Reports: Women's First Final & Men's Thirds Final Round 2018

Written by Toby Boyle

On a chilly afternoon at Frearson Park, the Senior Oggettes made history as the first womens team for Old Geelong to play finals. The Oggettes opened up their season at Frearson back in April, going down to Monash Blues by a couple of goals after starting well and then fading. The second time around between the two was a gripping match at Como Park, with the Oggettes holding on to claim a one point win.

The 1st Semi Final, an elimination, and a twilight match to boot was both a nerve wracking and exciting feeling at once. A healthy crowd of travelling OGs and the home support added to the atmosphere.

With the opening quarter underway, the nerves soon shifted to adrenaline and focus as the Oggettes started brighter than the Ashes, laying strong tackles and looking to keep the ball moving forward at every chance. Lizzie Slattery was busy early and jagged a miraculous snap at goal from just inside the 50m. The Oggettes were away and looking good, kicking into a strong breeze. Monash began to lift around the ground, kicking the ball long with the wind and putting the Old Geelong backline under immense pressure. Eventually they broke through with a dribbling goal. Libby Graham was dominating each ruck contest but the Ashes mids were managing to break even around the stoppages the longer the quarter wore on. Another goal just before quarter time gave Monash a 5 point buffer, but the good work of the Oggettes defenders had well and truly kept their side in the game and with the advantage.

Monash really ramped the pressure up in the second term, denying the Oggettes time and space to use the ball to their advantage. Despite keeping the Ashes scoreless, the Oggettes couldn't register a major themselves with Isy Currenti slamming her snap out of the pack into the post and then the wind and oval shaped ball conspiring against Nicole Choldelka as she ran into an open goal. Despite a strong first half and the entire team switched on and willing themselves at every contest, the Oggettes trailed Monash into the main break by 3 points.

The "premiership" quarter promised to be the toughest and most challenging of the season, with Monash kicking with an even stronger wind and night now falling on the game. Libby continued to control the air whilst Kath Dunn and Brooke McKay began to assert themselves on the contest. A brilliant passage of team play taking the ball coast to coast into the wind almost resulted in a goal to Nicole. A courageous back six cleared the ball to the far side where a busy Laura Hallam took the space, kicking long to Vicky Tan. Vicky pumped the ball forward and was awarded a down field free. Unfortunately for Nicole and the Oggettes, a tough kick from the pocket into the wind resulted in only a minor score.

From there the quarter was largely played in the Monash half. Claire Moore battled away and led the back six in keeping Monash at bay whilst the midfield group did all they could to help the under siege backline. Unfortunately for the Oggettes, Monash found their way to goal not once but twice, opening up a 15 point buffer heading into the last quarter. The scoreboard didn't reflect the closeness of the game, just an accurate Monash and an unlucky Old Geelong.

With the very real possibility of the final quarter of the season facing them, the Oggettes showed why they are an irresistible unit when they play fast, team footy. Luck continued to evade the Oggettes before Kath's flying shot from the pocket sailed through, reducing the margin to 9 points. With plenty of time left, the Oggettes were winning what seemed like every contested ball but the huge number of Monash players in defence made scoring difficult. Monash were ferocious in defending their goals as the final stages became a roaming scrum.

In the end Monash did enough to hold on and move through to the prelim final. For the Oggettes, some luck and capitalising on opportunities in the 2nd and last quarters would've made the difference, but it wasn't to be.

As a team, we left nothing out on Frearson Park. As a coach I couldn't be prouder or more encouraged by what I saw for 80 minutes. The average games played by the group sits at just 15! It is a tiny sample of games to be able to learn, develop and ultimately execute skills and a game plan under the extreme pressure that is footy.

We hold our heads high, look towards 2019 and thank our committee, support staff and families for all their support this season!


Written by Robbie Stephen

FINALS FEVER BABY!! The Oggettes arrived at McAlister Oval on Sunday morning full of energy, excitement and enthusiasm, albeit underpinned by a healthy dose of finals nerves. The girls put their best boot forward and warmed up with a fierce intensity unlike any other, putting on an impressive display well before the first bounce. This was probably in part due to their readiness to get out of the dead silent change rooms – honestly that coach of theirs had one job and she couldn’t even charge the game day speakers. Fingers crossed she can redeem herself this week, stay tuned for next weeks game report to see if she learnt her lesson. Meanwhile, captain Annabel Young was up to her usual vocal and motivational best, encouraging each of the girls to set a person goal for the game and reminding them that they were her inspiration. Someone get this girl a medal, I couldn’t have said it better myself. There was an undeniable sense of confidence intermingled with sheer terror that perforated the air of the change rooms as the girls came together for their final address before heading out to play. The most remarkable part of the day however was the pre-game survey, of which at least 16 of the 24 players raised their hand when asked who was playing their first season of footy. What an immense achievement from what was largely a group of first year players to be gearing up to run out onto the footy field and play in their first ever final. Every single Oggette who has played a game of footy for the club this year should take a moment to reflect upon what an incredible accomplishment it was to have two women’s teams play finals this year.

As the players took their places around the ground, the physicality of the game was immediately evident. What was even more evident however was the menacing wind machine West Brunswick had somehow procured and managed to switch from ‘low’ whenever we were kicking into it, to ‘extreme’ whenever they were. The wind was no match for our defensive unit though, who took it straight to the gargantuan West Brunswick forward line. Tess Lawless was once again a force to be reckoned with, proving time after time that she has become one of the best rebounding defenders this club has ever seen.  Georgie Rule and Simone Browne were spoiling machines, ensuring that the Westies scored all but two goals in an opening quarter that threatened to blow the Oggettes away. Meanwhile down the other end, Sass Le Lievre was on track for a repeat of her BOG performance from last time we met the Westies at McAlister by scoring the opening goal of the match. With the wind behind us in the second quarter, we found ourselves the new set shot queen in George Cerruti, who proved that she could step up to the plate in big moments not once but twice. Helen Salter also consistently gave us first use, dominating in the ruck as she has all season. Other great discoveries of the day were the left boots of both Alex Cooper and Charlotte Kay, the first of which resulted in an impressive goal on the run, and the second of which just kept popping it on her non-preferred. Sophie Joubert and Steph Hird worked tirelessly all day, constantly trying to break the game open by taking it on in the middle of the ground and bursting their way through the congestion. In what was probably the highlight of the match, especially at a time when the Oggettes needed a goal to give them a glimmer of hope in the final quarter, in came Clare Mackarness with a clever soccer on the goal line. Name a more iconic goal celebration.

At the end of the day, the pressure and intensity applied by the Westies got the better of the Oggettes, but it couldn’t have been a more evenly weighted and impressive contest. The Oggettes battled valiantly all day and produced a performance that was a testament to their hard work and dedication all year. Also, as Zoe Watson has so astutely pointed out, McAlister Oval is clearly cursed. We have another opportunity to launch ourselves into the grand final this weekend against St Mary’s, and we hope to see you all there.

We hold our heads high, look towards 2019 and thank our committee, support staff and families for all their support this season!


Written by Justin Logan

One final dance M’lady? After missing out on the finals by the narrowest of margins, the OGs faced St Mary’s Salesian in dead rubber blockbuster at Lady Como whilst the rest of the VAFA was taking a well-earned rest. The sun was shining once again, and the lads were blessed with a full roster of assistance on the sidelines from some our senior comrades. It was a bittersweet feeling however, knowing that the hoops would be laid to rest at the end of the game for the Summer months. Our mission was to sing the song one more time in 2018. 

After a less than convincing win against Mazenod a week earlier, the energy levels were right where they needed to be against the St. Mary’s nipsie brigade who had topped up on Reserves players during the bye. Historically, The Bye had proved a worthy opponent against St Mary’s, so they opted to try their luck against the OGs Thirds instead. 

The first quarter produced an even contest across the vast expanses of Lady Como. Whilst the execution of skills was not overly prevalent, the will to compete clearly was. The skinny Luke Hodge, Matt Webber made an appearance in The Thirds for the first time this season in a bid to get some extra kilometers in the legs before a Reserves finals campaign. His decision making was sound all day and provided plenty of support in defence. Both sides had equal opportunity in front of goal, but the OGs were able to capitalise and went into the break with a 14-9 lead thanks to the likes of Nick dot dot dot

In the second, neither side gave an inch and every possession counted. It soon became apparent that St Mary’s preferred option was to move the ball through the middle of the ground which caught the OGs midfield off guard at times. With tempers starting to flare, the OGs left the ground at the main break with the echoes of “nothing but a bunch of soft private school boys”. Bad idea St Mary’s. 

Hooped up before the start of the third quarter, Nick dot dot dot gave one of his more inspirational talks, with an emphasis on being be harder than the opponent and protecting your mates. And that’s just what we did. Tom Chisholm was solid in defence and was a pleasure to play alongside all day, whilst the OGs roared as one when Rikefe “The Slug” Ohwosi slotted a late major to put us 15-points in front leading into the final quarter. 

The OGs endured an early scare at the start of the fourth, but thanks to the likes of Nick dot dot dot (Abbott) who snagged 5 goals for the day, we were able to pull away and send St Mary’s and their stupid 2001 St Kilda Pura Milk yellow promo jumpers packing. In the end the OGs were victors 79-50, and the boys sang the song loud and proud. On behalf of all Thirds players, I’d like to thanks Coach Toby Blatchford for his amazing leadership throughout the season and his right-hand man Nick Simpson for taking the reins in his absence. For those who were new to the club in 2018, it's been such a pleasure to have you all in the hoops and we hope you’ll return in 2019. To echo the sentiments of Nick Abbott, The Thirds are not what they used to be. We have the talent, courage and discipline to play a distinct Old Geelong brand of footy that stacks up against the best in the VAFA. Good luck to all remaining teams competing for premiership glory in 2018, we’re right behind you. See you in 2019.  

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