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Match Reports: Club XVIII Grand Final 2016

Match Reports: Club XVIII Grand Final 2016

By John Graham

Both Jane Bunn and Livinia Nixon had predicted showers all day Sunday. Both were wrong. The newly re-crowned ‘World’s most liveable city’, Melbourne, did its best to provide a great day for footy and the 2016 Clubbies Grand Final.

What made the day even bigger was Sweden's Donald "I'm still feeling fresh" Sahlstrom playing his 100th game in the hoops. Although eligible for selection the week earlier for the Reserves to play his 100th, The Sals decided not to put his hand up for selection. Stevie Wonder would've been able to see the real reason for this.

If we thought that the arrival of the Don was big, it was certainly outdone by Lewie "It's intimidating having a German Shepard that's twice the size of me" Chiodo, who rocked up in a fluorescent orange, half a million dollar Porsche. Probably the biggest shock of the day and an OGs first, was Willy "firebomb" Mason. Not only did he arrive on time, he also had a blood alcohol reading of under 0.15. Keep up the good work Maso.

With a 4 goal wind blowing to the “Torpedo” end of the ground, it was important that Don "Trent" Sahlstrom won the toss. The good news was that he won the toss, the bad news was that he elected to kick in to the wind. The match started like a game of rugby for the first 5 minutes, with no side able to get the ball into space. It was clear that West Brunswick were here to play, winning contested ball and having more numbers around the contest.

Rob "I've got two non-preferred feet" Officer was a tackling machine early, doing his bit to stem the tide. The back line of Jack "I've never played back line my whole life, why of all games do you choose to play me here now" Johnstone, Pat "Harry Taylor" Healy and Duane "Pipe" Jeffries were winning the ball in the air but West Brunswick’s small forwards were causing some headaches early.

The OGs were finally able to get some control back in the second, with Joey "best sledger In the family" Kemp and Josh "my league goal kicking medal is bigger than yours" Archer kicking sausages to reduce the deficit to 6 points at half time. Being dominated in centre clearances and lacking forward pressure, Lewi made the decision to chuck Matty "B.O.G" Graver into the middle and bring himself on in the forward pocket. The result was 2 quick goals and the OGs out to an unlikely lead kicking against the wind.

If the opposition full back had no mental issues before the game, he will certainly need to book himself in to see a therapist from the amount of abuse he copped from behind the boundary (which is somewhat ironic as the majority of the boys throwing barbs spent the last week on Facebook promoting men's health). "Smithy" (or "79" as he was affectionately known) didn't help himself when he kicked the ground instead of the ball creating a divot large enough for him to crawl into. However the tide soon turned and West Brunswick made the most of their chances kicking 5 unanswered goals to take a 3 goal lead into the final break.

Kicking with the wind in the last, we knew that we were a sneaky chance. Jimmy "you think my tattoos are big? you should see the size of the mortgage I had to take out to afford them" Cave was hitting the contests hard and with Adam "Smokey" Denston and Henry "Smokey" Hewitson we managed to lock the ball in our forward 50. Arch and Patty "Mills" Healy kicked two quick goals and before we knew it scores were level.

Jamison "never kicked a perfectly rotating Sherrin" Hunter had the chance to get the OGs a goal in front when he took a mark 40m out straight in front. You wouldn't read about it, he kicked the straightest, perfectly rotating kick of his life. Ollie "OJ" Graham then had the opportunity to kick the sealer when he took a mark 45m out. Not buoyed with confidence from his earlier miss from 10m out directly in front, OJ went back and nailed the goal sealing the game for the OGs.

A big thanks to all the supporters and match day helpers on the day and throughout the season.

4 things I learnt:
1. Cam Sherwin played his best game of his career, dominating the ruck and winning clearances around the ground.
2. Matty Graver and Pat Healy stood up when it mattered most.
3. Will Reed's work behind the scenes all year has been amazing. He washed 26 jumpers from the Seniors’ game from the day before with a beautiful lavender fabric softener.
4. Without someone like Lewi, there wouldn't have been a Clubbies team this year. He worked tirelessly all year to get a team on the field. Without someone with his passion and enthusiasm, the Clubbies wouldn’t be premiers.


By Will Sloss

The final round of the home and away season shaped up to be a big day for the OGs, with our final match favourably scheduled to be played at Lady Como. To secure top spot and head into the finals with great confidence, we were looking for another big win over another top-four side, PEGS. It was especially important for us to win this last match to remain undefeated at the Lady as well as finishing the season having beaten every team once.

The game didn’t exactly start the way we would have liked and after the first quarter we trailed PEGS by 1 point after conceding the first few goals and being wasteful in front of goals ourselves.

We picked up our act in the second and started to run the ball quickly and the way we always want at Como and started to get on top of the game, keeping PEGS goalless for the whole quarter. Although we managed to have a six goal quarter our wayward kicking was still evident, with 8 goals 15 at the break. Aaron ‘fly like a’ Bird was having a great game with plenty of lightning pace through the forward flank and our debutant school boy Harry Morrison was proving his worth and talent.

The second half belonged to us as well with it ending up 8 goals to 4 our way, including an end tally of 30 behinds to the OGs. Special shout out to Will ‘Not So’ Sharp, who despite adding to this 30 behind tally, played one of his better matches of the year so far. Ultimately the OGs came out 78 point victors over a highly placed PEGS team.

It was good to have Sandon ‘Bustle’ James back in the team after a string of injuries as well as Jack ‘Mac’ McMeel, who bagged himself 3 goals. In all it was a great day in front of the old OGs players up at the Pivot Lunch and we are very excited heading into finals.

By Hamish Macmillan

After a resounding win last week against Old Mentone the Reserves boys were on a roll heading into the last game of the regular season. The boys were ready to stand up to the in-form PEGS side on a big triple header and last game at the famous ‘Lady Como’. With the welcomed acquisition of some of the Clubbies’ finest, the lads were more than confident heading into the important clash they could bring home the choccies.

The first quarter was a tussle and the OGs got off to a slow start not quit making the most of each of their opportunities. The likes of Charles ‘Pre-season enthusiast’ Burbury and Hamish ‘catch me if you can’ Guthrie were brick walls in defence constantly giving the golden fist to the PEGS’ inside 50 entries, as they failed to convert on a number of occasions due to some great defensive pressure.

Throughout the second and third quarters the OGs boys began to win the ball through the midfield putting pressure on PEGS through the likes of Michael ‘take me back to Ibiza’ McKormack and Will ‘boys did I miss a target today’ Evans using their clever inside ball hitting targets left, right and centre.

The boys came out with a fire in their belly in the last quarter dominating all around the ground in what was an all-round team effort. Some great forward work from Andy ‘tastes like breast milk’ Power and Will ‘don’t argue’ Holmes meant the Reserves finished with a 10 point win and plenty of momentum heading into the finals against Prahran next week.

On the day the each and every player contributed to what was a great team win. It was a great finish to the season and I’m sure Lefty and Colly have full confidence in the boys to deliver a more than successful finals campaign.

By Matt Planner

Round 18 of the 2016 season was a make-or-break game for both the Under 19s of the OGs and Beaumaris. This highly anticipated match was a defining game for both teams, becoming an unofficial elimination final. After the round 11 defeat to Beaumaris, the Under 19s were keen to make a statement as flag contenders against a well and truly stacked Beaumaris.

Thanks to Ben’s rousing pre game speech the OGs started the match with great intensity. From the first bounce the OGs were hard at the football, as Ed “in and under” Keach lead the charge racking up the contested possessions. The first half saw OGs kick 3.8-26 to Beaumaris’ 4.8-32.

However, the second half proved to be a challenge for us as Beaumaris came out swinging. After 3 quarter time, OGs were 3.10-28 to Beaumaris’ 7.12-54. For once in the U19s’ winning streak, the team had their back against the wall. Thanks to the contested efforts of Jimmy “Silky Smooth” O’Shea and the sheer pace of Matt “Spin on a Dime” Kirkwood, OGs were able to match the intensity of the Beaumaris outfit. Tim “Pipes” Breadmore proved to be outstanding as an inside mid as well as a tap ruckman.

Charlie “Steamtrain” Mann was a solid and consistent performer throughout the match. However their lead proved to be too much for us, seeing the inspiring OGs U19s’ season finish with a loss 5.14-44 to Beaumaris’ 9.17-71.

The U19s seemed to be unable to finish their dinner kicking 5.14, resulting in a disappointing loss amidst a fantastic season. Despite the loss, the U19s finished 9-9 from being 0-7 thanks to the combined efforts of Ben Thomson as coach and the whole U19s outfit.


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