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Keeping score at Como

Keeping score at Como

For some time now it has been recognised that the Club scoreboard is among some of the most antiquated to be found anywhere. (Even the ancient Egyptians did it better).

Ours has to be operated by hand, by people with strong knees and a head for heights climbing up on a park bench. It has no interface with the time-keepers who sit upstairs in the pavilion. It needs a scoreboard attendant to operate it every match.

Steps were taken at the end of last season to investigate the cost and practicality of putting in an electronic board which would get round that problem and could be operated by the time-keepers from their position upstairs in the pavilion. The one above looked promising when brought in for appraisal and a test run last November. (It is largely obscuring the current one).

However, these things never come easily. It appears that technologies have outstripped the rules and regulations for some ovals on council grounds, and that to get it up and running, we will require about as many planning and building permits as did the Rialto Towers and the Taj Mahal put together. 

There have been a number of meetings with the Council (thank you Jimmy Legoe and Cathie Kemp) – who are somewhat sympathetic – and noted town planner Henry Johnstone has been assisting with the application, but the likelihood of anything making an appearance this season is now looking remote.

So it looks as if you’ll have to get back into training, Sandy Hunter, and start revising your six-times tables. November 2015: for once OGS appear to be kicking straighter than the opposition

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